Okazaki Tomoya

Okazaki Tomoya () is the main character of Clannad. He was an ordinary third year high school student (class 3-D), who wasn't involved in any clubs. He was often late for school. His best (and only) friend was Sunohara Youhei, and he spent a lot of time in Youhei's dorm room.

Tomoya entered the high school on a basketball scholarship. But he injured his right shoulder in a fight with his father, so he couldn't play basketball any more. He had no desire to join any other clubs.

Tomoya was seen as one of the "bad" students in school.

Tomoya's mother died when he was little, so he lived with his father. He didn't have any siblings.

In the TV series, Tomoya's voice is done by Nakamura Yuuichi (¼ͪ).

In the drama CDs, Tomoya's voice is done by Nojima Kenji ().

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