Digiko America 2

Di Gi Charat Natsuyasumi Special 2
title Digiko America 2
aired 2001.08.02
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.08.10
    [this episode is a continuation from the previous episode]
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 2002.03.20
    (additions by Kevin Lew)

Back in Akihabara, the usual gang were feeling sad that Digiko, Puchiko, and Usada weren't there.

Meanwhile, Piyoko was in a desert, being chased by camels.

Digiko and Puchiko were sleeping by a pool. Rod discovered that Usada was gone. Gema said that Usada had gone out to look for her parents' home.

Meanwhile, Usada found her parents' home (following a map by her parents). But it turned out to be a fake.

Meanwhile, Piyoko was being chased by some walrus.

Digiko, Piyoko, and Rod were eating a big meal. But Digiko and Puchiko couldn't eat the American food, as the taste was too strong for them.

Then Mr. Violence came. He was Rod's friend, and the owner of the restaurant. Digiko and Puchiko pointed out that he looked just like Abarenbou.

Then Digiko told Rod that she had come to America for two reasons: one to find Puchiko, and two to become a big star in Hollywood. Rod said he would take them to Hollywood.

On the way, Digiko imagined herself becoming a big star.

Meanwhile, Piyoko was being chased by some giant pandas.

The gang arrived in Hollywood. Digiko was looking for the director of a famous SFX movie. She wanted to become the heroine for the second movie. But then Usada told her that the second movie had been canceled.

Digiko was dejected and acted very emotional. But then everybody just decided to go home and began walking casually away.

Rod grabbed Digiko's leg and cried, saying that he didn't want her to leave. But Digiko said that she had 200 million fans (i.e., the population of Japan) in Japan waiting for her.

Rod understood and said that he wanted to take her picture before she left. Mr. Violence setup the camera. But right as the shutter snapped, Piyoko crashed in front of them, as she and her cronies were being attacked by a giant octopus. Mr. Violence began screaming, because I think the octopus was chasing him.

In the end, Rod got a picture of himself and the entire cast of Digi Charat in the picture (meaning that it included Piyoko and her buddies and an unconscious octopus). Rod was thinking that Digiko and the others returned to Akihabara. But he said that he would never forget them.

Then Rod yelled out that one day he would go to Japan and see them again! (And he gave a thumbs-up gesture).

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