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  • Search results for "ƣ" in anime database

    DemeterArionMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Arion cast
    MidoriCasshanMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Casshan cast
    MatureCrusher JoeMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Crusher Joe cast
    Ohniwa Touko?Deimos no HanayomeMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Deimos no Hanayome cast
    MioDororoMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Dororo cast
    MerumoFushigi na MerumoMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Fushigi na Merumo cast
    Laura DawsonGolgo 13Mutoh Reiko (ƣ)Golgo 13 cast
    Narration/IsabelHello! Lady LynnMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Hello! Lady Lynn cast
    ShizunoKindaichi Shounen no JikenboMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo cast
    Principal/Lady next doorMagical Sally [1966]Mutoh Reiko (ƣ)Magical Sally [1966] cast
    principalMagical Sally [1989]Mutoh Reiko (ƣ)Magical Sally [1989] cast
    MamaMaple Town Monogatari [1986-1987]Mutoh Reiko (ƣ)Maple Town Monogatari [1986-1987] cast
    MaayaMy Youth in Arcadia [1982]Mutoh Reiko (ƣ)My Youth in Arcadia [1982] cast
    Kei's motherProject A-ko {Kanketsuhen}Mutoh Reiko (ƣ)Project A-ko cast
    GaladiaPygmalioMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Pygmalio cast
    Leader LaarelaQueen MillenniaMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Queen Millennia cast
    MidoriSabu to Ichi Torimono HikaeMutoh Reiko (ƣ)Sabu to Ichi Torimono Hikae cast
    UranTetsuwan Atom [1963]Mutoh Reiko (ƣ)Tetsuwan Atom [1963] cast

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