Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 2

Digi Charat Nyo episode 2
title Nazo no Keitai nyo
Rabi-en-Rose to ha yobanai nyo
aired 2003.04.13
  • summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2003.05.01

Nazo no Keitai nyo

Gema was cooking breakfast, but the food looked very disgusting.

Digiko was sleeping. When she woke up, she saw a scary face looking at her. But it was just a spot on the ceiling above her. Then Digiko woke up and quickly changed into her outfit, but she noticed that her pochette was missing.

Kiyoshi went to the dining room and thanked Gema for cooking.. but then he saw the disgusting food. Just then Digiko came in and said that her pochette (white and shaped like a cat face) was missing.

Then Digiko and Kiyoshi went to Yasushi's room, where he was making a new toy. Yasushi said that he had borrowed Digiko's pochette because he had an idea for a new toy. The toy was just Digiko's pochette. Then Yasushi went out to sell the new toys.

Digiko was happy to get her pochette back, but it wasn't her pochette. Yasushi had given her one of the toys by mistake! So Kiyoshi and Digiko rushed out after Yasushi.

When Digiko found Yasushi, it was too late. He had sold all of the toys. Everyone in the park had the pochette, so there was no way Digiko would be able to find hers. But then Puchiko came and said that Yasushi's toys had three whiskers. The real pochette had two whiskers.

Everyone went around town looking for Digiko's pochette. But they couldn't find it, so they all returned to the toy store. While Digiko was feeling very sad, many of the customers came to the store to return the toys that they had bought.

Digiko's pochette was in the pile of returned toys! Kiyoshi told Digiko to make sure everything was inside her pochette. So Digiko yelled out, "Digiko no nanatsu dougu. Princess power up!" (a mini transformation scene)

Then Digiko looked inside, and found a lot of JUNK inside. It was the same as the toys that Yasushi had made.

Digiko's pocket rinrin was gone! But then Yasushi said that he had taken them out.

Digiko got VERY mad, and was going to blast Yasushi. But Yasushi told Digiko that he had fixed the phone so that it can really be used as a cel phone. So Digiko forgave him.

Rabi-en-Rose to ha yobanai nyo

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were in a park. They were feeling bored. Then they saw a junior high girl sneaking around. The girl built a house in the middle of the park, and went inside.

"Miracle rouge lip on! Henshin Rabi-en-Rose!"

The junior high girl with glasses had "transformed" inside the house. But Digiko and Puchiko were watching.

The girl said that she was Rabi-en-Rose, but Puchiko said that the name "Usada Hikaru" was written on her bag. Then Digiko and Puchiko kept calling her Usada.

Digiko asked, "What can you do when you transform into Rabi-en-Rose?"

Usada thought to herself, but she couldn't come up with anything. Then she got mad, and told Digiko and Puchiko to introduce themselves to her first. Digiko and Puchiko did, VERY quickly. But Usada couldn't pick it up at all.

Then two guys, a skinny guy John and fat guy Paul appeared, and introduced Digiko and Puchiko to Usada.

Digiko got impatient and shot her eyes beams at Usada. But Usada dodged it! Digiko said that she was just lucky, and fired again. But Usada kept dodging Digiko's eye beams.

Then Digiko got bored, and said that it was a waste of her beams.

Usada said that she had really powered up. Usada tried to think of something she can do to fight back, but she couldn't think of anything.

Then Usada spun her rabbit ears, and she started floating. She realized that she was able to fly with her ears, and flew away.

Digiko and the others followed the flying Usada, thinking it might be fun. They saw Usada crash into a beauty salon. It turned out that Usada's house was a beauty salon.

Digiko rushed back to the toy store, and found that Yasushi was out. Digiko redesigned the toy store so it was shaped like a cat's head. She said this was better.

When Yasushi came home, he was shocked! But lots of customers came, saying that the store had become cute. So Yasushi accepted the new store design.

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