Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 21

Title Tenshi Tachi no Kyuujitsu
[The Angels' Holiday]
Aired 1996.06.03
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 5 track ?
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.10.11
Leon went to Michelle's hospital, with flowers. Leon apologized to Michelle because she had protected him. But Michelle said that her injuries weren't that bad. "I'm just happy to have protected you."

Although they had protected Teddy, 60% of the information center was destroyed. The SE found out that even with their latest robots, they couldn't defeat the human robots. Michelle said that she was just happy to be able to work under Leon.

Midi gave her report to Dr. Crimt. He said that they didn't get much out of the attack. Midi told Dr. Crimt that she was very moved to see how strong someone with a heart was.

Midi: I'm jealous. I can analyze it logically, but I can't sympathize with them. It's a sad thing.. I've been functioning as a strategic computer to protect the humans for over 100 years, but I still don't understand a human's feelings.
Dr. Crimt: Do you want a heart to become perfect?
Midi: There is no such thing as perfection. In that sense, humans and machines are both imperfect. But if I was asked which is superior, I would answer the humans, because they have a heart.
Dr. Crimt: I agree that a heart is a wonderful thing. But a human's heart is not always headed toward the right things. It's unfortunate, but human history proves that.
Dr. Crimt: It's all right to be moved by a human's heart, but Midi, don't forget that your duty is to watch over Voogie and the others. If they act in a way that does not benefit humanity, you will have to erase their memories and hearts.
Midi: I understand.

Dr. Crimt said that the next plan was to go after Teddy himself.

Meanwhile Voogie and the others were enjoying themselves as they were on a holiday until the next mission. They thought it was strange that Dr. Crimt would give them time off. Rebecca, Midi, and the others were thinking about Teddy and the SE, but Voogie wanted to just have fun. Voogie said that she would treat everyone. Rebecca said that Voogie didn't get paid enough to treat, but Voogie showed them all the money that she had.. which wasn't much.

Then Voogie took everyone to the horse track.

Rebecca: Are you going to risk your total saving on the horse race.
Voogie: Yes, and no.

Then Voogie gave her money to Shiori and asked her to pick the winner with her powers of prediction. Voogie laughed and said that she would get rich from now on. Midi told Voogie that she shouldn't utilize Shiori's powers for evil purposes. But Voogie said that this was her great terrorist strategy for putting a big dent into the SE economy. Then Rebecca and Merrybell also gave their money to Shiori..

After the race was over, Voogie was very happy to have a large pile of money.

Shiori: Doctor, please forgive me for using my powers for such things..
Midi: Then what is that you're holding?
Shiori: Ha ha ha.. I need a little extra money this month..

Later Voogie and the others went to a store, and they made Rebecca try on a flared skirt.. and all of the girls laughed. Rebecca got upset and said that she would buy the skirt.

Later they all went to eat, and Voogie kept eating crab and shrimps. Merrybell kept eating cakes (she ate 52 of them), and Rebecca kept eating steaks. The Angels realized that there was so much good things on the surface of the earth. They wanted to reclaim the earth for the humans.

After the left the store, Voogie pointed to an all you can eat ice cream store, and said that she wanted to go in.

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