YAWARA! volume 5

Manga Yawara! volume 5
TV epiodes 22 - 26
  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1990.03.03
  • Summary version 2 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.01.02
After staying up until 4 am studying for the entrance exams, Yawara went to sleep. But at 5:30, Jody came to wake up Yawara for the morning training. It had been this way for one week since Jody moved in. Yawara was thinking that if this kept up any longer, she wouldn't pass the entrance exam for Mitsuba Junior College. When Yawara asked Jody how long she was going to stay in Japan, Jody answered that she will stay until Yawara fights her.

Yawara was so tired that she slept during classes in school. The teacher woke up Yawara, but said that she doesn't have to study because she will be able to get into Saikai University because of her judo.

One day Jody visited Yawara's school. She saw some burnouts smoking outside. She warned them that cigarette smoking was bad for their health. When the burnouts told Jody to get lost, Jody beat them up. Then one of Yawara's friends called Yawara to the scene. Yawara got very upset at Jody and told her to go back to Canada. She said that she won't fight Jody. Yawara said that she had to study for her exam. A saddened Jody just turned around and walked away.

That night Yawara and Jigoro ate dinner by themselves. Yawara was feeling a little bit sad. She missed Jody. Jigoro told Yawara that Jody had been studying Japanese every night thinking that if she learned Japanese, Yawara would fight her. Then Yawara said, "You mean that she had been studying without sleeping just like me. Is that why she learned to speak Japanese so well in such a short time? I have been studying English but I still can't speak it at all."

Jigoro snapped back, "Her determination for fighting a match against you made her like that. It's totally different from your silly, playful attempt at studying for your exams!"

Yawara started to get some tears in her eyes and got up to go after Jody. Jigoro said that Jody had left about thirty minutes before. Just when Yawara got to the door, she ran into Jody. Jody said that she came back because she forgot something. Then Yawara jumped up to hug Jody and apologized for what she had said earlier. Yawara also told Jody that she will fight her. Everything had gone just as Jigoro had planned.

Meanwhile, Matsuda and Kamoda were sneaking around the Inokuma house. After they got into the yard, they snuck up to the doujou. They took a peek inside and they saw Jody and Yawara starting to fight a judo match. While Kamoda was getting his camera ready, Jigoro spotted them. Jigoro brought them inside the doujou and told them to sit and mark the boundaries. Matsuda was also assigned as the time keeper. Jigoro told him that the match was four minutes. Jigoro also ripped out the film in Kamoda's camera. Before the match began, Yawara asked Matsuda not to write anything in the newspaper about this match. Matsuda was upset that he could not write anything about this special event.

The match began. Jody couldn't find any opening in Yawara to attack. She noticed that Yawara was just like Jigoro. Since she had come all the way to Japan for this match, she just went straight at Yawara. Yawara took Jody's arm and got in position to throw her over her shoulder. But Jody used her strength to ride Yawara off to the outside of the mat, crashing into Kamoda. Yawara then noticed that Jody was very strong. Her eyes glared for the first time in a judo match.

Then the match started again. Jody used a leg move to throw Yawara for a yuukou. Then Yawara tried to throw Jody again. This time Jody caught Yawara's leg and turned Yawara on her back. Then Jody got herself into the hold position so that she will get an ippon if she holds Yawara down for thirty seconds. Matsuda was very worried that Yawara might lose. Jigoro told Matsuda that it would be good for Yawara if she lost. When ten seconds had passed, Jigoro said that Yawara did not have the guts or determination now to get out of this hold.

After being held down for twenty seconds, Yawara threw Jody off in a move that surprised everyone, including Jigoro. Jigoro said that Yawara was fighting for real now. When Matsuda asked what he meant, Jigoro said that in all of her previous matches, Yawara had been playing around. Then after they both got up, Yawara threw Jody for a yuukou. Jody said that Yawara was very strong and that it was the first time that she had fought anyone that strong. Jigoro noticed that Yawara was going all out for the first time and was really enjoying herself. Yawara then threw Jody for a wazaari. Matsuda said that he didn't know that Yawara was so strong, because all of her previous matches had ended too quickly. Then Jigoro said that Yawara wasn't strong enough because she still couldn't get an ippon. He said that he will praise Yawara for the first time after she becomes number one in the world, gets the gold medal, and gets the national medal of honor.

