Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 1

Digi Charat Nyo episode 1
title Digiko da nyo
Puchiko to issho ka nyo
aired 2003.04.06
  • summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2003.04.24

Digiko da nyo

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were in a space ship heading toward Earth. There was a hologram message from Digiko's mother, telling them that she only gave them fuel for a one-way trip. But since Digiko didn't know that, and she had made a little side trip, they ran out of fuel, and crash landed on Earth.

When they came to, Puchiko was lost and all by herself. Digiko was with Gema, and she started looking for Puchiko.

Digiko was wondering around in the town Manekineko Shoutengai. A giant robot appeared out of nowhere, and Digiko quickly blasted it with her eye beams.

The giant robot turned out to be a toy made by an older brother who owned a toy store. His actions and the toy's actions were in sync.

The brothers, Omocha Yasushi and Omocha Kiyoshi owned a toy store. Kiyoshi was still a junior high student.

Digiko walked around looking for Puchiko, followed by Yasushi and Kiyoshi. Then Digiko took out an item from her pochette, which looked like a cel phone. Digiko called it her "pocket rinrin". She tried to call Puchiko with it, but it turned out that the pocket rinrin was just a game machine.

Digiko had received the pochette from her mother, who told her to use it when she was in times of need.

Puchiko to issho ka nyo

Puchiko was wondering around Manekineko Shoutengai. There was an old woman stalking Puchiko. But this woman secretly bought food and a balloon for Puchiko.

Puchiko spotted the woman, and they went to her house, which was a Japanese desert shop. The woman was Ankoro Kinako, and her husband was Ankoro Daifuku. Daifuku liked to play "ayatori" (making things with a string around one's fingers).

Then Puchiko noticed that something in her backpack was beeping. Puchiko said, "Princess power up!" and "transformed". She took out a ring from her backpack, and it was flashing.

Puchiko followed the flashing of the ring, as it got stronger, and eventually met up with Digiko, who was with the Omocha brothers.

Puchiko decided to live with the old couple. Digiko wanted to live with them too, but Puchiko said that Digiko had to live separately, as part of her princess training. Then Kiyoshi invited Digiko to live with them in the toy store.

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