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  • Search results for "森田成一" in anime database

    Hiramaru KazuyaBakuman [2010-2012]Morita Masakazu (森田成一)Bakuman [2010-2012] cast
    Kurosaki IchigoBleachMorita Masakazu (森田成一)Bleach cast
    ShutomatsuInterludeMorita Masakazu (森田成一)Interlude cast
    Hihara KazukiKiniro no Corda -Primo Passo- [2006]Morita Masakazu (森田成一)Kiniro no Corda -Primo Passo- [2006] cast
    Tennouji KotarouRewrite [2016]Morita Masakazu (森田成一)Rewrite [2016] cast
    Barnaby Brooks Jr.Tiger and Bunny [2011]Morita Masakazu (森田成一)Tiger and Bunny [2011] cast
    Louis VirgilXenosaga: The Animation [2015]Morita Masakazu (森田成一)Xenosaga: The Animation [2015] cast

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