Meanwhile the match was still going on. When Yawara threw Jody again, Jody landed on her elbow and injured it. Jody got up like nothing happened and continued. Then Yawara grabbed Jody's arm and pointed out the injury. Jody wanted to continue, but Yawara said no. She didn't want Jody to injure it any more in a practice match. But Jody begged Yawara to continue, saying that it's the first time that she has enjoyed judo this much. Then Yawara said, "Me too. I've never enjoyed it this much before. So after your arm recovers, let's have a real match at some tournament. I promise."

At the airport when Yawara and Matsuda were seeing Jody off, Jody promised that she will win the world championship. Yawara was thinking that she shouldn't have made a promise to fight Jody in a tournament. Then Jody showed Yawara and Matsuda a picture of her boy friend. She said that she was always thinking about him when fighting in a match. Then Jody told Matsuda to take care of Yawara. Yawara quickly said that Matsuda was not her boy friend.

Matsuda tried to invite Yawara to have dinner together, but Yawara refused him. When they were arguing, they ran into Kazamatsuri and Sayaka, who had just returned from an overseas training trip. Sayaka was complaining very loudly that going through customs always takes so long. Kazamatsuri pointed out that it was because Sayaka always bought so much stuff.

Then they all went to a fancy restaurant owned by Sayaka's family. When Sayaka said that Yawara and Matsuda make a nice couple, Yawara said that they just came to see Jody off. Kazamatsuri quickly said that it must be so, and that Yawara would not go on a date with someone like Matsuda. Then Kazamatsuri said that he couldn't believe that Jigoro would make Jody his student. Matsuda replied that Jigoro only taught judo to strong people, and that he will refuse to teach weak people like he did before. Sayaka got mad but didn't snap back.

Kazamatsuri asked about the match between Yawara and Jody. Matsuda said that Yawara threw many moves and it was a great match. But Yawara said that Jody was very strong and that nobody won. Sayaka laughed when she heard this. She said that she was now stronger than Yawara. She bragged about her trip and her training in France, Belgium, West Germany, and Korea. Then she said that she was not the same person that got thrown by Yawara in the Budoukan. Sayaka said that she was stronger than Yawara now. When Matsuda argued, Sayaka asked Yawara if she wanted to fight right there.

Then Jigoro appeared at their table and told Sayaka not to rush things. He showed everyone a schedule of judo tournaments in which he had already registered Yawara. There were ten tournaments in three months. When Yawara said that she wouldn't fight, Jigoro said that since Yawara had already promised Jody that they will fight later, Yawara has to fight now to build up her record so that she can enter a world class tournament to fight against Jody. Yawara got mad and ran away.

Yawara fought in the judo tournaments. Yawara didn't try very hard and wasn't very excited about it, but she easily won the first tournament. When Matsuda asked Yawara about her studying for the entrance exam for Mitsuba Junior College, Yawara replied that she will try both. She said that she will keep her promise with Jody and also study for the exam.

In the next tournament, Yawara won every match with ippons again, but Matsuda noticed that Yawara was very tired from staying up all night studying. In one of the matches, Yawara was so tired that she fell asleep for an instant. Matsuda warned Yawara that she should get plenty of rest because she might get a bad injury otherwise. Then Yawara told Matsuda that he looked tired too. It was because Matsuda had been checking up on Yawara at night.

