Yuuri Cube

Yuuri Cube (ユーリィ・キューブ) was an android or a robot, who was created a long time ago. Yuuri doesn't remember herself what she really was, but she was discovered on the moon.

Yuuri is 157 cm tall, and weighs 46 kg. Her three sizes are 82 - 58 - 85.

Yuuri loved to eat a lot, and she was also very forgetful.

Yuna's best friend. She is a robot and lives with Yuna. Yuri may be the only one of Yuna's friends that has not tried to kill her in the past.

Nobody really knows why Yuri always has to eat considering that she is an android. But she claims in the second OAV series that she can heal from damage from eating food.

Yuuri's voice is done by Takahashi Miki (高橋美紀).

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