Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 19

Title Shuugeki
Aired 1996.05.06
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 4 track 5
Voices soldier :: Shiga Kazuya
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.05.21
Michelle got the results from the lab regarding Marcia. She sent the data to Leon, and Leon commented that the human technology had come close to that of the SE.

Leon: It looks like there are some parts where they are applying our technology. People have aid that the humans have a lower inventive ability than us SE, but they have a very high ability for putting things into practical use. Maybe that's true.
Michelle: By analyzing the metals, it seems like this cyborg was built around three years ago.
Leon: Three years ago.. Then it's safer to assume that there is no difference in technology between the humans and us.

Leon asked Shiori to send the data to the development center.

Leon: This is the beautiful and sad weapon, the cyborg.
Leon: In order to win, the humans will do anything. They will reconstruct the bodies of their own race. I wonder if she chose to become this way.. Either way, she became a sacrifice for the humans. It's sad.

Dr. Crimt called the Angels and gave the order for their next mission.

Dr. Crimt: After looking over the report by Dr. Woodford, I think it will be hard to gather more information.
Dr. Crimt: So we will move to the second phase of the project. We will attack Teddy. The first target will be the terminal in the information center.

Shiori couldn't believe it.
Shiroi: Wait, doctor. The information center is now the center of the anti-cyborg department. There are lots of defenses there now, so it will be very difficult.
Dr. Crimt: I know. But there are two other goals in addition to the destruction of the terminal. One is to gather information about the SE's top defense weapons.
Voogie: What is the second?
Dr. Crimt: Camouflage.
Midi: Camouflage?
Dr. Crimt: Since it's getting harder for us to get information now, Shiori's existence in the information center is very important. But with Teddy suspicious of a spy in the information center, there is a possibility that Teddy will find out about Shiori.
Midi: So you want to attack the information center as a camouflage for Shiori?
Dr. Crimt: Yes. So Shiori won't take part in this mission.
Voogie: But will they get tricked by something so simple?
Dr. Crimt: They will for sure. It's because it's not logical.
Midi: If a spy had been discovered, one can just recall that spy and send in another. There's no need to attack. Teddy can't understand a human's illogical thinking.

So Voogie, Rebecca, and Merrybell went to attack the SE information center. They got caught by the SE's sensors, but the alarms didn't go off. Dr. Woodford's stealth coating worked.

Voogie was still remembering Marcia's words in her mind.

Voogie [to herself]: Why am I fighting? To reclaim the Earth from the SE? Yeah. I can't stand living in the bottom of the ocean. But what do I want to do on the surface after we get it back? Why am I risking my life to fight? I don't know. What is my dream? To defeat the SE? No, that's not it.

Then Rebecca punched Voogie, to bring her back to reality.

They started going again, and Merrybell ran off to the air duct. Rebecca warned her not to touch the cover of the air duct, but it was too late. Merrybell tried to open the cover and triggered the sensors.

Then Shiori called them and told them that the guards were approaching quickly. She told them to go into the air duct according to the plan.

Leon, Michelle, and Shiori were in the control room, and had spotted the invaders. Leon told Michelle to close off sections of the air ducts to isolate each of the invaders. He also released a Basilisk to each floor. Shiori said that the invaders didn't appear on the sensors, so Leon knew that the invaders must be cyborgs.

Then there was an explosion that shook the control room. It was Strikemyer attacking from the outside.

Then Voogie got isolated into a closed room, and a robot appeared.

Leon: Welcome to our laboratory, miss cyborg.
Voogie: Who are you?
Leon: I'm Leon Cougar, the director of this center.
Leon: The robot in front of you is Lady M. It's the anti-cyborg robot that we created after analyzing the data from your friend.
Leon: I invited you here so we can test her out.
Voogie: Ok, I'll fight her. I'll make her into scrap in an instant. Angel blade!

As Voogie was about to fight, she heard Marcia's voice in her mind, and her body stopped moving. The SE robot started pounding Voogie.

Shiori [via telepathy]: Voogie, what happened?
Voogie: My body isn't moving!

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