Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 22

Title Tatakai no Sora he
[To the Sky of Battle]
Aired 1996.06.10
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 5 track ?
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.10.11
The Angels discovered where the home base of Teddy The Boy was, so they got together to go for the final battle against Teddy.

Shiori explained that everything in the world of the SE was recorded in the SE information center. So she looked up the information and easily found out where Teddy's base was. When Rebecca asked where it was, Dr. Crimt answered that it was in a communications satellite.

The Angels were surprised, but Voogie said that they would go fight Teddy. But when Merrybell asked how they were going to go into space, Voogie couldn't think of anything. She said that the Doctor would probably know of a way. But Nina said that the shuttles that the humans had were not strong enough to go through the SE air defense. Rebecca said that the SE had a lot of space shuttles. So the Angels were going to attack the SE space ports and take over a shuttle.

The Angels were just outside of the SE space port. Merrybell was surprised that it was just like an ordinary airport. Shiori said that the SE used to use vertical launch vehicles in the past, long before they invaded earth, but now they used horizontal launch shuttles.

The Angels spotted a large ship in the space port. Midi said that it was a Serpent class space battleship, as all SE space ports were also military bases. She added that the security as space ports was very strict.

When Myer asked Midi how they were going to sneak into something so tightly guarded, Rebecca and Voogie said that they would go crashing through the main gate. Rebecca said that there was no way that they could sneak in and steal a shuttle anyway. Voogie added that since they were going to be followed, it would be better to take off as soon as possible.

Midi told Rebecca, Voogie, and Merrybell to take over the control tower. Shiori, Midi, and Strikemyer were going to take over the dock area. Then Strikemyer took off and the Angels went into the space port.

Rebecca fired her guns and Voogie used her angel blade to easily get into the control tower. Midi said that they had gotten control of dock number 5. So Merrybell sent one shuttle to dock 5, even though she didn't know which code to use.

When Rebecca, Voogie, and Merrybell got to dock 5, they were surprised at what they saw. There was a huge battleship in the dock. But Midi and the others were already inside getting the battleship ready for take off. They didn't have time to get another shuttle.

Rebecca asked if they would be able to control a ship this large. Midi said that they can work together. Then she ordered everyone to their seats. Shiori went to the sub-controller's seat. Rebecca went to control the weapons. Merrybell went to the radar.

Midi: Finally, Voogie, you're in the way, so please move.

Midi was just kidding, so Midi told Voogie to go help Rebecca. But Voogie wasn't too pleased.

Then the Angels started to take off.

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