YAWARA! volume 7

Manga Yawara! volume 7
TV epiodes 38 - 44, 34
  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1991.05.07
Yawara and Jigoro go to the Mitsuba Junior College entrance ceremony. After the ceremony was over, Jigoro says that he wants to go greet the president and the teachers of the school. Yawara yells at him and says that he doesn't have to do this kind of thing. Then Yawara tells Jigoro to go home. Yawara says that she will go look around the school a little bit. Jigoro then tells Yawara that her curfew is 6 PM and that she has to practice judo six hours every day so she does not have any time to have other interests. But Yawara escapes from Jigoro as some girls from the golf club try to sign her up. When Yawara says that she had never played golf before, the other girls tell her that some boys from another college will teach her so it is ok. Then a very tall girl comes up and signs up for the golf club, saying that she has to enjoy her college life. The girl's name was Ito Fujiko. Then Yawara also writes her name down and joins the club. Fujiko looks at Yawara and says that she has seen her somewhere before. But Yawara says that she must be thinking about somebody else.

Jigoro was looking for Yawara when he ran into some girls in short skirts, kicking up their legs. It was the cheerleading squad. Jigoro told them to cheer for Yawara, who will go to the Seoul Olympics. When Jigoro and the cheerleading squad started practicing cheers for Yawara, a crowd gathered around them. Yawara heard Jigoro's cheering and snuck away before she was spotted. Yawara and the golf club went out to a drinking place where the boys from another college joined them in their party. All of the new members, including Yawara and Fujiko, introduced themselves and started drinking with everyone. After a while when Yawara and Fujiko met in the restroom, Fujiko told Yawara that they must enjoy themselves and that she will enjoy her second youth.

The next day Jigoro woke up at 8 AM and ran around yelling and looking for Yawara. Yawara's mother told Jigoro that Yawara had already practiced by herself and that she had gone to school. Jigoro had overslept because the night before he went out drinking with the cheerleading team.

Yawara was feeling happy during class because she was living the life of a normal college girl. Fujiko came up to Yawara and asked her if she was going to go to the first golf practice. Yawara said that she didn't know because she had never played golf before. But Fujiko talked Yawara into going, saying that they can get boy friends if they go.

All of the reporters where invited to the opening of the new athletic gym of Seishin Women's College, where Sayaka was putting on a judo exhibition. While some of the reporters were commenting that Sayaka will probably be chosen to represent Japan in the Olympics, Matsuda said that Sayaka will have to defeat Yawara first. Sayaka overheard Matsuda and they started to argue. Sayaka said that she will defeat Yawara in the Japan Championships that will be held in May.

Yawara, Fujiko, and the golf club go to the driving range to practice. One guy was teaching Yawara how to swing the golf club. He told Yawara to try hitting the ball, saying that it's ok to miss or just hit a ground ball on the first try. Yawara cautiously started to backswing and hit the ball very smoothly. It turned out to be a super shot. All of the guys who were teaching the girls looked on with their mouths wide open. Yawara asked what was wrong because she did not know what she had just done.

Just then Fujiko was starting to practice hitting the ball. She swings, but misses. Then one of the guys says that he thought Fujiko would hit the ball far because of her height and laughed. Then Fujiko ran off crying, saying that she is 175 cm tall. Yawara went after Fujiko.

Fujiko invited Yawara to her apartment. Yawara was saying how good Fujiko had it because she was living alone. But Fujiko was mad at Yawara because she was so good at golf. Fujiko accuses Yawara of doing some sports. But Yawara said that it was just luck. When Yawara told Fujiko that she will probably improve if she practiced, Fujiko answered that she is someone who doesn't have any luck. Then Yawara spotted a picture of a ballerina. Fujiko quickly took the picture and asked Yawara not to look at it. The picture was of Fujiko. Fujiko tells Yawara that she had been taking ballet lessons ever since she was three years old. Ballet was the only thing that Fujiko did when she was a child. But since she grew too much, she had to quit ballet. Fujiko tells Yawara that now she has to enjoy her college life. Then Fujiko felt relieved and asked Yawara if she wants to stay over for dinner. But it was about 6 PM and Yawara had to go home because of her judo practice.

