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  • Anime Star Paradise [Animedia April 1996]

    cover Anime Star Paradise [Animedia April 1996]
    on sale 1996.03.10
    Radimedia (seiyuu radio show corner) has one monochrome page on Tange Sakura,
    for the Motto! Tokimeki Memorial radio show. There is also a color page
    featuring Mitsuishi Kotono, Tange Sakura+Kanemaru Junichi, and Yanase Natsumi.

    The Anime Star Paradise booklet is all color and printed on glossy paper.

    seiyuu content pages color
    Shiina Hekirulive report5 P COLOR
    Kusao Takeshilive report2 P COLOR
    Nogami Yukanaarticle2 P COLOR
    Inoue Kikukoarticle2 P COLOR
    Sakurai Tomoevent report1 P COLOR
    Iwao Junkoevent report1/2 P COLOR
    Miyamura Yukoevent report1/2 P COLOR
    Iwata Mitsuoevent report1/2 P COLOR
    Konishi Hirokorecording report1 P COLOR
    Suzumura Kenichirecording report1 P COLOR
    Nakajima Mamirecording report1 P COLOR
    Ishizuka Katashirecording report1 P COLOR
    Miyajima Hitomirecording report1 P COLOR
    Miyata Harunorirecording report1 P COLOR

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