Tonde Buurin Bu no 2

Tonde Buurin Bu no 2

Nihon Columbia COCC-12758
2800 yen
released 1995.08.01

The songs are as follows.

  1. Ai ha Kakkowarui (Parquets)
  2. Buurin Ole'! (Mizuno Kouichi, with talk by Kokubu Karin)
  3. Ai ha Doki Doki! (Mushanokouji Takuma)
  4. Buurin Ondo (Kuwata Kyoko)
  5. Tsuitenai Onna-K -Taiketsu! Karin VS Keiko-
    (Kokubu Karin, Kuroha Keiko)
  6. Buurin Scramble (Kokubu Karin, Tonrariaano Sansei)
  7. Go! Go! Buurin!! (Kageyama Hironobu)
  8. Buurin Ekaki Uta
    (Yamano Satoko, with talk by Buurin and Tonrariaano Sansei)
  9. Youkoso Gokuraku Planet -Tonrariaano Hihoukan-
    (Kuuko, with talk by Tonrariaano Sansei and Nisei)
  10. Hello, Buurin-go Stones!
    (Karin, Keiko, Masami, Kaoru, Kouichi, Takuma, Kashiwagi, and Jimmy)
  11. Buurin A' La Mode (Parquets)
The cover for the CD has a very nice picture of the "Buurin-go Stones" which is a group made up of the anime characters. The picture is them all playing instruments as in a concert. The back cover has the song titles and a picture of the first Buurin promotional poster. It's the one with Buurin as the Statue of Liberty with all of the character hanging around it.

The 14-page booklet is very nice! It has all of the song lyrics with lots of very nice pictures from the anime including some original ones. The back section of the book is dedicated to the Buurin-go and CD illustration contest Ciao held a while ago. One of the illustrations a kid drew got a professional, cell illustration on the back! There is also two pages on how to draw Buurin and Ton-chan by Ikeda Taeko for the Buurin Ekaki Uta song.

I would say this is the best Buurin CD to come out so far. It even outdoes Bu No 1! There are many different types of songs on this CD, ranging from rap, pop, rock, ballad, and just plain silly. Ikeda Taeko (manga artist) even helped write a lot of the songs on it. There is also a song by the guy who sings all of the Dragon Ball Z songs, I was very surprised to hear him sing a "cute" song for a change. (^_^)

Every song is wonderful, but my favourites would have to be Buurin Scramble and Hello, Buurin-go Stones!. It's really nice how many seiyuu sing that last song, it's set in an old rock-n-roll style like from Grease. The lyrics are hillarious too, they are an argument between the Buurin girls and the boys.

Girls: "Otoko no ko tachi wa wakattenai no yo, Onna no ko no kimochi"
Boys: "Onna no ko tachi mo wakattenainda, Otoko no junjyou"

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