During the practice Yawara and Jigoro were arguing against each other. When Jigoro said that Yawara would have nothing left if he took judo away from her, Yawara got mad. Yawara was hoping that she could find something.

Yawara was looking at her wardrobe and thinking that she didn't have any clothes that suited her for college. So she was thinking that she can get a part time job. At school, Fujiko also said that she will work with Yawara.

Meanwhile Jigoro entered Yawara in the Japan Championship tournament. While Jigoro and Yutenji were talking, Jigoro was complaining that there was not going to be an unlimited class in the Olympics. However, Yutenji told Jigoro that IOC president Tamaranch will be in Japan at the time of the Japan Championships. When Jigoro heard this, he started to think about ways to convince Tamaranch to add the unlimited class to the Olympics.

Yawara and Fujiko go to a hamburger store to get a part time job. Because of her training schedule, Yawara could only work on weekends. However they both got accepted and were asked to work immediately because they had a shortage of people just then. Yawara was working at the counter taking orders when Jigoro came in to order three large hamburgers.

Back at home, Jigoro was scolding at Yawara for working in the hamburger store. When he asked what she was going to do with the money she earned, Yawara answered that she was going to buy new clothes. Then Jigoro accused Yawara of using the money to go to a disco and added that he wouldn't let her work. Yawara replied that she will not break the rules set for Jigoro and that she will still practice hard. Then Jigoro said that he will allow Yawara to work if she continued her practice, and would enter the Japan Championships and win. Yawara got mad at Jigoro for entering her into the Japan Championships, but she had no choice but to practice and fight.

Matsuda went over to Sayaka's mansion to tell her that Yawara had entered the Japan Championships. Sayaka said that she will easily throw Yawara. Matsuda argued that she couldn't defeat Yawara.

Yawara was worried that if she fought in the Japan Championships, everyone in her school will find out about her. Then Fujiko came by to tell Yawara that there will be a golf club party at a disco. Yawara was worried about what Jigoro will say, but decided to go after Fujiko told Yawara to make up some story like she would be studying with Fujiko. It would be the first time for both Yawara and Fujiko to go to a disco.

Meanwhile Sayaka was training very hard for her match against Yawara. Kazamatsuri had never seen Sayaka work so hard or hit the throws so well.

At the disco, Yawara and Fujiko were just sitting by themselves. Fujiko did not expect that disco dancing would be so much different from ballet. Then two guys came by and asked Yawara to dance. One of them took Yawara by the hand and led her to the dance floor. Then Fujiko took the remaining guy's hand and said that she wanted to dance.

Meanwhile Jigoro was angrily waiting for Yawara in the doujou. Instead of Yawara, Matsuda and Kuniko came by to check up on Yawara's training. When Matsuda asked Jigoro if he knew about Tamaranch coming to the Japan Championships, Jigoro told Matsuda that he has something planned so that he can convince Tamaranch to have an unlimited class in the Olympics.

While dancing, Fujiko started to use some of her ballet steps. Then everyone stopped dancing to watch Fujiko. After a while, the music changed to a slow dance. The guy that Yawara was dancing with put his arms around Yawara. Yawara quickly asked him to let her go, but he didn't. He then asked Yawara to go out with him since he brought his car. Yawara kept struggling to get away. Then the guy lowered his hand to Yawara's hip. Immediately Yawara turned and threw the guy over her shoulder. Then Yawara ran out of the disco, followed by Fujiko.

When Fujiko asked Yawara what happened, Yawara told her that the guy touched her hip, so that she just tried to push him away. Then Fujiko suspiciously asked why someone will go flying just because she pushed him. Yawara just said that he flew by himself. Then when they got to Shibuya station, Yawara took the Inogashira line home. Fujiko had to take the JR trains. On the train, Yawara was worried that her secret had been exposed and that she could not go back to the golf club. Fujiko was thinking that what Yawara had used was judo.

