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Tonde Buurin OP CD Single

Tonde Buurin OP
  • Nihon Columbia CODC-477, 1100 yen
  • released 1994.10.01
  • songs
    • 1. Ai ha Kakkowarui (Parquets)
    • 2. Buurin 'A La Mode (Parquets)
    • 3. Ai ha Kakkowarui (Karaoke)
    • 4. Buurin 'A La Mode (Karaoke)
This CD contains the complete versions of the OP and ED songs from the TV series. It also contains the original karaoke for each. Inside there is a sheet which contains all of the lyrics and a small picture of the group Parquets with a description of this group next to it.

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