YAWARA! volume 6

Manga Yawara! volume 6
TV epiodes 27 - 33, 36
  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1991.03.25
Yawara got an invitation from Sayaka for a Honami family new year party. On the invitation, Sayaka wrote that it was a casual party, so Yawara should just wear normal clothes. When Yawara arrived at the party, she saw that everyone was wearing very formal clothing. Yawara tried to leave right away, but Sayaka saw her and greeted her. Yawara had fallen for Sayaka's trap. Yawara then saw that Jigoro was there too.

During Sayaka's father's speech, he introduced Kazamatsuri and said that he will join the company after graduation. The he said that there was one more big news. He said that Kazamatsuri and Sayaka were engaged to be married. Kazamatsuri was shocked and tried to tell everyone to wait. But Sayaka took the microphone away and said that she was very happy. She also said that she has to beat Yawara and become number one in Japan before the wedding. Then while Jigoro and Sayaka were arguing about which one will go to the Olympics, Yawara ran away crying.

The next day, Yawara asked her mother if she had received any mail from Mitsuba Junior College. When her mother said no, Yawara thought that Jigoro had been taking her mail, so she went to look in his room. Yawara found all of her mail, including the one from Mitsuba Junior College. She also found a notice of a letter from Jody that she had to pick up at the post office.

On the way to the post office, Yawara ran into Matsuda. Matsuda showed her an article in a magazine about Sayaka and Kazamatsuri. When Matsuda said that Kazamatsuri was just a playboy, Yawara said that he wasn't that kind of guy. Matsuda and Yawara argued in the street before Yawara ran away with tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile Kazamatsuri was in his apartment sleeping with some girl. When Sayaka called to tell him that she was coming over right away, Kazamatsuri chased the girl away.

Yawara got the letter from Jody at the post office. The letter said: Dear Yawara, Are you worried about me? Don't worry. I'm fine. The doctor said that it will take some time for the ligaments in my knee to return to normal, but since I'm going to have a judo match with you, I will try hard to fix it. Yawara there are many strong opponents in the world. Teleshikova, the one who I was fighting when I got injured, is very strong. Yawara is strong. Teleshikova is strong. I'm so excited. I think you know this feeling. All strong people know. I will definitely fix my injury before the Olympics. That's because all of the strong people in the world will be there. It will be fun. There's no way that I won't go to the Olympics where Yawara is the representative from Japan. From now it is rehabilitation for me and I will be completely fine for the Olympics. I will fight you again. Because of you my Japanese speaking and writing ability improved. It only took me two weeks to write this letter. Ok, Yawara, take care. See you again, at the Olympics..

At the Nikkan Every newspaper, Kamoda was being reassigned from the sports to the people section. So, Matsuda was being teamed up with a new photographer. His new photographer was Kaga Kuniko, a young, large breasted girl who wanted to be a sports photographer because she can be friends with the famous athletes.

Jigoro was reading the letter that Yawara got from Jody. He had a lot of tears running down his cheeks as he was moved by Jody's letter. When Yawara yelled at him for reading her letter, Jigoro told Yawara to start practicing judo so she can fight Jody in the Olympics. But Yawara said that Jody probably won't recover in time. Jigoro said that Jody will, because she is determined to fight Yawara in the Olympics. Then he said that if Yawara fights in the tournaments, he will let Yawara take the entrance exam for Mitsuba Junior College.

At Nikkan Every, Matsuda was telling Kuniko that her pictures were no good. He agreed that the focus was perfect and the picture was well centered. But he said that it was missing the heart of the athletes. He said that there is no way that she can take pictures of the one instant when Yawara is shining brilliantly. Then Kuniko started crying. Matsuda quickly pulled Kuniko away and calmed her down. Then Kuniko said that she liked Matsuda.

Sayaka and her mother were picking out clothes for Sayaka since she will be going to college in the spring. When Kazamatsuri commented that Sayaka had already bought twelve dresses, Sayaka said that they will only last twelve days. Then Tokunaga came into the room to tell Sayaka that Yawara will enter the judo tournament that was going to be held six days later. But, Tokunaga said that the deadline for the registration of that tournament had passed and Sayaka couldn't enter the tournament. Then Sayaka and her mother told Tokunaga to pay whatever it takes to get Sayaka into the tournament.

When Matsuda learned that Yawara was going to fight in the tournament, he was very happy. But, since the tournament was on the day before the entrance exam for Mitsuba Junior College, Matsuda was wondering if Yawara gave up on the exam.

Matsuda went over to Yawara's house to make sure that his information was correct. Jigoro told Matsuda that Yawara was going to fight in the tournament. When Matsuda asked about the exam for Mitsuba Junior College, Jigoro said that Yawara was going to Saikai University and the judo team there. Then Jigoro noticed Kuniko, who was hiding behind Matsuda. When Yawara came home, she saw Matsuda and Kuniko. Kuniko snuggled up to Matsuda and held his arm, while Matsuda was standing with his mouth wide open. Then Kuniko introduced herself. Yawara greeted them, and then angrily walked away to go into training.

