Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 8

Title Shouri no Yoake
[The Dawn of Victory.]
Aired 1996.01.28
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 1 track 6
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.02.05
Strikemyer had rescued the Angels. Rebecca recovered quickly, but Voogie was still unconscious. They didn't have enough supplies in Strikemyer to take care of Voogie properly, so they had to return to the base.

Rebecca: She's stupid. She's a failure at being a battle cyborg.
Merrybell: What are you saying? She got hurt trying to protect you.
Rebecca: That's why. She's too naive. No matter what happens to your teammates, you have to go on and complete the mission. That's our duty.
Shiori: I don't think that's your true feelings. You're the one who stopped our mission to take care of Voogie.
Rebecca: I'm still too naive too.

Rebecca decided to go back and fight with Shiori and Merrybell. Strikemyer said that they weren't strong enough without Voogie. But Shiori said that they only had 30 minutes. If they didn't do it now, they would have to wait another two years. Strikemyer had coated everyone's mecha so that the electric waves wouldn't affect them.

Rebecca, Shiori, and Merrybell went in as the shutters opened. They went further and further in and started fighting against the defenses and guard robots.

Shiori [yelled out]: Angel blade!

Shiori fought with her blade. Merrybell used her bombs. They kept blasting the enemy robots, but more and more kept coming. Then Rebecca started to run out of energy. The robots kept coming and cornered the Angels.

Then Voogie came out of nowhere with her sparkling tornado attack. She spun herself like a tornado and cut down the robots.

Voogie: You're so mean, leaving me behind.
Rebecca: You woke up.
Voogie: Yes. I slept a lot, so I'm in perfect condition! But why am I so cool? The pretty girl who saves the day. With me here, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Then the four Angels were about to go into the core of the Matchbox.

Rebecca: Aren't you going to say your line?
Voogie: Throw away the rouge and pierce..
Rebecca: The steel body that was reborn..
Shiori: Putting a girl's prayers into the fist..
Merrybell: Release the pink blizzard of dreams..
Voogie: We are the dennou sentai..
Angels: Voogie's Angel!

Then they went in and destroyed the Matchbox with a big explosion.

Voogie got knocked out as they were leaving, as some debris hit her.

Later she woke up and found out what had happened.
Voogie: What!? I did something that uncool!

Then Voogie noticed Rebecca's injured shoulder.
Rebecca: It's nothing.
Merrybell: When she tried to save you, she got injured.
Voogie: Rebecca..
Rebecca: Voogie, thanks. You're the one who protected me first.

Then they saw the sun come up. It was the first time that they had seen the real sun.

Voogie: Rebecca, we are friends aren't we?
Rebecca: Yeah.

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