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  • Newtype October 1996

    cover Newtype October 1996
    on sale 1996.09.10
    The Voice Bloom article has a photo of Toyoshima Machiko, Nagasawa Miki,
    and Sasaki Youko in an onsen. They are only wearing a towel!

    There is a two page color article on the OVA, Gall Force The Revolution.
    There are small color photos of all the seiyuu. Sakurai Tomo, Mitsuishi
    Kotono, Yokoyama Chisa, Inoue Kikuko, Hikami Kyoko, Kusachi Fumie, and
    Nagasaki Moe.

    There is a two page color article on the Master Moskeaton OVA.
    There are several photos of Imai Yuka wearing a blue China dress.

    seiyuu content pages color
    Toyoshima Machiko (豊嶋真千子)Voice Bloom2 P COLOR
    Nagasawa Miki (長沢美樹)Voice Bloom2 P COLOR
    Sasaki Youko (佐々木庸子)Voice Bloom2 P COLOR
    Yokoyama Chisa (横山智佐)scene of CV II2 P COLOR
    Sakamoto Maaya (坂本真綾)event report1/4 P COLOR
    Sakurai Tomo (桜井智)Gall Force article2 P COLOR
    Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃)Gall Force article2 P COLOR
    Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)Gall Force article2 P COLOR
    Yokoyama Chisa (横山智佐)Gall Force article2 P COLOR
    Hikami Kyoko (氷上恭子)Gall Force article2 P COLOR
    Kusachi Fumie (草地章江)Gall Force article2 P COLOR
    Nagasaki Moe (長崎萠)Gall Force article2 P COLOR
    Imai Yuka (今井由香)Moskeaton article2 P COLOR

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