While training, Yawara was thinking about Matsuda and Kuniko. But she didn't understand why. She thought that she liked Kazamatsuri and didn't care about Matsuda.

At the judo tournament Yawara was about to start her first match. She looked around and saw Matsuda and Kuniko. Matsuda was cheering for Yawara while Kuniko was holding on to Matsuda. Yawara got mad at this scene. Then the match started. Yawara's opponent attacked Yawara while her attention was still on Matsuda and Kuniko. Then Yawara saw Kazamatsuri and Sayaka in the crowd. Yawara lost her concentration and her opponent took her down for a yuukou. After Yawara got up, Yawara recovered and easily threw her opponent for an ippon. But Yawara's mind was on Matsuda, Kuniko, Kazamatsuri, and Sayaka. Jigoro yelled at Yawara after the match.

In the next match, Yawara threw her opponent for another ippon. When Matsuda and Kazamatsuri tried to congratulate her, Yawara cooly told them to have fun with their girl friends. Then Matsuda and Kazamatsuri started arguing again.

In the championship match, Yawara tried not to think about anything else except for going home and studying for the exam. But Yawara caught a glimpse of Sayaka and Kuniko holding on the Kazamatsuri and Matsuda. Then Yawara's opponent kicked Yawara down. As Yawara hit the ground, she broke her fall with her right hand. Also Yawara threw her opponent with just her left hand. Yawara had won again, but she had sprained her right hand. She was worried that she wouldn't be able to hold a pencil the next day.

It was the day of the entrance exam for Mitsuba Junior College. Jigoro had wrapped Yawara's hand and told her that he put some special medicine on it so that the pain will go away. Yawara was very happy since she didn't think Jigoro would help her for the exam. But actually Jigoro had tricked Yawara. The medicine that he gave her was not for her hand.

During the exam, Yawara was wondering why the pain didn't go away. She was starting to lose the feeling in her hand. Yawara though that she would fail. When the morning session ended, Matsuda was waiting for Yawara outside. When Matsuda noticed that Yawara's hand was wrapped up, he asked her about her hand. Yawara told Matsuda that she will probably fail because of the pain in her hand, and that she will go to Saikai University. Then Matsuda asked Yawara to stick out her right hand. Matsuda took out his bandana and tied the pencil to Yawara's hand with it. Then he told her to go because it was time for the afternoon session. In the afternoon session, Yawara did well because she had no trouble writing. Matsuda's bandana really worked.

The next day, Jigoro forcefully took Yawara to Saikai University. They met with Coach Yutenji and the president of the university. When they were all talking about Yawara bringing an Olympic gold medal to Saikai University, Yawara said that she won't enter Saikai. She told everyone that she was applying to Mitsuba Junior College. When Yutenji asked what she will do if she couldn't get in, Yawara answered that she will try again next year. Then Yawara left.

Yawara went to Nikkan Every Sports to try to return the bandana to Matsuda. But Matsuda was out covering a baseball game. Kuniko saw Yawara and told her that she will return the bandana to Matsuda. Yawara then left a message for Matsuda. "Thank you for everything during the exam. They will announce the results of the exam tomorrow. Can you go with me?" However Kuniko was just pretending to write down the message.

On the day of the announcement, Yawara went to Mitsuba Junior College. She was looking around for Matsuda, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile Matsuda and Kuniko were covering a baseball game. Matsuda was yelling at Kuniko because she wasn't taking good pictures the way Matsuda wanted. Then Matsuda took the camera away from Kuniko, saying that he will take the pictures himself. When he asked for something to wipe the lens, Kuniko took out Matsuda's bandana. When Matsuda saw it, he recognized it as the one he had given to Yawara. Matsuda yelled at Kuniko to try to get information out of her. Kuniko said that she will tell Matsuda Yawara's message only if he treated her for dinner. Matsuda agreed and Kuniko told him that the announcement of the results of the exam was today. Matsuda ran off right away when he heard that.

At Mitsuba Junior College, Yawara was waiting because she didn't have the courage to look at the results by herself. Just when she built up enough courage, she walked up to the bulletin board. Before Yawara could look for her number, a man's hand rested on her shoulder. It was Kazamatsuri. Yawara was happy that Kazamatsuri came when she feeling insecure.

Meanwhile, Matsuda rushed to Mitsuba Junior College. He called Yawara's mother to find out Yawara's exam number. When Matsuda reached the school, the officials were just taking down the results. He begged them to let him see it. After he checked the results, Matsuda walked away looking down at the ground. Yawara had made it.

Kazamatsuri had taken Yawara to a fancy restaurant for dinner. When Yawara called her mother to tell her the good news, Yawara's mother said that she already knew. Matsuda had called her an informed her. On the way back to the table, Yawara ran into Matsuda and Kuniko, who had just come into the store. Kuniko had made reservations at this store because of the promise Matsuda had made with her earlier.