Jigoro yelled at Yawara because of her performance in the matches. Yawara argued that she won all of the matches with ippons so it doesn't matter. But Jigoro had been taking notes of Yawara's matches and pointed out that her matches have been getting longer and that she had lost the sharpness in her moves. Then Jigoro brought out the study materials that Yawara had been using. Yawara asked Jigoro to give it back, but Jigoro didn't, saying that Yawara didn't have to study because she was going to go to Saikai University anyways. Yawara shouted that she wouldn't go there, while Jigoro was running away with her stuff.

When Yawara went to the bookstore to buy more materials, she ran into Kazamatsuri. Kazamatsuri took Yawara to a restaurant and Yawara told him about her problems at home. Then Kazamatsuri said that he will tutor her at his apartment.

In the next tournament, Yawara performed brilliantly in front of the coaches and directors of Saikai University. They said that there was no problem with Yawara getting accepted to Saikai. Jigoro thought that Yawara did so well because he stopped Yawara from studying. Matsuda also noticed. He wondered if Yawara really gave up studying.

One day when Yawara was at Kazamatsuri's apartment studying, Sayaka came over to go out to eat with Kazamatsuri. When Sayaka came through the door, Kazamatsuri quickly said let's go out to eat together. But Sayaka accused Yawara of trying to steal Kazamatsuri. Then Kazamatsuri told Sayaka that Yawara was just studying here because she couldn't study at home. Sayaka said that Yawara was lying and that she just wanted to steal Kazamatsuri. Yawara said that it wasn't true. Then Sayaka told Yawara that Kazamatsuri was her fiance and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get him. Then Yawara got her stuff and left.

Matsuda was outside of Kazamatsuri's apartment. He had been checking up on Yawara and noticed that she had been going to Kazamatsuri's place recently. He was wondering what she was doing there. Then Yawara came running out of the apartment building with tears in her eyes. Matsuda thought that Kazamatsuri had done something to her and rushed up to his room. When Matsuda reached Kazamatsuri's room, the door swung open and smashed into his face. Sayaka walked out while telling Kazamatsuri to be careful of Yawara. Matsuda had no idea what was going on.

In her next tournament Yawara won easily again. But Jigoro was thinking that Yawara was too wild. When the reporters asked Yawara if she will go on winning this way until the Olympics, Sayaka came up and said that she wouldn't let that happen. Sayaka said that she will enter the next tournament and defeat Yawara.

The next morning, Yawara and Jigoro were arguing at the breakfast table. Jigoro said that Yawara must be having some personal problems, maybe with Kazamatsuri. Yawara said that she wasn't, but her face gave it away. Then when Yawara took the newspaper away from Jigoro, she noticed that the World Championship judo tournament was going to be televised that day. Yawara was going to get a chance to see Jody.

Yawara left to take a mock exam with her friends. After the exam, they all said that they didn't do too well. Yawara wanted to got home right away to see Jody's match, but her friends asked her to go play together. When Yawara refused them, they asked if she had a date. Just then Matsuda appeared. Yawara's friends asked her if she had switched from Kazamatsuri to this guy. Then Kazamatsuri appeared and pulled Yawara into his BMW and went off. Matsuda tried to follow them on his moped, but couldn't. Matsuda at least got a chance to tell Yawara to watch Jody's match on TV.

Kazamatsuri told Yawara that it was true that he was going to work for Sayaka's father. But he said that the story about him being Sayaka's fiance was false. Then Kazamatsuri tried to take Yawara to a fancy restaurant, but Yawara told him that she had to go home to watch Jody's match. So Kazamatsuri dropped Yawara off at a nearby train station.

When Yawara got home, Jody's match against the Soviet's Teleshikova was just beginning. Just when Jody got in position to throw Teleshikova over her shoulder, Jody fell down and immediately grabbed her left knee. The referee stopped the match and the TV showed the replay. Jigoro saw that Teleshikova had kicked the back of Jody's left leg, tearing the ligaments there. Yawara shouted that the match should be stopped, but Jody struggled to her feet and the match continued. Teleshikova attacked Jody's injured leg right away and kicked her down for an ippon. Jody had to be carried off as she couldn't move at all. Yawara got mad at the violence that she saw.

