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This page is the "on-line" Akazukin Chacha encyclopedia. This page does contain spoilers, if you have not seen most of the series.

Akazukin Chacha (赤ずきんチャチャ) is a magical girl TV show based on the manga of the same name by Ayahana Min (彩花みん) which ran in the monthly magazine Ribbon (りぼん). The basic story is the comical, magical adventures of the little witch Chacha (チャチャ), who usually wears a red riding hood, and her friends.

There is also an OAV series.

Chacha was a little magician girl who was still learning how to use magic. Her teacher Seravi sent her to a magician school, and most of the early TV episodes are about the funny, daily life of Chacha at school with her friends.

There was a mysterious bad guy (Daimaou), whose face never appeared on the screen until episode 24. He sat in his hair in a dark castle, and he had his servant Sorges go after Chacha. Sorges usually used magic and sent one of his underlings to fight Chacha at school.

However at episode 24, the series turned into a more serious story. The "true" identity of Chacha was revealed, and her battle against the evil Daimaou began. Of course much of the humor and cuteness still remain.

When Chacha and her friends need some help in fighting against the bad guys, Seravi and Dorothy would show up in disguise to help them out. Chacha did not recognize them as Seravi and Dorothy, although everyone else did.

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