YAWARA! volume 3

Manga Yawara! volume 3
TV epiodes 11 - 15
  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1990.05.11
  • Summary version 2 by Hitoshi Doi, 1991.12.12
Yawara's ippon win made the headlines of the newspapers. The teachers in her school were surprised that Yawara had this hidden talent. The principal said that he had already received several calls from various colleges. But Yawara's teacher said that she wanted to go to a junior college and did not want to do judo.

During English class, Yawara overheard her friends talking about her. When Yawara joined in their conversation, the teacher spotted them and went to caution them. The teacher then hit Yawara on the head with his book. When Yawara turned around, the teacher got scared and asked Yawara not to throw him.

After school, while the members of the Musashiyama high school judo team, except for Hanazono-kun, were playing around, more than 100 first and second year students gathered around the judoujou. They all said that they wanted to join the same judo team that Yawara was on. But Yawara had already gone home. One of them, a freshman called Sudou with a bad attitude, threw one of the judo team members around when he got angry.

Hanazono-kun was angered when he came back the next day and heard about this incident. He wanted to beat up Sudou, but he had broken his leg. Sudou came looking for Yawara again this day. When Hanazono-kun picked up Sudou to try to beat him up, Sudou kicked his broken leg. Sudou then stepped all over Hanazono-kun's leg after he fell over in pain. Since Yawara wasn't there again, Sudou left.

The teacher was talking to Yawara and was trying to get her to join the judo team. Yawara refused. She said that she wanted to go to a girl's junior college and major in home economics, instead of going to a college with a strong judo team. Then the boys from the judo team came running to ask Yawara for help. Yawara said that there was no reason for her to help, and ran off.

Yawara and her friends were eating at a hamburger store and talking about judo and Kazamatsuri. Then Sudou came, touched Yawara's hip, said he was Yawara's fan, and ran away. Yawara remembered that Sudou was the one causing trouble for the judo team. That night, Yawara got a phone call from Sudou. Yawara hung up right away. The next day on the way to school, Yawara met Sudou on the bus. Because Sudou was getting close to her, Yawara jumped off the bus at the next stop.

That day after school, Yawara went to her school's judoujou to give special training to the judo team. Yawara wanted the judo team members to be able to defeat Sudou by themselves. But the weak judo team members said that there's no way that they can beat Sudou. Yawara yelled at them for not having any confidence. Then Yawara started them off with a lot of exercises that she herself always did everyday. All of the guys were out of breath and could not take any more. Then she said that she will train secretly them every day at 6:00 AM.

Meanwhile, Jigoro was talking with Coach Yutenji of the Saikai University judo team. Yutenji wanted Yawara to come to his school. But he said that Yawara did not have enough experience to get a scholarship. So, he said that he will set up some major tournaments for Yawara to enter.

Yawara continued her special training for one week. Then she wrote a letter of challenge to Sudou inviting him to come to the judoujou after school. Sudou thought that it was a love letter from Yawara and went to the judoujou. When Sudou opened the door and went inside, he saw the Musashiyama judo team, Yawara, and a lot of other students waiting for him. Yawara told him that the judo team was going to teach him some judo. Sudou accepted the challenge, saying that he will do anything if he loses. But he said that Yawara will have to go on a date with him if he wins. Although the judo team members said that the responsibility was too big for them to handle, Yawara agreed. Sudou fought against the four judo team members and lost to all four. Then Sudou got mad and attacked Yawara, saying that she's just a girl. But Yawara easily threw Sudou.

Jigoro and Matsuda were watching this from outside. Jigoro wanted to stop it right away, but Matsuda said that Yawara was really excited about judo for the first time and stopped Jigoro. After it was all over, Jigoro barged in and said that Yawara had no time to be playing with this bunch of losers because she had an important tournament coming up. Yawara argued that she won't fight in any tournament, but Jigoro dragged Yawara out.

After Yawara left, Sudou and the judo team members decided that they want Yawara to be their coach. Yawara got away from her grandfather and went back to the judoujou. There she found out that everyone wanted her to be their coach. Yawara couldn't say no.

