Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 12

Title Unabara wo Honoo ni Somete
[Turning the ocean floor into flames]
Aired 1996.03.03
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 2 track 6
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.03.17
The Angels headed for the battleship that was heading toward Aquabase 3. Dr. Woodford sent a message saying that the ship was a mecha ship. Voogie, Rebecca, Shiori, and Merrybell swam from Strikemyer to the SE ship, because the ship's shield was too strong for Strikemyer to attack. So they had to destroy the force field of the ship.

Voogie wasn't that good at swimming.. The Angels arrived at the ship without being spotted. The Angels had a stealth body, so they couldn't get discovered by the SE's sensors.

Rebecca was disappointed that their weapons were just hand guns and blades. Rebecca said that they had lost a lot of time because Voogie was so slow.

It was a mecha ship, so there wasn't anyone on board the SE ship. The ship itself was like a huge robot. Shiori said that most of the SE's weapons were these unmanned ones. Voogie didn't know any of this.

Rebecca: We learned this in the lab. What were you listening to?
Voogie: I think I was sleeping.

Then something suddenly attacked Merrybell. Rebecca quickly fired and destroyed the enemy.

Rebecca: Are you ok, Merrybell?
Merrybell: I was scared.
Voogie: Rebecca, isn't this supposed to be unmanned?
Rebecca: Look at it closely. It was a robot.

Then there were several more robots. Voogie and Rebecca decided to make a mad dash for the control room. Voogie lead the way, and the others followed her.

When Voogie got to the door, she screamed. There was a huge, powerful robot (called Basilisk) there. The Basilisk was the SE's newest and most powerful robot. Rebecca and Voogie attacked, but the Basilisk was too strong. The Basilisk went towards the Angels. Merrybell screamed out because she was scared. Voogie and Rebecca kept firing.

Voogie said that they couldn't lose now. She got psyched up and wanted to show who was the strongest.

Voogie: Throw away the rouge and pierce..
Rebecca: The steel body that was reborn..
Shiori: Putting a girl's prayers into the fist..
Merrybell: Release the pink blizzard of dreams..
Voogie: We are the dennou sentai..
Angels: Voogie's Angel!

Voogie: Let's go!

They all ran and attacked the Basilisk. But their hand guns weren't strong enough. Rebecca said that they needed anti-tank rifles to defeat the Basilisk.

Voogie went wild and attacked the Basilisk with her blade. She cut off the Basilisk's arm, she thought, but the Basilisk was too strong and shot Voogie.

Merrybell rushed to the fallen Voogie. The Basilisk's beam had shot through Voogie's body. Rebecca told Merrybell to escape, but Merrybell just cried over Voogie.

Shiori [yelled out]: Psycho barrier!

Rebecca kept firing and firing, but it wasn't strong enough. The Basilisk was getting closer.

Shiori: The barrier isn't holding up. Voogie, Merrybell escape!

Then there was a loud mechanical sound that vibrated throughout the ship. Midi called the Angels on the communicator. She told them that the SE ship had fired the missile, and that it will hit Aquabase in three minutes.

Merrybell was still saddened over what had happened to Voogie. Then she lost it and went wild.

Merrybell: Comet attack!

Merrybell's attack blasted the Basilisk away. But not only that, she was out of control and went crashing into the energy tubes in the walls of the ship.

Merrybell lost her consciousness and stopped her attack. Rebecca went to Voogie. Voogie was still alive, and she said that her vital areas were ok. Then another Basilisk came and hit Shiori. Shiori told Rebecca to go to the control room.

Rebecca thought that they had lost. But Voogie struggled up and said that she would go. "When we die, we die together."

Voogie and Rebecca crashed through the wall into the control room. They quickly destroyed the force field.

Midi was in Strikemyer and noticed that the shield went down. She told Strikemyer to fire at the SE ship. But Strikemyer didn't want to, because Voogie and the others were still inside. But Midi said that there were only 15 seconds left before the missile would hit Aquabase. There were one million lives depending on them. She also said that Voogie would be ok.

Strikemyer: Forgive me Voogie.. Dimension blaster!

After Voogie and the others returned to Strikemyer, Midi told them that they succeeded.
Midi: The missile lost control 1 km before Aquabase and exploded. Aquabase was saved.

But Voogie yelled: Miki, you fired at us! If we weren't cyborgs we would be dead!
Midi: I'm sorry but that was the only way.
Strikemyer: Yeah, Voogie. Midi did the best that she could. Forgive her.
Voogie: You're an accomplice too! You fired at us.

Rebecca and Merrybell told Voogie to stop fighting. They all wanted to go back, but Midi said that the dimension blaster was something that used up all of Strikemyer's energy, so he had to recharge.

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