Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna Second Series

  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 1999.11.07
According to the anime, there were three androids built at some point in time. Ayako is the youngest, and Genmu is the oldest. They are "sisters" so to speak. But they were built incorrectly, so they went insane. Because they were so dangerous, they were exiled in some distant part of the galaxy. But apparently something rescued them. Now they want revenge on the people of Earth.

I feel a bit sorry for them as they are just robots which were programmed wrong. In a way, it's not entirely their fault for being so demented.

The three robots have the very powerful ability to manipulate any sort of machine. For instance, they have the ability to manipulate the minds of robots (for instance, make Yuri attack Yuna). Any electrical device that they touch can also be transformed into a semi-intelligent entity, and even harmless objects can be turned into war machines.

Ayako later became Yuna's friend, although the others wanted to destroy her. Yuna even pleaded to Misaki not to kill her despite she was a wanted criminal by the galaxy police. Ayako was moved and was slowly learning how to be a "good" person. But Ayako's sisters didn't forgive what they considered an act of treachery. This would come back to haunt Ayako later.

Although Yuna had offered amnesty for their crimes, Kyoka was set on destroying the Earth using the Eternal Princess's main cannon. It appears that the older the robots are, the harder it is to readjust their programming. Ria rerouted the ship's power into Kyoka and Kyoka died a grisly death.

Even though Kyoka was evil, both Ayako and Yuna hated to see her destroyed. Yuna told Ayako that they would restore her one day. (Her robotic core was still intact). Yuna also told Ayako that she would befriend Genmu.

However, before that happened, Genmu attacked Earth. Unbelievably powerful, she almost killed Yuna but Ayako protected her. Then Genmu brutally murdered Ayako as punishment for her disobedience. Yuna was so horrified to see Ayako die that she rammed a spike right through Genmu. Even so, Yuna hated herself as she broke her promise with Ayako.

Despite this, none of the robotic cores were damaged. This meant that the robots could potentially be repaired. But it turns out that a huge monster had brought them back from the edge of space--and that entity was what was really trying to destroy Earth. It took the cores and used their power to attack Earth.

Yuna said that she couldn't destroy the monster because Ayako's soul was inside. But the others told her that all the cores had to be destroyed or the monster would use their power to regenerate. Yuna said that she couldn't pull the trigger despite that the monster was going to kill her.

Part of Ayako's core made contact with Yuna's ship. She told Yuna to set her free and pull the trigger of the buster cannon. Then Yuna pulled the trigger. When the creature blew up, Yuna screamed and cried. But somewhere deep in space, you could hear Ayako's voice. "One day, Yuna, we'll meet again..."

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