Tonde Buurin Ongaku Shuu

Tonde Buurin Ongaku Shuu

Nihon Columbia COCC-11986
2800 yen
released 1994.12.01

The songs are as follows.

  1. Ai Ha Kakkowarui (TV Size)
  2. Heroin Ha Trouble Maker
  3. Waku Waku School Days
  4. Watakushi, Makemasen Wa Yo! -Kuroha Keiko No Theme-
  5. Fushigi Na Hoshi, Buuringo Sei No Tonrariaano Sansei
  6. Yume Miru Chuugaku 1 Nen Sei, Kokubu Karin
  7. Buurin 'A La Mode (Instrumental)
  8. Ai To Yuuki No Pig Girl!
  9. Akogare No Kouichi-kun
  10. Buta Ga Ton Demo Buta Ha Buta!?
  11. Tondemonai Mei Combination!? Buurin To Ton-chan
  12. Oh No! Unbelievable!!
  13. Ai Ha Kakkowarui (Instrumental)
  14. Buurin 'A La Mode (TV Size)
The CD is mostly dark blue and pink in color with a nice picture of Karin with the Dream Tonpact and Buurin standing if front of the Buuringo apple on the cover. The CD comes with a 12 page booklet which mostly contains pictures from the opening, ending, and transformation animations along with both pictures found on the CD single. There are also notes from two of the staff members along with the lyrics for the short versions of Ai Ha Kakkowarui and Buurin 'A La Mode.

This BGM CD is full of upbeat and silly sounding music which perfectly captures the mood of the show. There are no serious sounding songs on here except for part of Kouichi's tune. It may be a bit short at a total playing time of 32 minutes and 36 seconds, but I didn't notice hardly any missing background music. Putting the full versions of the two theme songs would have helped this though.

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