Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 23

Title Radical Fight
Aired 1996.06.17
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 5 track ?
Voices Hilal :: Hoshi Souichirou
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.10.11
Teddy was in his satellite talking to his oniichan, a cyborg that Teddy had built. Oniichan was saying that the Angels wouldn't be able to make it to the satellite, but Teddy was saying that they would. He also added that he wanted them to make it there, so they can fight against oniichan, who was made specifically to defeat the Angels.

The Angels' battleship had gotten out of the earth's atmosphere, and they quickly ran into some SE space craft. It wasn't the ones that followed them from the earth, but it was the ones coming from Teddy's satellite. Rebecca, Voogie, and Strikemyer got ready to fire at the enemy.

The shooting soldiers were released from the SE spacecraft, and Rebecca and Voogie started firing. Midi had Shiori increase the power so they can ram through the enemy defense.. but there were too many of them. Then Strikemyer released his dimension blaster at the enemy, which destroyed over 70% of the enemy.

Just before they were going to ram toward the satellite, Midi told Voogie to cut Strikemyer free because he was out of energy.

Strikemyer: Voogie, come back. I'll be waiting on the earth.
Voogie: I can't make a promise like that. But I'll defeat Teddy for sure, even in exchange for my life. I'll reclaim the surface for humanity.
Strikemyer [to himself]: No! Even if we get the planet back, it doesn't mean anything if Voogie's not there. I have to confess to her.

Strikemyer was going to confess, but Voogie say, "Take care!" and cut Strikemyer loose. Voogie just said, "Bye! Bye!"

Then the battleship got within range of the satellite. They got hit, but Voogie said, "Let's not worry about the return trip."
Midi: All right, let's go crashing into the satellite.

The Angels' battleship went crashing into Teddy's satellite.

Teddy: They got here faster that I expected.. The guardians were much weaker than I thought.

Voogie: Throw away the rouge and pierce..
Rebecca: The steel body that was reborn..
Shiori: Putting a girl's prayers into the fist..
Merrybell: Release the pink blizzard of dreams..
Midi: Shine, the fighters that carry the hopes of humanity..
Voogie: We are the dennou sentai..
Angels: Voogie's Angel!

The Angels faced Teddy.

Voogie: We've found you.
Teddy: I let you find me. I wanted to see for myself the moment that you get destroyed.

Then Hilal (the SE cyborg) came with the comet attack and hit the Angels. Hilal had all of the Angels' data, and he was able to use all of the Angels' moves.

Rebecca told the others to be careful, but Merrybell (who was in her mean mode) said that she would take care of it. Merrybell and Hilal went at each other, and Hilal used his comet attack. But Merrybell used her comet cannon attack and blasted Hilal.
[comet cannon = putting all of the force of the comet attack into her fist.]

Merrybell: Did you think that the comet attack was my only attack..
Midi: A copy is only a copy.

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