Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 3

Digi Charat Nyo episode 3
Title Puchikoyaki Oishii nyo
Digiko ha Princess nyo
Aired 2003.04.20
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.07

Puchikoyaki Oishii nyo

Puchiko was in the forest and she was hungry. She found a house that was built entirely of candy. But then she woke up and realized that it was a dream, as she had smelled somebody baking cookies. She went to the kitchen and saw Kinako and Daifuku wrapping cookies. Kinako asked Puchiko what she wanted to eat, and she replied "mangoru" (??). She apologized, as she only had a manufactured cup of it. But Puchiko got a huge bowl of rice.

Meanwhile, Digiko was sleeping when she got woken up with all the noise. She went outside and yelled at Yasushi. He was busy making some new thing, but it looked a lot like a tentacle demon toy. Kiyoshi left for school. The monster waved goodbye at him.

Puchiko wanted to go outside and walk to Digiko's place, I think. But Kinako was worried that something would happen to her, and decided to spy on her. There were many things that were "dangerous". First, Puchiko tripped over a rock. She landed on her feet anyway (like a cat, get it). Then a weirdo asked her for directions. But she just told him to talk to another guy and he did just that. Finally a strange dog appeared, and Puchiko petted it for a few seconds and then left it alone. The old lady was pleased, until she sat in the puddle of the dog's pee.

When Puchiko got to the toy store, a fake ghost dropped out from the ceiling and screamed, "AAAAAHHH...!! Irrashimasu!" (Welcome to our store). Puchiko wasn't shocked at all. She said "Konnichiwa" to it and went inside. Digiko was inside and apologized; she asked if the dummy scared her. Puchiko said not at all. Meanwhile, Kinako was outside and had passed out from looking at it.

Puchiko introduced herself to Yasushi. Yasushi seemed to be very attracted to Puchiko.

Digiko and Puchiko were then eating roasted soybeans for a snack. They imagined that they were eating other better things instead. One of Puchiko's favorite items was "steak and broccoli". Get it? Broccoli? Digiko was so upset thinking about the food that she poured the entire bowl of beans into her mouth.

Then the cuckoo clock screamed (instead of going "cuckoo"). Puchiko said that it was time to go home. She left the store and the ghost mannequin waved goodbye to her. Puchiko noticed that Kinako was still on the ground outside (passed out). But when Puchiko asked her what she was doing, Kinako said that she was just "playing" (like a panda bear). Then they walked home together.

That night, the old couple made Puchiko cakes. They were bean-filled cakes that looked like Puchiko's pochette. The next day, they were very popular as everybody wanted one. Puchiko stood outside and kept everybody in order.

(This means that both Digiko and Puchiko have items made from their purses).

Digiko ha Princess nyo

Puchiko went back to the toy store the next day. Digiko asked if she brought anything for her. Puchiko said that she brought some "gifts" and she pulled out a huge sack of food from nowhere. Digiko was so happy.

Kiyoshi noticed that there was a strange rabbit stuck to the side of Puchiko's bag. Then the thing "transformed" and Rabi en Rose was standing there. Digiko kept calling her "Usada", even though Rabi en Rose told her not to call her that when she was in costume. Then Rabi introduced herself to Kiyoshi. It was obvious that Hikaru Usada really liked him.

Kiyoshi and Yasushi closed the toy store so they could eat the food that Puchiko had brought. Among the items were the Puchiko bean-filled cakes.

During dinner, Gema mentioned that Digiko was actually a princess. Kiyoshi, Yasushi, and Rabi all said that they couldn't believe it. Gema said that it was true. Her mother was queen of Planet Di Gi Charat. Gema had a flashback about what it was like before they came to Earth...

Gema was trying to wake up Chocolat (Digiko's name on her homeworld). But Digiko said that she wanted to sleep. Gema yelled at her, and Digiko just blasted her with her eye-beams. Then she went back to sleep. Then a group of workers quickly came into Digiko's room and repaired the hole in the wall.

As a side note, each time when Gema flew across the sky, Digiko's mom would say something silly like, "Wow, she's very energetic today."

Later, Chocolat and Cappucino (Puchiko's real name) were watching a drama on TV. But Gema, who was bandaged, came in and told them not to fool around so much. Then she stood in front of the TV and blocked the picture. Digiko got mad and blasted her again with her eye-beams. The repairmen came in quickly afterwards and repaired the hole.

Even later, Digiko and Puchiko were in the library. Puchiko was actually sleeping at her desk. But Digiko seemed to be concentrating very hard on her paper. Gema came in with a lot of bandages and said that she was proud to see Digiko trying so hard. But it turned out that Digiko was only writing up a manga instead of studying. Gema got mad at her. Then Digiko blasted her again. Repairmen came and fixed the hole in the ceiling.

That evening, Gema returned looking very beat up. All of the waitstaff had also been abused by Digiko. The queen appeared from hiding. They were wondering what to do, but the queen had a plan.

They put Digiko on a UFO to go to Earth to complete her princess training. Puchiko was piloting the UFO. Gema had to come along to keep an eye on her.

After the flashback, Digiko got mad at Gema for telling this story, and she blasted her again. Yasushi used a remote control to move the wall so Gema wouldn't leave a hole in the wall. Rabi, Kiyoshi, and Yasushi were shocked to know that she could be a princess.

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