Wedding Peach Festival


KSS Films, JSVA-228045 (VHS), JSLA-22805 (LD)
CLV, 45 minutes, 5800 yen
released 1995.12.10
concert portion recorded October 10, 1995 at Yakult Hall in Tokyo.

[information by Yuchou Hu]

This LD comes with a postcard of Furil.

The seiyuus, Hikami Kyoko, Miyamura Yuko and Nogami Yukana are the group Furil. Compared to the other live concerts on LD's this concert is very quiet: the seiyuus do not move a whole lot, and the reactions of the audience seem reserved. Nogami is surprisingly soft spoken, as the seiyuu talked with the personalities of their anime characters.

1. Introduction
It starts with clips of the seiyuu in wedding dress with their names spelled in Romanji, followed by footage of the fans before the concert, with comments by Jamapii. Shocker Ohno interviewed the seiyuus on stage (see event report).
2. Virgin Love (Furil)
Anime concert. Shocker Ohno the anime character, introduces the Peach Angels.
3. Wedding Wars (Nakajima Erina)
Anime footage from TV.
4. Before concert backatage interviews with Imai Yuka and Furil.
Ohno interviews Imai Yuka who does her transformation phrase of "Wedding excellent flower!" He then barges in Furil's dressing room (having knocked and asked if anyone is done changing and received a reply of "no, not done yet.") Asked to describe how she feels, Hikami says that it feels like right before getting a shot. They are next asked to individually say the phrase 'Gambaru zo'. Miyamura yells "Gambaru zo!", Hikami says "Gambaru ze", and Nogami whispers almost inaudibly "Gambarimasu".
5. Yume Miru Aitenshi (Furil)
Concert footage.
6. Kisetsu ga Kureta Jewel (Furil)
Concert footage and outdoor shots with seiyuus in wedding dress.
7. Monochrome (Furil)
Concert footage mixed with location shots of Furil on a harbor.
8. Virgin Love (Furil)
Concert footage.
9. 21 Seiki no Juliet (Furil)
Sung with the seiyuus in wedding dress.

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