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  • Search results for "高木早苗" in anime database

    JaneAnne of Green GablesTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Anne of Green Gables cast
    KeikoCity Hunter {2 Episode 88,89}Takagi Sanae (高木早苗)City Hunter cast
    Takahara RumiCity Hunter {2 Episode 100,101}Takagi Sanae (高木早苗)City Hunter cast
    Flora ShinobuDaiojaTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Daioja cast
    HaroGundamTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Gundam cast
    FardIdeonTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Ideon cast
    BibimbaKinnikuman II SeiTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Kinnikuman II Sei cast
    Momoko-senseiMagical Sally [1989]Takagi Sanae (高木早苗)Magical Sally [1989] cast
    CannyMahou no Princess Minky Momo [1982-1983]Takagi Sanae (高木早苗)Mahou no Princess Minky Momo [1982-1983] cast
    TenkoMaicchingu Machiko senseiTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Maicchingu Machiko sensei cast
    Kitahara MasakoMarmalade BoyTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Marmalade Boy cast
    Kijima ReiMarmalade BoyTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Marmalade Boy cast
    Mrs. FunaseMaster Keaton [1998-1999]Takagi Sanae (高木早苗)Master Keaton [1998-1999] cast
    Mihara SachikoMiyuki [1983-1984]Takagi Sanae (高木早苗)Miyuki [1983-1984] cast
    MamaOh! FamilyTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Oh! Family cast
    YukiPaamanTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Paaman cast
    Tsukino IkukoSailor MoonTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Sailor Moon cast
    GrapeSailor Moon {Episode 24}Takagi Sanae (高木早苗)Sailor Moon cast
    HellantSailor Moon {Episode 50}Takagi Sanae (高木早苗)Sailor Moon cast
    Shiba KyokoShuten DoujiTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Shuten Douji cast
    Minatsu's motherSlow StepTakagi Sanae (高木早苗)Slow Step cast

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