In his apartment, after Kazamatsuri got out of the shower and was drying himself, he played back all of the telephone messages that were recorded on his phone. He had messages from six different girls. Kazamatsuri was wondering why he always got nervous in judo matches, but not when he was with girls. Then he started to think about Yawara, who was still a high school student. Kazamatsuri was still naked and thinking about the girls when Sayaka told him to hurry up and wear some clothes. Kazamatsuri was shocked because he had forgotten that he had given Sayaka keys to his apartment.

Then Kazamatsuri and Sayaka talked about Yawara appearing in a match to build up her record for entry into Saikai University. Sayaka said that she will enter that tournament and defeat Yawara. Kazamatsuri said that Yawara was not somebody that can be defeated so easily. But Sayaka said that she has Kazamatsuri with her and that they will go on a special judo training camp together.

The next day, Coach Yutenji was going to make the press announcements of the judo tournament that he set up for Yawara. But Jigoro went up and said that Yawara will win with all ippons. Matsuda then asked if Sayaka was going to appear also. Yutenji said yes. Before the announcements of the other entries were made, all the reporters left to interview Yawara. Matsuda hurried off on his motorcycle, because he didn't want Yawara to get surrounded by the reporters and get upset.

Yawara was coaching her high school judo team members when Matsuda came to tell her about what happened at the announcement. Matsuda pulled Yawara away and drove her away on his motorcycle so that she wouldn't be swamped by the reporters. But Yawara told Matsuda that she wanted to get off and that she will not fight in the tournament. She said that she just wanted to be a normal girl. Then Matsuda said that he will take Yawara to a vacation house in Hayama to show her something.

Since Yawara was still wearing her judo clothes, Matsuda stopped at a store and bought her some new clothes. Matsuda was surprised at how pretty Yawara was. Then they went to the Honami vacation house where Sayaka and Kazamatsuri were training. He wanted to show Yawara how much Sayaka was training and the determination that she had. But Yawara saw Sayaka together with Kazamatsuri and felt saddened.

Yawara quietly walked away and hopped on a bus, without listening to a word that Matsuda was saying. Since Yawara didn't have any money, Matsuda ran up to the bus and threw Yawara his wallet. Matsuda finally guessed that Yawara liked Kazamatsuri. Matsuda felt upset and rode his motorcycle, muttering to himself. He then heard a truck honking at him. When he looked up, he saw a truck heading straight at him. Matsuda swerved just in time to avoid a collision, but he went off of a bridge into a river.

Matsuda, soaking wet and very dirty, walked over to Sayaka's vacation house and asked for some money so that he can go home. After he got cleaned up, he told Kazamatsuri and Sayaka that Yawara did not want to fight in the upcoming tournament. When Sayaka became angry, Matsuda said that there may be a way to change Yawara's mind. He said that Yawara liked Kazamatsuri, so he might be able to talk Yawara into fighting.

Meanwhile Jigoro was practicing his moves in the doujou. Yawara's mother said that Jigoro was still young and that he reminded her of Kojiro. They were waiting for Yawara to come home. When Yawara arrived at home, she went straight to her room. Yawara's mother told Yawara that she had cooked some food that Yawara liked. Jigoro shouted, "Hurry up and get dressed for practice!"

The next day Yawara went out with her friends. She kept eating a lot of sweets while her friends kept telling her to stop. They asked if she had been rejected by Kazamatsuri. Yawara just kept eating. One of the girls pointed out that Yawara ate just like her grandfather. Then as they were going to go to another store, they ran into Kazamatsuri.

Yawara and Kazamatsuri went to a coffee shop and Kazamatsuri tried to talk Yawara into fighting in the tournament. But Yawara said that Kazamatsuri should just coach and worry about Sayaka. Yawara also added, "Sayaka works much harder at judo than me. She is also much prettier than me, and has a better style than me." Sayaka was sitting at another table wearing dark sunglasses and smiled.

"What are you talking about!" Kazamatsuri replied. "She's nowhere near your skill. That's why she's paying me lots of money to coach her." Sayaka's smile quickly disappeared.

Then Kazamatsuri and Yawara left the coffee shop. Kazamatsuri kept trying to convince Yawara to fight in the tournament. But Yawara told Kazamatsuri that she had a bigger problem. "There is someone that I like. But that person likes somebody else, and is always with her."

