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  • Search results for "ë" in anime database

    Ryouko3x3 Eyes [1991-1992]Totani Kouji (ë)3x3 Eyes [1991-1992] cast
    Terrorist leaderAppleseedTotani Kouji (ë)Appleseed cast
    ZavanBattle AngelTotani Kouji (ë)Battle Angel cast
    ChouseijinBikkurimanTotani Kouji (ë)Bikkuriman cast
    008 (Punma)Cyborg 009 {'79}Totani Kouji (ë)Cyborg 009 cast
    BeastorlDancougarTotani Kouji (ë)Dancougar cast
    Guard WingFighbirdTotani Kouji (ë)Fighbird cast
    ToukiFight! Ramenman {Movie}Totani Kouji (ë)Fight! Ramenman cast
    Gang leaderGokuu Midnight Eye {II}Totani Kouji (ë)Gokuu Midnight Eye cast
    UraganGundamTotani Kouji (ë)Gundam cast
    MariganGundamTotani Kouji (ë)Gundam cast
    CraunGundamTotani Kouji (ë)Gundam cast
    DokuwanGundamTotani Kouji (ë)Gundam cast
    Commander KillingGundam 0080Totani Kouji (ë)Gundam 0080 cast
    Alpha BaitGundam 0083Totani Kouji (ë)Gundam 0083 cast
    TooseGundam Char's CounterattackTotani Kouji (ë)Gundam Char's Counterattack cast
    August GidanGundam ZZTotani Kouji (ë)Gundam ZZ cast
    Gotton GoGundam ZZTotani Kouji (ë)Gundam ZZ cast
    GregorlGuyver [1989]Totani Kouji (ë)Guyver [1989] cast
    ClubHokuto no KenTotani Kouji (ë)Hokuto no Ken cast
    JagiHokuto no KenTotani Kouji (ë)Hokuto no Ken cast
    young RyuukenHokuto no KenTotani Kouji (ë)Hokuto no Ken cast
    DollnerbeeJuushin RygerTotani Kouji (ë)Juushin Ryger cast
    Akaiwa GobugariKinnikumanTotani Kouji (ë)Kinnikuman cast
    Announcer YoshigaiKinnikumanTotani Kouji (ë)Kinnikuman cast
    Dyke WorbanLady LadyTotani Kouji (ë)Lady Lady cast
    SchutraitLegend of Galactic HeroesTotani Kouji (ë)Legend of Galactic Heroes cast
    Miwa YoshimitsuMarmalade BoyTotani Kouji (ë)Marmalade Boy cast
    Capricorn ShuraSaint Seiya [1985-1989]Totani Kouji (ë)Saint Seiya [1985-1989] cast
    SazabiSD Gundam Gundam Force Super G ArmsTotani Kouji (ë)SD Gundam Gundam Force Super G Arms cast
    JinSupernatural Beast CityTotani Kouji (ë)Supernatural Beast City cast
    MenasorTatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai TransformersTotani Kouji (ë)Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformers cast
    MotormasterTatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai TransformersTotani Kouji (ë)Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformers cast
    admiral KufToward TerraTotani Kouji (ë)Toward Terra cast
    Sky LynxTransformers: 2010Totani Kouji (ë)Transformers: 2010 cast
    StrafeTransformers: 2010Totani Kouji (ë)Transformers: 2010 cast
    BloodTransformers: Choujin Master ForceTotani Kouji (ë)Transformers: Choujin Master Force cast
    SkullTransformers: The HeadmastersTotani Kouji (ë)Transformers: The Headmasters cast
    BlackerTransformers: VictoryTotani Kouji (ë)Transformers: Victory cast
    Kazatsukengan-TenUtsunomikoTotani Kouji (ë)Utsunomiko cast
    ButchinteinVotomsTotani Kouji (ë)Votoms cast
    CharichanmiWings of HonneamiseTotani Kouji (ë)Wings of Honneamise cast
    Kirkrikon KirklerZ GundamTotani Kouji (ë)Z Gundam cast
    Gady KinzeiZ GundamTotani Kouji (ë)Z Gundam cast

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