Some days later, IOC president Tamaranch arrived in Japan. There were a lot of people to greet him at the airport, including Sayaka's father and Kazamatsuri. Jigoro was also there. Jigoro cut in front of everyone to try to talk to Tamaranch. Jigoro started to give his case for the unlimited class, but since Tamaranch didn't understand Japanese, the conversation went nowhere. Tamaranch just ignored Jigoro. Jigoro noticed that Kazamatsuri was speaking fluent English to Tamaranch.

Fujiko was at home watching the TV news while eating dinner. The news was playing the tape of the press conference that Tamaranch held in Japan. During the conference, Matsuda got up to tell Tamaranch about Yawara in the Japan Championships. Fujiko had just finished eating when she heard Yawara's name on TV.

The next day Fujiko brought an armload of sports newspapers and dumped it in front of Yawara. Yawara quickly said that it was somebody else. But Fujiko told Yawara that she had seen Yawara on TV last year when Yawara made the debut into the judo world. Fujiko added that Yawara was going to become the world champion and that she was very happy to be Yawara's friend. But Yawara told Fujiko that she doesn't like judo and that she won't go to the Olympics. Then Yawara ran off.

That night at Sayaka's mansion there was a party for Tamaranch. Jigoro also went to the party. Jigoro asked Kazamatsuri for his help in trying to convince Tamaranch of the unlimited class judo. Kazamatsuri said that he will help if Jigoro will allow him to go out with Yawara. Jigoro agreed. Then Kazamatsuri helped Jigoro by introducing Jigoro to everyone. Then Jigoro had one of the large bodyguards attack him. In front of Tamaranch and everybody, the much smaller Jigoro threw the bodyguard. Then Jigoro said that this was real judo.

Later when Jigoro asked Kazamatsuri what Tamaranch had thought about his performance and unlimited class judo, Kazamatsuri answered that Tamaranch said that it was a fine attraction. Tamaranch still did not believe that such a small person can throw a larger opponent. So Jigoro's plan did not work. But Jigoro told Kazamatsuri to keep pushing the idea to Tamaranch, and that the final chance will be in the Japan Championships when Tamaranch has a chance to see Yawara.

At Mitsuba Junior College, Fujiko brought her old blood stained toe shoes and showed it to Yawara. Fujiko thought that showing this would help change Yawara's mind so that she will want to do judo. Fujiko says, with tears running out of her eyes, that she really wanted to dance in front of the whole world. Fujiko says that Yawara is one of the chosen ones who can perform in front of the world.

While working at the hamburger store, Yawara was thinking about what Fujiko had said. Then Matsuda came into the store. Matsuda was going to scold at Yawara because she wasn't fully concentrating on the Japan Championships. But when Matsuda saw Yawara in the store uniform, he noticed how pretty and sexy that Yawara had become. Matsuda just ordered some food. When Yawara brought the food to him, she told him that she will fight in the Japan Championships and try her best.

At the Japan championships, Coach Yutenji and a translator were sitting besides Tamaranch. But Jigoro and Kazamatsuri came and took over their seats. They kept describing to Tamaranch about the virtues of unlimited class judo. In her first round match, Sayaka threw a heavier opponent to win. Tamaranch was impressed, but Jigoro told him to wait for Yawara's match.

In the dressing room, Yawara was warming up for her match. Fujiko was with her but she was getting worried now that she saw how large Yawara's opponents were. Then Fujiko told Yawara that she doesn't have to go out and fight against someone so big, and apologized that she made Yawara enter the tournament. Yawara calmed Fujiko down and told her not to worry. Just when Yawara was going out to her match, she ran into Matsuda. Yawara asked Matsuda to take care of Fujiko during the match.

When Yawara walked out for her match, there was a great roar from the crowd. Tamaranch had his first look at Yawara and could not believe that such a cute little girl was going to fight against a 72 kg opponent. Jigoro just told him to sit and watch.

Fujiko was sitting in the crowd with Matsuda. Fujiko was crying because she had made Yawara fight against such strong opponents. Matsuda told her that Yawara will be all right and that Fujiko must keep her eyes open and watch Yawara.

Just as the match started, Yawara threw her 72 kg opponent over her shoulder for an ippon win. Tamaranch and Fujiko jumped out of their seats in surprise with their mouths wide open.


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