Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 14

Title Datenshi Kourin
[The evil angel descends]
Aired 1996.03.24
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 3 track 3
New character Marcia :: Amano Yuri
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.04.01
Shiori was looking in the computers to see if there was some information about the person who attacked Rebecca. But she couldn't find anything, in the areas that she could access. Shiori then thought that the person was trying to cause the Angels to separate, by fighting among each other.

Then Shiori felt someone using psychokinesis against her. The esper was very strong. Shiori used her scanner to find the source of the esper, and she found out that the esper was outside of the information center. She also found out that the esper was putting out Voogie's identification marker. Then Shiori fainted.

Leon (the director) walked into the room and discovered Shiori lying on the ground. Shiori recovered and said that she was a little dizzy. But Leon told her to go home early.

The mysterious girl gave up attacking Shiori, as Leon was in the way.

Meanwhile Voogie was complaining as Midi and Rebecca wanted her to get a physical exam.

Voogie: No! I don't wanna!
Midi: Voogie, please.
Merrybell: It's a great chance to get rid of the suspicions.
Voogie: Suspicions? Who's suspicious of me! My very important teammates, the only four teammates that I have on the surface of this planet. Who thinks I attacked them!
Merrybell: It's not me. Honest.
Voogie: Then, Shiori?
Shiori: I don't suspect you. The one that attacked me was a psychicer. I'm the only one among the Angels who can use ESP.
Rebecca: It's all right to have an exam. Nobody's trying to disassemble you.
Midi: Yes, even if it seems normal to you, there might be some defects or you might be infected by some virus. If that's the case, it's not unusual for you to do this kind of thing unconsciously. I suggest that you get a physical exam.
Shiori: Midi, I think it's a good advice, but..
Rebecca: It's not a good follow at all..
Voogie: What! You're just suspecting me.
Voogie [crying]: I thought you were my friends. I trusted you.

Voogie: Then, I'll run away!
all: Run away?
Voogie: Of course. I can't stay with such cowardly teammates. If you're going to stop me, you better stop me now.

Later Voogie went to Strikemyer's place. Nobody had tried to stop her from running away.

Strikemyer: But if you come to my place, that's not running away.
Voogie: I had nowhere else to go. I can't return to Aquabase now..

Voogie: You don't suspect me too, do you?
Strikemyer: How do you feel about it? Do you think everyone is suspecting you?
Voogie: Of course I don't think so. They're all my very important friends.
Strikemyer: Is that so..
Voogie: You just thought that I was a child, didn't you?
Strikemyer: I didn't think that.
Voogie: Yes, you did! I'm gonna run away again!
Strikemyer: This isn't your house..
Voogie: I don't care. I'm gonna run away again. If something happens to me, it's all your fault.

Later Voogie was walking outside in the cold, and she was very hungry. She couldn't go back to Midi's place, she didn't want to go to Rebecca's place, and she couldn't get into Shiori's or Merrybell's place. Voogie didn't have much money left, but she remembered that she had a rice cracker that she made.

Just as Voogie was going to eat the rice cracker, someone fired at her. Voogie avoided the attack, and the attacker appeared.

The attacker knew that Voogie was a cyborg.

Voogie: Why do you know me?
attacker: Nice to meet you, Voogie.

Then she fired again. Voogie then scanned her opponent, and found out that her identification signal was A5, the same as hers!

Voogie: Who are you?
Marcia: I'm Marcia. I'm the prototype of you Angels. I'm your older sister.
Voogie: What!?

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