America Digiko 1

Di Gi Charat Natsuyasumi Special 1
title America Digiko 1
aired 2001.08.02
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.08.10

Puchiko was on a bus. She wanted to get off, but she couldn't reach the button to stop the bus. Then Puchiko got stuck between the seats. So the bus kept going and going.. to America.

When Puchiko got off, an American boy who was dressed in a Digiko outfit came to her. (His name was Rod Young.) He was a big Digiko fan, who spoke Japanese with an American accent.. When he spotted Puchiko, he thought Digiko was near. But Rod was disappointed when Puchiko told him that she was alone.

Meanwhile at Gamers, Digiko was getting worried because Puchiko hadn't come back from her errand yet.

Rod wrote a letter to Digiko. He asked Digiko to come pick up Puchiko.

Back in Japan, Digiko had the Gamers' manager read the message for her. Then Digiko opened up her UFO in the Gamer's store, destroying the store, and took off for America. Piyoko spotted Digiko's UFO, so she took off after her.

Usada Hikaru received a letter from her parents asking her to come visit them in America. So Usada also headed for America, in a wooden raft.

Digiko arrived in America, but she had no idea where Puchiko was. She wanted to quickly pick up Puchiko, and then go to Hollywood, so she can become a big star.

Meanwhile, Piyoko was lost in Antarctica..

Rod took Puchiko to his house, which was full of Di Gi Charat goods. But Puchiko wasn't interested, as she was still thinking about her errand.

Digiko was in Las Vegas, but she couldn't find Puchiko. Gema was playing the slot machines, and won. But Digiko got mad at her, and used her eye beams, destroying the casino.

Meanwhile, Piyoko was in some jungle being chased by a giant snake.

Puchiko arrived in Las Vegas too. They saw some ruins of a casino..

Eventually, Puchiko spotted Digiko. Rod was shocked that he finally ran into Digiko.

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