Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 9

Title Chijou ni Maiorita Tenshi Tachi
[The Angels that came down onto the Earth]
Aired 1996.02.11
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 2 track 2
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.03.17
The Angels got in Strikemyer and they went to the surface of the Earth.

Dr. Crimt gave them a message. He said that the programming of the Angels was completed, and now they had to live on the surface among the SE to prepare for the final battle against the SE.
He also said, "We humans don't have the power to fight against the SE. We don't have the power to defend Aquabase. You're our final hope. Don't forget that."

Voogie complained because the orders that they got was just a part-time job listing magazine, which was even one week late. Voogie didn't want to work. But Midi said that since they were going to live among the SE, they had to work or they would stand out too much.

Voogie, Rebecca, Merrybell, and Midi went out to look for work, as Shiori went to look for a place to hide Strikemyer. Voogie complained that Shiori didn't have to work. But actually Shiori already had work lined up in the information center of the SE.

Voogie called a store that she found in the magazine, and asked to see if they still had an opening. She was disappointed to find out that there wasn't any.

Voogie looked up and spotted the sky. She said that it was much better than the holography sky that she was used to seeing in Aquabase.

When Rebecca was walking round, some guy came up to her and said (in English), "Hey what's up pretty girl?" Then he tried to pick up Rebecca (mixing in lots of English words). But Rebecca just kept walking. The guy followed her and kept going after her.

Guy: Let's play together.
Rebecca: Ok.
Guy: Really?
Rebecca: But please come with me.

Then Rebecca took the guy to an alley and beat him up. Rebecca tried to get some information about some part-time job out of the guy.

Meanwhile Merrybell was thinking that she needed a high paying job. Then she found some, in the "water" section. Merrybell didn't know what the "water" section was about, so she thought that it was something to do with water construction.

Merrybell was unsure of herself, but she went to one of the stores. She was very surprised that there were a lot of neon lights around. She went to an imekura (image club), mistakingly thinking that it was some warehouse for water pipes. When Merrybell opened the door, she screamed and blasted the store with her comet attack.

It was getting dark and Voogie still hadn't found a job. Then Merrybell came to her. Neither of them had found a job. Then Merrybell suggested that they go to a hamburger shop. Voogie said that they didn't have much money, but then her stomach started grumbling, so they went in.

Voogie ordered 2 cheese burgers and cocoa. Merrybell ordered a chicken burger, a croquette burger, and a strawberry shake. Voogie and Merrybell were both shocked to see that the waitress was Rebecca. They both laughed at Rebecca's pink uniform.

Meanwhile Midi was working at a bento store. But it was much tougher than she thought.

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