Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 4

Digi Charat Nyo episode 4
Title Kareinaru Usada no Ichinichi nyo
"Himashiyu" tte Ofuroyasan nyo
Aired 2003.04.27
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.10

Kareinaru Usada no Ichinichi nyo

Hikaru was getting ready for school. Her father, Francois, was an explorer, but he liked Hikaru to call him "otouchan" (which is like saying "daddy"). Her mother, Michelle, was a famous model from France.

Hikaru noticed that she was late for school so she didn't have time to eat a good breakfast. She was running, and as she passed by a corner, she ran into Kiyoshi. She wasn't badly hurt, but Kiyoshi was embedded into the concrete wall. He said, "Somebody please help me..."

Hikaru apologized and helped him. There was a sign on the wall that said, "Don't smash into the wall".

"Oscar" (unnamed, but I will name him) was a blonde man who liked to drink glasses of win and carry a rose. He always wore a French revolutionary military outfit. He liked to watch what Hikaru was doing.

Hikaru's school was a regular looking school other than it was pink colored and it had a giant conch shell on top. Instead of a school bell, it would blow the shell and make that weird sound.

Hikaru made it to her class on time, but as the teacher was talking she was daydreaming about her idol competition. She thought about how she had to practice balancing books on her head, and singing without blowing out a candle. She thought about how she would make her mom and dad proud of her if she made it.

Unfortunately, Hikaru had acted out her poses and such while in class. Everybody was wondering what she was doing. Hikaru got very embarrassed.

At lunch, "Sakura" and "Tomoyo" (unnamed, but I will name them)--Hikaru's friends--went up to Hikaru. They asked her if the (weird) pictures in the magazines were really Hikaru's dad and mom. Hikaru said that they were, and the two girls thought that it was really cool. But Hikaru said that it wasn't so much, and she had a flashback.

Her dad had come back from exploring France, and brought back a souvenir of the Eiffel Tower. Hikaru looked at it and said that it was the Tokyo Tower. He denied it, but then Hikaru said, "It says that it was made in Japan!" Then her dad said that she figured it out.

Later, she went into the kitchen and saw her mom making a facial pack from items in the kitchen. Her mom said that it was an original recipe. But Michelle had used wasabi in the mix and she was screaming because it was burning her face.

Then the flashback ended. But Sakura and Tomoyo said that they were still very cool.

After school, Hikaru ran home. But she didn't see Kiyoshi and ran into him. He ended up flying and becoming embedded in the concrete pavement. He said, "Somebody please help me..."

They went to the park and they were talking about... something... (I can't understand it). Kiyoshi made a bold statement, saying that he would promise on the shooting star, and pointed at the sky. But it wasn't a meteorite, but Gema floating by, as he was returning from the grocery store.

Hikaru said bye to Kiyoshi and left. But then she put up her cardboard house and transformed into Rabi en Rose. Oscar (who seems to appear at random times in Di Gi Charat Nyo) said, "Hmmm... Beautiful people."

Rabi en Rose was handing out tissues to people that was promoting her agency (or something). Digiko and Puchiko walked by her and saw her. Digiko asked what "Usada" was doing. Rabi covered Digiko's mouth and told her to call her "Rabi en Rose" when she was in costume.

Then Rabi showed her technique of how she handed out her tissues. She did an "cross-formation" where she handed out two different people a tissue at the same time. Then she used her "shuriken" technique, where she threw them into a lady's bags because her hands were full. Finally, she did a "whirlwind attack" where she spun around and gave everybody on the street a tissue.

Later, Rabi en Rose, Digiko and Puchiko were in the park. I think that they were talking about their parents (but I'm not entirely sure).

Rabi got up to leave, and as she was going, she tripped and her bags spilled all over the ground. Digiko and Puchiko found books and magazines that showed that Hikaru was trying out for the idol competition. They started laughing at her, and Rabi was very embarrassed. They implied that they were going to tell everybody her secret. However, the yakimo (sweet potato) man appeared, and Digiko and Puchiko got distracted and quickly forgot about it.

That evening, Hikaru wrote in her diary about what happened that day. She then went to sleep, and wondered what the next day would bring.

"Himashiyu" tte Ofuroyasan nyo

Kiyoshi got home and was going to take a bath. But something large and green was coming out of the bathroom when he opened the door. He was holding the door shut so it wouldn't come out of there. Yasushi said that it was some new bath toy that he had built that grew in water. Digiko was shocked that the bathroom was occupied, but she mentioned that they had something like that on planet Di Gi Charat. Gema said that it was a giant broccoli (get it). Yasushi thought that it was cool, but Kiyoshi didn't think so. Then the door flew open and the thing started pouring out into the room.

("Oscar" from the last episode makes a few random appearances again, but doesn't really add anything to the story).

Digiko was packing up things so she could go to the public bath, since they couldn't use the one in the house. She used her "princess power up" to get out her cell phone to invite Puchiko.

Digiko, Yasushi, and Kiyoshi went to the public bath, and the old man who was watering the sidewalk outside met them. The old man asked who was the new girl, and Kiyoshi introduced Digiko. Digiko said that she was a princess from the planet Di Gi Charat. The man didn't believe her, even though everybody said that it was true. Then Puchiko appeared and introduced herself. She said that she was the sister of the princess from the planet Di Gi Charat. But still the old man didn't believe any of them. Digiko and Puchiko went inside rather than fight with the old man.

Digiko and Puchiko went to the cashier, who was a strange guy who wore sunglasses and a face mask. He wouldn't make eye contact with them. After she gave him money, the man didn't do anything until Digiko asked for her change.

Then they went into the bath. I couldn't tell what happened here.

Gema went into the men's bath (so he is male, not female as I thought). But when he went into the bath, his body absorbed all the water. Then Kiyoshi and Yasushi had to wring him out like a towel.

Digiko was washing her hair and noticed that she didn't have any rinse. So Gema floated up to give her some of his. Then the girls on the other side screamed and threw things at him. But Digiko got the rinse nevertheless. It turns out that this is the brand that Rabi en Rose is currently promoting.

Then Digiko and Puchiko got into the whirlpool.

After they got out, they got dressed and said that the best thing after a bath was a cold drink. They went to the refrigerator and pulled out some milk (I think). They went to the weird cashier and said that they wanted to pay. But the man didn't move. Digiko poked him, and the man's eyes were totally blank. Digiko screamed as she thought the man had died. She started hitting the man for him to recover, but then he woke up and took their money.

The old man was still outside. He saw Gema and the two brothers. He thought that Gema was just some toy that Yasushi had made. Then Digiko and Puchiko came out of the bath house. The old guy taunted Digiko, telling her not to say any more lies. Digiko got totally furious. She said that her "Rage Meter" had maxed out, and she did her "super move". She shot her eye beams... at Gema (just because). The old man was very surprised, but he figured that it was some magic trick or something. Digiko went livid, but then Puchiko decided to show the man that her eye-beams. However, no beams came out, instead some kind of weird slime monster appeared (that had patches on it, as if it was sewn together).

Yasushi seemed very excited to see something come out of Puchiko's eyes. Then the slime monster attacked Yasushi. The old man said that maybe they could be from outer space.

Then everybody went home. Digiko and Puchiko pulled down one of their eyelids and said, "BEH!" to the old man. The old man did the same back to them. As they walked home, they didn't see the charred remains of Gema, and they just stomped on him.

When they got home, Yasushi's toy had gotten so big that it was about to burst the entire house. Almost everybody was shocked speechless. However, Yasushi just thought that it was cool that his creation could get so big.

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