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  • Anime Star Paradise [Animedia January 1996]

    cover Anime Star Paradise [Animedia January 1996]
    on sale 1995.12.10
    This month's Radimedia (seiyuu radio show corner) has 3 pages. Ogata Megumi
    and Inoue Kikuko have one page each.

    The Anime Star Paradise booklet is all color and printed on glossy paper.

    seiyuu content pages color
    Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子)concert report3 P COLOR
    Shiina Hekiru (椎名へきる)live report2 P COLOR
    Hayami Sho (速水奨)event report2 P COLOR
    Koyasu Takehito (子安武人)event report2 P COLOR
    Kasahara Hiroko (笠原弘子)concert report1 P COLOR
    Suzuki Masami (鈴木真仁)event report, CD article1+1/4 P COLOR
    Sasaki Nozomu (佐々木望)recording report2 P COLOR
    Ogata Megumi (緒方恵美)recording report2 P COLOR
    Yamaguchi Kappei (山口勝平)recording report1 P COLOR
    Inoue Kazuhiko (井上和彦)recording report1/2 P COLOR
    Seki Toshihiko (関俊彦)recording report1/2 P COLOR
    Matsui Naoko (松井菜桜子)CD article1/4 P COLOR
    Matsumoto Rica (松本梨香)CD article1/4 P COLOR

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