Kazamatsuri answered, "I think it's your mistake. That person is probably coaching that girl only because of business." Then Yawara leaned against a tree and Kazamatsuri went to kiss her. But at the last moment, Yawara ducked out of the way and ran off. Kazamatsuri shouted, "Yawara, you are most brilliant when you are doing judo!"

Matsuda, Sayaka, and Jigoro were watching Yawara and Kazamatsuri from the bushes. After Yawara ran off, Sayaka, Matsuda, and Jigoro ran at Kazamatsuri. Matsuda tried to punch him, but Kazamatsuri avoided the punch. Then Jigoro threw Kazamatsuri. Sayaka yelled at him. Finally, Jigoro picked up Kazamatsuri and Matsuda and told them never to approach Yawara again.

When Yawara got home, the high school team members were waiting for her. They wanted Yawara to coach them. But Yawara said that she had never promised them that she would be their coach and went inside. Just as Yawara got inside, Yawara's mother was leaving. She said that she just got another clue about the location her husband. Then Yawara asked her mother if their family was all apart because of judo. Yawara's mother answered that it was the opposite. She said that she would never have met her husband had it not been for judo. She also said that he was the most brilliant when he was doing judo. Then Yawara's mother left.

Yawara was resting on her bed and thinking about Kazamatsuri. Then it started to rain. Yawara heard sneezing outside. Yawara ran out to see that the high school team was still waiting outside of the gate on their knees. Then Yawara told them that she will coach them at 6:00 AM the next day. When Jigoro came home in the pouring rain, he stormed to the doujou to find Yawara practicing on her own. He was surprised that Yawara finally wanted to do judo.

The next day, Sayaka went looking for Yawara at Musashiyama high school. Sayaka kept complaining about how dirty and smelly Yawara's school was compared to hers. Then she met some male students who tried to pick her up when she asked where the judoujou was. The boys surrounded Sayaka, but Sayaka just threw one of them.

When Sayaka arrived at the doujou, she saw a lot of guys running out. They were all running away from Yawara's tough training menu. There used to be over one hundred new members on the judo team, but they all quit except for Sudou. Then Yawara spotted Sayaka. Sayaka told Yawara not to try to steal Kazamatsuri from her. But Yawara said that she wasn't trying to steal Kazamatsuri. Sayaka also said that it didn't matter if Yawara was going to enter the upcoming tournament. Then Yawara said that she will enter the tournament.

Jigoro took Yawara to a test to get her black belt. He said that it wouldn't look good for Yawara to fight in the tournament with a white belt. Yawara threw her opponent for an ippon in one or two seconds to get the black belt. When Yawara asked if Jigoro was happy, he said that Yawara's skill was already at the fourth or fifth level and this was no big deal.

After Yawara went back to her school, the judo team told her that their first match in the summer tournament was going to take place next Sunday. Yawara said that they all worked very hard, so they have a good chance of winning. Yawara also said that she will go cheer for them. Then they all remembered that Yawara's match was also on Sunday. Hanazono-kun told Yawara just to worry about her own match. But Yawara said that she will go cheer for them after her match was over.

Sayaka was practicing very hard for the match. Kazamatsuri said that she was almost perfect. When Sayaka complained about the "almost" part, Kazamatsuri said that her opponent was Yawara. Sayaka also mentioned that Kazamatsuri tried to kiss Yawara. Then Kazamatsuri said that he just did it to make Yawara enter the tournament.

Earlier Kazamatsuri had been asked by Sayaka's father if he'll coach Sayaka for the rest of her life. Sayaka's father also told Kazamatsuri that he had a very important job waiting for him in the Honami group when he graduated this year.

Matsuda's boss yelled at Matsuda for not putting a lot of effort in writing his articles. He said that Matsuda's articles concerning Yawara used to be very hot. He accused Matsuda of slacking off. Then Kamoda came up to them and whispered that Matsuda had been rejected by Yawara. Matsuda quickly covered Kamoda's mouth.

Matsuda was wondering around the streets alone. Matsuda was thinking, "Ever since the moment that I saw you, my passion hasn't changed. One year ago, when I first saw you... But now, there is some other feeling involved. That had made my articles slack off. Yawara, you can't stay where I can reach you. You have to go far, far away... But it will be soon. Tomorrow in the Budoukan you will be going far away."


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