Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 11

Title Deai
[A Meeting]
Aired 1996.02.25
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 2 track 5
Guest voices Dr. Woodford :: Okamoto Yoshiko
Michelle Summer :: Araki Kae
Leon Cougar :: Hayashi Nobutoshi
announcer :: Fujino Kaoru
Aquabase crew :: Ishizuka Katashi
Aquabase crew :: Suzumura Ken'ichi
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.03.17
It was Shiori's first day of work at the information center. Shiori was very nervous. The others had given her a lot of encouragement.

Shiori was using the name Tachibana Shiori, and Midi had programmed in some fake background information in the database. Shiori went to meet the director of the information center, Leon Cougar. The secretary Michelle read Shiori's biography data. 17 years old, got a computer license, graduated from the university in the top of her class, lost both of her parents 10 years ago in an accident, no relatives, plays piano and violin.

Leon just told Shiori to follow his orders.

Leon took Shiori around the center. He put Shiori directly under his command, in the general management group that had access to the TEDDY super computer (mother super computer that managed everything about the SE). Shiori was going to be one of the operators of the TEDDY.

Shiori couldn't believe that everything was going so smoothly.

Michelle gave Shiori a new ID that enabled her to enter the security level 5 areas. (Her old one was a level 3.)

After Leon left, Michelle Summer introduced herself. She said that although Leon seemed very cold, all of the girls liked him. Michelle asked Shiori out to lunch, and Shiori thought that everyone was a little strange.

Meanwhile there was an explosion in the oxygen system in Aquabase. Dr. Crimt called Dr. Woodford and asked about the situation. Woodford said that there was danger of Aquabase exploding if they restarted the oxygen system before putting out the fire completely.

Midi returned home with some free leftovers that she got for dinner. She said that they would be able to save money if they kept this up.

Voogie: Aren't you enjoying this life here??
Midi: It's not like that.

Midi had bought some more parts for the devices that she was making.

Midi: Except in cases of emergency, we can't return to Aquabase. Whether we like it or not, this is our base for the time being. To defeat the SE, we need radars and other equipment.
Rebecca: Ok, it's as you say.
Midi: What happened? Is there something wrong with your bodies? This is the first time that you've been on the surface for this long. Maybe your immune system is getting weaker. We can go to Myer..
Rebecca: No, I'm standing all day. I have to put on this fake smile and sell hamburgers to the SE.
Voogie: I have to stay in this small room all day and make senbe. I'm gonna go crazy!
Midi: What are you talking about? You chose those jobs. We can't get any support from the lab. If you don't work, how can we support ourselves?
Voogie: I know that much.
Midi: Then don't complain.

Just then there was an emergency call from Aquabase. It was Dr. Woodford. She told the Angels about the emergency situation. Aquabase was floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They had been spotted by the SE, and the SE had launched a battleship 30 minutes ago, that would reach Aquabase in around 6 hours. Dr. Woodford said that they still needed 4 hours to resupply the oxygen, and that they wouldn't be able to submerge in 2 hours to get out of the range of the SE battleship. She added that they didn't have the power to defeat the battleship if they fought.

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