Matsuda and Yawara met at a coffee shop to discuss Jody's injury. Matsuda told Yawara that it will take eight months to recover because of the torn ligaments, but even after the recovery it was uncertain if she could ever do judo again. When Matsuda asked Yawara if she will continue to fight in tournaments that Jigoro had set up, Yawara answered that she had to study for the exams. Then as Yawara was leaving, Matsuda gave her a piece of paper which had Teleshikova's interview which was taken right after she had defeated Jody. In the interview, Teleshikova said that she had all of the necessary data on Jody and everything went according to her plans. When she was asked if there was anyone in the world who could defeat her, she answered that there was only one person that she was concerned about. It was Yawara.

In the next judo tournament, Sayaka easily defeated all of her opponents with ippons. But she was very upset because Yawara didn't show up. Jigoro was very upset too. But Yawara was at home studying.

Coach Yutenji and the other judo coaches and experts of Japan gathered to choose the members for next year's Olympics in Seoul. They couldn't decide who would be the representative for the 48 kg weight class. It was between Sayaka and Yawara. Sayaka's record was 31-1 while Yawara's was 25-0. Sayaka's only loss came to Yawara. Then Yutenji stunned everyone by suggesting that Yawara enter the unlimited class. When someone said that a person who only weighed 48 kg couldn't win in the unlimited class, Yutenji pointed out that Yawara threw the 72 kg Toudou. Yutenji said that he wanted Sayaka in the 48 kg, Toudou in the 72 kg, and Yawara in the unlimited class.

Matsuda and Kamoda were listening to all of this from just outside of the closed door. After hearing Yutenji, they ran off with the information for their big scoop.

Yawara was at home cleaning the house on New Year's Eve. Jigoro was out somewhere. When Yawara's mother came home, Yawara told her about Jody while they were eating noodles (toshi koshi soba). Yawara also told her mother that she didn't want to do judo any more because it injures people. Then Yawara's mother said that Yawara's judo had brought back Yawara's father. She discovered out that someone resembling her husband had came back to the Budoukan for Yawara's judo match.

Yawara and her mother watched TV until it was almost the new year. When Yawara started to worry about Jigoro and why he still hadn't come home, Yawara's mother spotted Jigoro on TV. Jigoro was on a TV program featuring the people who had done something important in 1987. When they interviewed Jigoro, he said that Yawara will win the gold medal in the next year's Olympics.

On New Year's Day coach Yutenji visited Yawara's home to apologize to Jigoro. The Nikkan Every newspaper's headline said that Yawara will go to the Olympics as the unlimited class representative. Yutenji told Jigoro that he didn't know how that information could have slipped out. Then Jigoro told Yutenji not to worry. He said that he only wanted Yawara to go into the unlimited class anyways, because there was no such thing as weight classes in his judo. He also told Yutenji that Yawara was very happy about the news.

Then Yawara came into the room and told Jigoro not to tell lies. Yawara said that she wasn't happy about it. She was dressed in a kimono and said that she was going to the shrine to pray so that she can get accepted into Mitsuba Junior College. When Yutenji heard that, he asked Jigoro if Yawara was still going to apply to his Saikai University. Yawara was going to say that she didn't want to go to Saikai, but Jigoro stopped her. Then Jigoro threw her out of the house and told Yutenji that Yawara will go to Saikai University.

When Yawara was standing outside of the gate of her house, Kazamatsuri came by in his car. Kazamatsuri took Yawara to the shrine and Yawara prayed so that things will go well with Kazamatsuri. This was the third time that Yawara went to pray at a shrine. The first time she went with Jigoro and prayed so that she can win in judo. The second time she went with her friends and prayed so that she can get accepted into Mitsuba Junior College.

Matsuda prayed eight times that day so that Yawara can go to the Olympics and win the gold medal. Also he had hoped that he can get a little bit closer to (become friends with) Yawara.


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