Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 16

Title Kessen! Angel tai Devil
[The Battle! Angel vs Devil]
Aired 1996.04.08
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 3 track 6
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.04.10
Shiori made tea for everyone. She also had brought some shuu cream. Rebecca complained that it wasn't a situation where they can be casually drinking tea.

Shiori: Would it have been better to get coffee with shuu cream?
Rebecca: That's not it!

Rebecca: Voogie, cheer up. Myer will probably return from Aquabase just like new.
Voogie: Thanks, Rebecca.
Shiori: But what are we going to do? Since that time, Marcia's been going around destroying the SE facilities. It's only a matter of time before they find out about us cyborgs. The SE are already suspecting that it's an attack by the humans.
Rebecca: She's really trying to challenge us.
Midi: We can't leave her alone. But we also don't have any way to fight her. The only data that we have from the previous battle is that her battle time is much shorter than you. It seems like she uses a lot of energy.
Shiori: Then the reason why she left without killing us was because she ran out of energy?
Midi: I think that's the reason why Dr. Crimt didn't send Marcia to the surface.
Voogie: Isn't it possible to make us more powerful? Then even if Marcia's strong..
Midi: It's not that easy. You're not robot, you're cyborgs. You can't increase your power so suddenly. But there is a possibility that you can grow and make your power infinite.
Voogie: Oh, so that's it. We just have to grow (develop).
Rebecca: You're not going to suggest that we're going to go training in the mountains.
Voogie: Doki.
Rebecca: We can't get stronger that way! You've been reading too much manga. Read some words for a change!

Meanwhile, Shiori started eating the shuu cream. Rebecca yelled at Shiori, but Shiori said that they should calm down before thinking about what to do.

Then they got a call from Merrybell. Midi quickly told her to cut off the communication because Marcia would be able to track them. But Merrybell said that she had been captured. Marcia had captured her and challenged the Angels. She said that she would turn Merrybell over to the SE if the Angels didn't come face her.

Midi: What should we do?
Voogie: There's no question about it! We have to go save Merrybell.
Midi: But the probability of us defeating Marcia now are..
Voogie: Who cares! Marcia's serious. If Merrybell gets turned into the SE, it's all over.
Midi: Ok, I'll go too this time. I'm part of Voogie's Angel too.

The next day the Angels went to the deserted amusement park to face Marcia. Marcia was on top of the ferris wheel with Merrybell. As promised, Marcia returned Merrybell to the Angels, by tossing her down to the ground.

Marcia: Now that you're all gathered, you can disappear. Don't worry I can reclaim the surface of this planet by myself.
Rebecca: It's not going to be that easy.

Then Rebecca got ready to fight.

Voogie: Marcia, please stop. We're both cyborgs. We were made to fight the SE. We were made to save humanity. Why do we have to fight? It's not right. Marcia, let's fight together. It's good to have friends. If you don't like Voogie's Angel, we can change it to Marcia's Angel. I'm very clumsy and make mistakes and may cause problems, but I'll try my best. Marcia, let's fight together.
Marcia: Is that all you want to say? Brace yourselves, Angels!

Marcia attacked with the comet attack.

Voogie: Stop it Marcia.
Rebecca: We have to fight.

Then Marcia used her sparkling tornado, and it was too strong for the Angels. Just as Marcia was going to finish off Voogie, Dr. Crimt called Midi and told her to give Voogie her secret weapon.

When Midi sent the new device (electronically) to Voogie, Voogie's body started moving by itself. Voogie couldn't control the power. But Voogie attacked Marcia with the lightning scarlet attack and cut Marcia in half. [I think..]

Just as Marcia was going to die, she said to herself [I think]: Voogie, why do you want to reclaim the earth? Who are you fighting for? What do you want to do with the reclaimed earth?
Marcia: I wanted to walk together with him, and feel the sun and wind. Just the two of us. But my feelings didn't reach him..

Voogie came to her senses and realized what she had done.
Voogie: What did I do.. Marcia!

Voogie started crying.

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