Matsuda and Kuniko joined Kazamatsuri and Yawara at the same table. Kuniko toasted Yawara's acceptance. Then Kazamatsuri toasted the new couple, Matsuda and Kuniko. Then Kuniko replied that Kazamatsuri and Yawara make a nice couple too. When Yawara thanked Matsuda for calling and informing her mother, Kuniko said that Matsuda really wanted to make a story about Yawara getting accepted into college. Then Yawara thought about everything Matsuda had done for her in the past. She had thought that Matsuda was being kind to her, but now she started to think that Matsuda did everything for his newspaper articles.

During dinner Kuniko was getting closer and closer to Matsuda. She even fed him with her fork. Yawara was getting mad at Matsuda. Then Matsuda told Yawara that Jody had finally gotten out of the hospital and started rehabilitation. When he asked her what she was going to do, Kazamatsuri told Matsuda not to interview Yawara here. Matsuda said that it wasn't an interview, but Yawara got mad at Matsuda too. Then while Kazamatsuri and Matsuda were staring at each other, Kazamatsuri's pocket bell went off.

Kazamatsuri went to call and found out that it was Sayaka who had beeped him. She said that they were having a party and wanted Kazamatsuri to come within twenty minutes. When Kazamatsuri returned to the table, he made up a story about his job and left.

Matsuda and Kuniko were taking Yawara home. Then Matsuda grabbed Yawara and ran off while Kuniko wasn't looking. When they were all alone, Matsuda asked Yawara again about her judo. Matsuda said that he wanted Yawara to fight Jody in the Olympics in front of the whole world. When Matsuda added that he wanted to write an article about it, Yawara got mad and threw Matsuda. Then Yawara ran off thinking that all Matsuda cared about was his articles.

Jigoro was angrily waiting for Yawara to come home. He was saying to Yawara's mother that he won't let Yawara go to Mitsuba Junior College. When Yawara got home, she was feeling a little dizzy because of the wine. Jigoro yelled at her, saying that he won't let Yawara go to Mitsuba Junior College because of the bad influence that it will have on her. Then Yawara's mother took Yawara to her room. While eating Yawara's mother asked Jigoro to let Yawara go to Mitsuba Junior College. She was saying that even if Yawara goes, she won't throw away judo.

The next morning during the morning practice, Jigoro told Yawara that he will let her go to Mitsuba Junior College. But he said that she has to keep training every morning and evening, six hours a day. He also said that she had to come home by 6 PM and that she can't go out with any guys.

It was the day of graduation for Yawara and her classmates. Matsuda and Kuniko came by to do an interview. When Matsuda started asking Yawara questions, Yawara replied "no comment" to everything.

Before the graduation ceremony, Hanazono-kun came up to Yawara and asked her to fight a match with him. Yawara refused, but Hanazono got down on his knees and begged. Yawara said no again, but finally gave in. She went to the dressing room to change into her judo clothes. When Matsuda came by and saw Hanazono holding an envelope, he asked if it was a love letter to Yawara. Hanazono said yes and that he was going to give it to Yawara if he won. When Kuniko came in with a camera and Yawara came out of the dressing room, Yawara told Hanazono that she can't fight him. Then Matsuda took the camera away from Kuniko, took out the film, and told Yawara and Hanazono to start. The match ended right away, with Yawara throwing Hanazono.

Jigoro was meeting with Coach Yutenji near Mitsuba Junior College. Jigoro found out that the only sports teams there were tennis and golf. Yutenji started to worry that Yawara will become weaker if she attended this school. But Jigoro assured him that he will make Yawara continue her training.

Then Jigoro and Yutenji started to discuss what Yawara had to do in order to make the Japanese Olympic team. Yutenji said that the competition was between Yawara and Sayaka, and that Yawara had to win the All Japan Judo Championship that was going to be held in May. Jigoro replied that it will be easy. Then Yutenji added that it was an unlimited class only tournament, but the Olympics will only have weight classes and will not have an unlimited class. Jigoro was upset that there was not going to be an unlimited class in the Olympics.

Yawara and her friends were at an expensive, brand name store looking for clothes to wear to the college entrance ceremony. Yawara found one that she liked, but was worried that it was too expensive. Then Sayaka stepped out of the dressing room wearing the same suit that Yawara had chosen. Sayaka was complaining that it was not good enough for her. When she saw Yawara, she commented that Yawara was so lucky that it was so easy for her to find clothes that matched her. Then Sayaka told Yawara that she was going to Seishin Women's College, where they were building a doujou that would be bigger and better than the one at Saikai University. She also said that Kazamatsuri will be the coach. Then Yawara told Sayaka that she won't go to Saikai University. Sayaka got mad at Yawara and told her that she will defeat her in the All Japan Judo Championship and go on to the Olympics.


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