Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 15

Title Hajimete no Haiboku
[The First Loss]
Aired 1996.03.31
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 3 track 5
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.04.10
Voogie was facing Marcia, the prototype Angel. She said that she had never heard of Marcia. Marcia said that her existence was top secret, and that only a few knew of her.

Marcia: Do you want to know? I guess you have a right to know. I was built five years ago to fight against the SE. The plan was for me to go through one year of training, and then go to the surface of the earth. But the project was canceled and I was put in the basement of the lab. My nickname, that the doctor gave me, is devil. It means I'm as strong as the devil.
Voogie: You're the one who attacked Rebecca and Shiori. Why do you have the same identification signal as me? I had to run away because of you.
Marcia: I'm sorry, but that's the doctor. You're identification signal is the same as mine.
Voogie: Then why did you attack Rebecca and Shiori?
Marcia: To get some data. But I didn't try to damage you. My goal is to destroy all of you together.
Voogie: What do you mean?
Marcia: I can't forgive you. I'm the most powerful cyborg, but the doctor is using you. So I want to defeat you and show the doctor which is the strongest, and which should fight against the SE.

Then Dr. Crimt's voice appeared.

Dr. Crimt: Did you forget why the project was canceled? Why I didn't send you to the surface? Return to Aquabase, Marcia.
Marcia: No, I as created to save humanity. I wanted to help you, so I became a cyborg. But you chose these girls. So I have to defeat the Angels and prove to myself and to you that I'm the one who should fight the SE.
Dr. Crimt: You can't listen to me? Ok, I understand. Voogie, destroy Marcia.
Voogie: Doctor?
Marcia: Doctor?
Dr. Crimt: It's to keep the secret. We can't let our existence be known to the SE. I can't compare Marcia and the millions of people.
Marcia: Ok, I understand. Attack me Voogie. What are you doing? If you're not going to attack, I'll attack you.

Marcia pulled out her angel blade and started attacking Voogie. She also used some of her psychokinesis powers against Voogie, and she was much too strong for Voogie.

Marcia: What are you doing? Aren't you the newest cyborg? Is this your real strength?
Voogie: I'll show you my real strength!

Voogie used her sparkling tornado. But Marcia also used the sparkling tornado to blast Voogie.

Voogie: Why?
Marcia: I told you. I'm the prototype. I have the features of all of the Angels. So the sparkling tornado is my attack too.

Just when Marcia was going to finish off Voogie, Strikemyer and the other Angels came.

Voogie: You're so late. What were you doing?
Rebecca: Late? You're the one who ran away from home. We had a hard time looking for you identification signal.
Voogie: Oh, I was broadcasting my identification signal.. It didn't mean much to run away.

Marcia: You finally gathered. I was waiting for you to arrive.
Voogie: Be careful, she's..
Shiori: We know. We were monitoring your conversation.
Merrybell: I won't forgive you. I won't forgive you for doing this to Voogie.
Merrybell used her comet attack. But Marcia also used the comet attack. Merrybell screamed out.

Marcia: How was it? The power of the real comet attack.

Then Marcia attacked everyone. But Strikemyer said that he would protect Voogie, and got in the way of the blast. After blasting Strikemyer (to bits, or close to it) Marcia went off.

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