Yuna Galaxy Wave episode 4

Title Ai to sasurai no seishoujo
CD data Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna Galaxy Wave segment 1, track 6

Yuna had been wandering around since she had lost her memory. Then she met a girl who called herself Yana, Yuna's older sister. When Yuna questioned Yana about being her sister, Yana "acted" and said that she was, by even shedding some tears. Then Yuna believed her, and said that she was happy to see her.

It was actually Ginmaku no Miki (one of Erika's underlings) acting.

Yana told Yuna that Polylina and Yuuri were evil and they were trying to kill Yuna. She also said that they had already killed Yuna's parents. Then Yana handed Yuna a gun, and told her to kill Polylina and Yuuri.

Polylina, Yuuri, and Elnar finally found Yuna. They tried to get Yuna to go with them, but Yuna took out her gun and pointed it at them. Polylina and the others were surprised.

They asked what was going on, and Yuna told them that her sister had explained everything to her. Elnar told Yuna that she didn't have a sister, but Yana told Yuna to shoot them.

While they were talking, Yuna started to get confused. Yana told Yuna to shot, but Yuna said that she couldn't.
Yuna said, "I can't shoot them."
Yana asked, "Why?"
Yuna said, "They aren't lying. Their eyes.. they aren't lying. Who are you?"

Then Yana took the gun away from Yuna, and tried to shoot Polylina. They struggled and the gun went off. The bullet hit Yuuri, and Yuuri died.

Yuna rushed to Yuuri and called out her name. This shock had fixed Yuna's loss of memory.

Then Erika appeared, and Yana introduced herself as Miki. They said that they would kill Polylina next.

But Yuna was still crying about Yuuri. "Yuri, please open your eyes."
Yuuri said, "Hai!" [very cute voice]
Yuna and the others were shocked.
Yuuri said, "I'm an android. A bullet isn't going to kill me."
Yuna asked, "Why didn't you move?"
Yuuri said, "I was very hungry."

Then Yuna, Polylina, Yuuri, and Elnar attacked Erika and Miki. Erika and Miki escaped.

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Copyright 1992・1996 RED/1996 HUDSON, イラスト/明貴美加
Copyright 1992, 1996 RED/1996 HUDSON, all illustrated by Mika Akitaka