Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 18

Title Yuuutsu na Tenshi Tachi
[The Melancholy Angels]
Aired 1996.04.29
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 4 track 3
Voices voice in game :: Inoue Kikuko
young person :: Shiga Kazuya
couple (boy) :: Ishizuka Katashi
couple (girl) :: Araki Kae
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.05.19
Strikemyer came back after getting repaired. He looked similar to what he did before, but he became armored Strikemyer.

Midi: You can think of it as adding a suit of armor to the previous Myer.
Rebecca: But now he's so heavy, he can't move as fast.

Then Dr. Woodford came out of Strikemyer.

Dr. Woodford: You don't have to worry Rebecca.

Everyone was surprised to see Dr. Woodford. She explained that everything had been changed, and that Strikemyer should have twice the mobility as before.

Shiori: Doctor, why did you come here?
Dr. Woodford: The final adjustments of the armor isn't finished yet. Also I wanted to strengthen your stealth coating. I want to go looking around the surface too. It's the first time I came to the surface.

Strikemyer: Voogie's not here.
Merrybell: Ever since that incident with Marcia, she's feeling depressed.
Strikemyer: I heard about it.
Rebecca: It's irritating that we can't do anything about it, but this is something that she has to get over herself.
Dr. Woodford: Midi, where is Voogie now?
Midi: I'll check for her marker.
Rebecca: There's no need. She's probably at the usual place.

Meanwhile Voogie was in a game center playing a fighting game. She was doing very well and was close to a world record. Voogie was feeling very cocky, and eagerly waited for the next challenger. Then a new challenger came and they fought. But Voogie lost. Voogie couldn't believe it, and when she looked to see who the challenger was, she was very surprised to see Dr. Woodford.

Then Voogie and Dr. Woodford went to the hamburger store where Rebecca worked. [But it wasn't one of the days Rebecca worked.] Dr. Woodford was happy to eat the SE hamburger. She said that the SE and humans must have similar tastes.

Dr. Woodford: I wish I could have seen Rebecca in this frilly costume.
Voogie: What are you doing here? If people find out you're human, there will be a big commotion.
Dr. Woodford: Really?

Then Dr. Woodford got up and announced to everyone in the store that she was a human. Voogie was shocked. But all of the SE just joked about it.

Dr. Woodford: See, no one believes it. To the SE, the humans aren't a threat. They're not even interested in us at all.
Voogie: But what if something happens!
Dr. Woodford: Then you'll protect me. I'm depending on you.
Voogie: So, why did you come here?
Dr. Woodford: I wanted you to take me around. I hear you're playing around a lot recently.

Then Voogie and Dr. Woodford went to an amusement park and played.

Voogie: Where do you want to go next?
Dr. Woodford: Voogie, let's go back.
Voogie: I don't want to. I just want to live with the SE. I don't want to fight any more.

Then Dr. Woodford slapped Voogie.

Dr. Woodford: Cut it out! I know your real smile. What are you worrying about? It's not like you.
Voogie: You know about it, don't you?
Dr. Woodford: Yes, that's why I came. Dr. Crimt didn't order me. I came on my own..
Voogie: Then..
Dr. Woodford: Of course I didn't get permission. When I return to Aquabase, I'll probably get arrested.
Voogie: Why?
Dr. Woodford: Can't I worry about you? I'm one of the engineers who built you. You're like one of my daughters. There aren't any mothers who don't worry about their daughters. I'm not trying to become your mother. But even if you hold it in like that, nothing is going to get solved. You can talk to me about it.
Voogie: But..
Dr. Woodford: You're cyborgs that have to carry a heavy burden. But don't forget you're human. You have a heart. There's no way that we can take your place, but I can share your feelings. Please let me feel part of your pain.
Voogie: Nina.
Voogie started crying.
Voogie: I don't know what I should do. I killed Marcia! Can I just accept that I killed her? I can't do that. She's one of us. She's like me, Rebecca, and Shiori. She's one of us.
Dr. Woodford: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm making you feel so painful.

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