DiGi Charat Summer Special 2000 episode 1

DiGi Charat Summer Special 2000 episode 1
Piyoko ga Kita nyo
aired: 2000.08.22
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Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were out in Akihabara running errands for the store manager. It was the middle of summer, so it was very hot and humid.

Puchiko saw a white, panda shaped spaceship flying around. It landed in Akihabara. But Digiko wanted to ignore it.

Then a black shadow jumped out of the space ship, and jumped over to Digiko. The person grabbed onto Digiko's tail. Puchiko and Gema told Digiko about it, but Digiko just sang and kept walking.

Meanwhile Rabi-en-Rose was working at Gamers. She was feeling happy because Digiko and the others weren't there.

Digiko and the others finally got back to Gamers. The store manager asked who their friend was. Digiko finally noticed the little blonde girl who was hanging onto her.

Rabi-en-Rose thought the girl was another helper. Minagawa Takurou saw the panda mark on the girl's hat, and went up to her. Kimura Takurou asked her if she had some weird speech patterns. Takeshi and Yoshimi went up to her too.

Then Gema noticed the red arm band that the girl was wearing. But before she could say anything, the blonde haired girl shot her with a blow dart, and made Gema sleep.

The blonde haired girl called Digiko "oneechan" (older sister). She also ended her sentences with "pyo". Puchiko asked the girl who she was. Then the girl introduced herself as the leader of the Black Gemagema-dan, Pyokola Analogue III (Piyoko for short).

Digiko was shocked. The black Gemagema-dan was the evil group that tried to take over Digi Charat planet. Gema said that the good Gemagema-dan had defeated the Black Gemagema-dan, and they had retreated to Analogue planet.

Piyoko said that after they returned to Analogue planet, they lived a very poor life. But she thought up another strategy.

Then Rabi-en-Rose asked Piyoko how old she was. Piyoko answered that she was 8 years old.

The store manager asked Piyoko why she had come to earth. Piyoko said that she had come to kidnap Digiko. She added that Digiko was the princess of Digi Charat planet, so she can get lots of ransom money.

Rabi-en-Rose was surprised that Digiko was a princess. Gema said that during the battle they allowed Digiko to escape from the planet.

Then Digiko escaped out of the store. Piyoko went after her. Puchiko, Rabi-en-Rose, and the others went after them. Takeshi and Yoshimi wanted to go too, but the store manager caught them and told them to help out at the store.

Digiko was running away, but she ran into a group of Piyoko's underlings. But Digiko easily blasted them with her eye beams.

Then Piyoko caught up to Digiko. Piyoko used her mouth beam/blast (kuchi kara bazooka) to blast Digiko. But Digiko dodged the beam.

Then Piyoko fired again. Digiko used her eye beam to counter the attack. Digiko's beam hit Piyoko's beam, and the beams went off to the side. But Puchiko was sitting there eating. Digiko was shocked. Then just at the last moment, Takurou came and protected Puchiko by taking the hit himself.

Digiko told Piyoko that she shouldn't use something as dangerous as her mouth blast. But Piyoko just kept firing. Digiko dodged all of the blasts, but the blasts went and destroyed a big chunk of Akihabara.

Then Digiko went up to Piyoko and closed her mouth.

Digiko said she was tired and wanted to go home. Everyone went with her back to Digiko's room.

Rabi-en-Rose tried to turn on the TV, but nothing appeared. Then Puchiko said it only works occasionally. Takurou discovered that the TV wasn't plugged in. Then a "ghost" appeared on the screen.

Everyone said that they were hungry. But there was no food at Digiko's place.

Then Digiko pulled out some Digi Charat natural mineral water (the same one that they sell in Gamers). Everyone drank water for dinner..

Then Piyoko said she was going home. Rabi-en-Rose asked if she had a place to stay, but Piyoko said that she wasn't going to tell anyone.

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