Marmalade Boy

This document is the on-line Marmalade Boy (ママレ〖ドˇボ〖イ) encyclopedia. This document does contain some major spoilers, if you haven't seen most of the series.

Marmalade Boy is a story about the relationships and high school life of a girl called Koishikawa Miki (井佬李各歹).. and the Gastman attack team! (^_^;)

Koishikawa Miki is a perfectly normal high school girl. One day, her parents tell her they've decided to swap spouses with another couple they've recently met. The idea horrifies Miki, but she discovers that the other family has a boy her age named Yuu, and she falls for him. She relents, and the families move in together. Suddenly, Yuu's old girlfriend Suzuki Arimi shows up. Then Miki discovers that the boy she had a crush on in junior high, Suou Ginta, is in love with her! Ginta starts hanging out with Arimi, and it gets even more complicated from there.

This is a touching and funny show about Miki's day-to-day life, and her attempt to figure out which boy she's actually in love with.

The manga is written by Yoshizumi Wataru (等交灸), and it ran in the monthly magazine Ribbon (りぼん).

This document contains the following information.

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  • Robert DeLoura
  • Patrick Jones
  • George Robbert
  • Richard Uyeyama

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