Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 13

Title Nerawareta Tenshi Tachi
[The Targeted Angels]
Aired 1996.03.17
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 3 track 2
New character mysterious girl :: Amano Yuri
Dr. Woodford :: Yoshida Konami
store person :: Shocker Ohno
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.04.01
Dr. Woodford called Dr. Crimt. She told him that a destroyer had appeared and was causing destruction in some of the lab areas.

Dr. Crimt: An invader?
Dr. Woodford: There isn't any damage to Aquabase, so it doesn't look like invaders. Maybe it has something to do with that power failure we just had.
Dr. Crimt: Our security system isn't that weak as to get affected by a power failure.

Dr. Crimt was thinking that there was the explosion in the oxygen plant a month ago, and now this in the power generation plant. It might be anti-government guerrillas.

Dr. Woodford said that the destroyer must have been hiding out in block 25. But there hadn't been any life form reading in block 25.

Then Dr. Woodford found out that one of the escape pods just left Aquabase.

Dr. Crimt said to himself: It awakened.

Meanwhile the Angels were trying to escape after stealing something from the SE. But it was very heavy and Voogie was slowing everyone down. The SE caught up and destroyed the unit that Voogie was carrying. Then Midi called them and told them to retreat.

After work, Rebecca was walking over to Midi's apartment. Then a mysterious girl appeared.

Girl: I found you Rebecca.

The girl had a blade, and Rebecca recognized the cyborg's identification marker. But the cyborg escaped right away.

Meanwhile Voogie was late for the meeting at Midi's place. She was thinking that everyone would be mad at her.

When Rebecca got to Midi's place, she told everyone that she had been attacked.

Rebecca: It was dark, so I couldn't see her face.
Merrybell: Maybe the SE found out about us.
Shiori: That's hard to believe. If something that important was discovered, it would have gotten to the information center.
Rebecca: Also there's something that bothers me.
Midi: What's that?
Rebecca: If I'm not mistaken, she used an angel blade.
Midi: That can't be. The SE have laser blades too. It be one of those.
Rebecca: I wish it were. But I also felt her identification marker.
Shiori: The identification signal. Whose was it?
Rebecca: It was Voogie. It's not a lie, you can check my memory banks.
Merrybell: You're saying Voogie attacked you!
Shiori: Recently, Rebecca's been taking the lead a lot, so maybe she's feeling threatened.
Rebecca: Shiori!
Shiori: I'm glad. You don't think it was actually Voogie either.
Rebecca: Of course. She's stupid and she slows us down a lot, but she's the one with the most team spirit among us. But I'm worried about the assailant. She's no amateur. She's very good at using the blade.

Just then Voogie came in, and everyone stared at her.

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