Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 17

Title Teddy The Boy
Aired 1996.04.22
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 4 track 2
Voices Teddy The Boy :: Touma Yumi
center worker A :: Ishizuka Katashi
center worker B :: Shiga Kazuya
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.05.19
It had been over one month since the battle against Marcia. Strike Myer was still back in Aquabase for repairs.

Rebecca: We were careless to let Marcia's debris be found by the SE.
Shiori: There's nothing we could have done about it. Everyone was in such a state of shock at that time.
Rebecca: Marcia's debris is being kept at the information center, right?
Shiori: Yes, now the SE and their manager Teddy The Boy know about the existance of cyborg.
Midi: Even if they didn't get Marcia, she was going around in such flashy fashion [blowing up things] that they would have found out about us sooner or later. The problem is that the human technology got into the hands of the SE.
Rebecca: The SE will analyze that debris and come up with something to oppose us.
Midi: They'll probably build an anti-cyborg weapon. The only good thing is that Marcia was an old type cyborg. It's not that they got the most recent technology.

Voogie was at a game center playing games. Ever since that incident with Marcia, Voogie was going around alone. She still couldn't forgive herself and Midi for killing Marcia.

Voogie: Why? Marcia wasn't the enemy. She was a girl with a very nice heart. But I..

Voogie started to cry.

Dr. Crimt called Voogie and told her that the only way to save the Angels was to kill Marcia.

Dr. Crimt: I'll repeat it again. You're the last hope for the humans. No matter what, we can't lose you. I don't care what you feel about me. But don't hold a grudge against Midi. She just obeyed my orders. All of the responsibility is mine. If you're going to hold a grudge, hold it against me.

Voogie [to herself]: I know that what the doctor says is true. But even if my mind understands, my heart doesn't.

Meanwhile Teddy The Boy went to the Information Center. He was such a little boy, that Shiori was surprised when she saw Teddy.

Shiori: He's just a boy. He looks like a normal boy. I can't believe it.

Teddy wanted to see Marcia, so Leon, Michelle, and Shiori took him to see the remains.

Teddy: It's a problem that a human spy can get into this city so easily. Just because there hasn't been any fighting for 30 years, the SE is too careless. If you don't watch out, the humans will reclaim the Earth.

Leon was assigned to the position of head of the Anti-Cyborg Department.

Leon: Teddy, do you think there are other cyborgs here?
Teddy: Of course. If they can make one, they can make two or three. Maybe there's even a human spy in this center.
Leon: It can't be.
Teddy: Can you say for sure that there isn't? Isn't that right, Tachibana Shiori?
Shiori was shocked that Teddy knew her name.
Teddy: Don't be surprised that I know your name. I just checked the personnel data in the database.

Shiori [to herself]: This is Teddy The Boy. This is the enemy of the Angels.

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