Sunohara Youhei

Sunohara Youhei (ոʿ) was a friend of Okazaki Tomoya. He was in third year of high school (class 3-D), who entered the school on a soccer scholarship. But he got kicked off the soccer team because he got in a fight with an upperclassman, and he currently wasn't involved in any clubs.

Youhei's hometown was very far from the high school, so he lived in the sports dormitory.

Youhei was a hothead and was usually getting into fights. He couldn't understand that a girl could be stronger than guys, and went to fight Tomoyo a lot (and got beaten up every time). He also had a theory that Tomoyo was a boy acting as a girl.

Youhei's voice is done by Sakaguchi Daisuke ().

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