Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 5

Digi Charat Nyo episode 5
Title Usada no Chuugaku bo-bo- nyo
Nazo no Omise ni Otsukai nyo
Aired 2003.05.04
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.10

Usada no Chuugaku bo-bo- nyo

Kiyoshi was running to school as he was late. However, Hikaru was the classroom monitor, and she was standing by the door reporting on people who were tardy. She reported him anyway, since it was her duty. Then Kiyoshi mentioned that he had forgotten his lunch, because he was in such a rush out of the house. He seemed to be very depressed about this.

Hikaru had a dream about this. She thought that she could give her lunch to him, and then he would be so impressed and they could eat it together. It would be like a date.

Hikaru then went up to Kiyoshi. But when she tried to tell him about her lunch, she became very nervous and began stammering and acting weird. Kiyoshi didn't understand. Then she said, "Well, you forgot something, right...?" Then Kiyoshi said, "That's right! I need to go do my classroom chores!" and he ran off.

Hikaru thought about how to give her lunch to him without looking dumb. She thought that she would turn into Rabi en Rose. But she was thinking that wasn't going to work. Then she thought that maybe she could turn into something else. She imagined that she was some alien tentacle-robot thing. But then Kiyoshi got so scared that he wouldn't take the lunch.

Then Hikaru said that she could just secretly put it in his desk and he would find it. She did it and waited for him to find it.

However, Digiko and Puchiko had come to school carrying Kiyoshi's lunch. Kiyoshi was very pleased (he was covered with chalk dust from cleaning the erasers). Digiko said that it was so hard walking all the way from Maneki Neko Shopping Street, and they almost passed out from all the hard work.

Hikaru tried to figure out what to do with her lunch in his desk. She tried to get it back from his desk. But Kiyoshi went back to his desk before she could grab it. He saw the lunch and wondered whose it was. Digiko said that it was some girl's. Hikaru got very nervous. Then Kiyoshi said in a loud voice, "Is this somebody's lunch?"

But nobody in the class knew whose it was. Digiko said that obviously this was somebody's attempt to give him a gift of love. Hikaru's face turned very red. Digiko said that he should open it. When he did, a gigantic onigiri popped out of it (it was about 2 feet in diameter). Hikaru remembered her mom making it this morning. Then Digiko grabbed the onigiri, split it in half, and both Digiko and Puchiko ate the onigiri in one bite. Hikaru was totally horrified but couldn't say anything.

Hikaru was angry and went up to Digiko and Puchiko and told them to go back home. Digiko didn't know that she was in this class.

Digiko and Puchiko decided to stay anyway until they could figure out who gave their lunch to Kiyoshi. During drawing class(??), Digiko was saying that she was bored. Hikaru told Digiko that she had to be quiet during class. Then Digiko told Puchiko that she had to be quiet during class (even though she wasn't saying anything). But a fly came around and started buzzing around Digiko. Digiko told it to be quiet, but it wouldn't go away. She got mad and used her eye-beams, but Hikaru screamed, "Don't!!" and took the blast. Then Hikaru got detention from making a disturbance in class.

In P.E., Hikaru told Digiko not to use her eye-beams. Digiko said that she got it. Digiko and Puchiko were with some girls playing basketball. Digiko and Puchiko were on defense, trying to block passes and such. However, they weren't stopping anything. When they went up to block a shot, they only jumped a foot off the ground. (Her opponent went and slam dunked the ball). Digiko got frustrated and was going to shoot the basket with her eye-beams. But Hikaru said, "Don't!" and took the blast again. She got detention for fooling around in class again.

Hikaru and the others went to music class. But Digiko could only make a horrible sound from the recorder. Digiko got very mad at it and was going to blast it with her eye-beams. But Hikaru said, "Don't!" and jumped in the way again. Then Hikaru got another detention.

(Kev's Note: A recorder, despite being a famously popular instrument in anime, is supposedly one of the least liked instruments among children. The kind of recorder that is used in school could also be known as a pennywhistle.)

After music class, Hikaru looked very beat up. She asked Digiko and Puchiko if they should be going home yet. Then the two of them decided to go home.

It was lunch time, and Hikaru was hungry. She went to her desk, thinking that she could eat it. Then she realized that she had given her lunch to Kiyoshi. Sakura and Tomoyo went to Hikaru and told her to hurry so they could eat lunch together. But Hikaru just sat at her desk, knowing that she didn't have any.

Kiyoshi went up to Hikaru and asked if she had forgotten her lunch. Hikaru said yes, but she was going to be fine. But then her stomach made a horrible sound, much to her embarrassment. Then Kiyoshi said that he could share her lunch with her.

They went outside. The lunch turned out to be some disgusting slime thing that bubbled. Kiyoshi said that Gema made it. Then he dipped in his chopsticks and pulled out some of the gross mess and ate it. Hikaru timidly tried it, but she was surprised that it tasted good.

Digiko and Puchiko were watching this scene behind some bushes. Digiko knew right away that she had eaten Hikaru's lunch. But Kiyoshi didn't figure it out.

Then Digiko and Puchiko decided to go home for real. Digiko threw the lunch box in the air. It flew into the open classroom window and landed in Hikaru's backpack.

Nazo no Omise ni Otsukai nyo

Kiyoshi went to school. Digiko and Gema noticed that Yasushi didn't see him off today, and that was strange. They went to Yasushi to see what had happened. But when they went to his room, they only saw Yasushi's clothes on the ground, and this pink monster that was thrashing about.

Digiko and Gema saw the clothes. Digiko said that the monster must have eaten Yasushi. Gema began beating up the monster. But a voice from inside said to stop hitting him. Yasushi said that he was stuck inside the kiragumi because the zipper was stuck. Gema couldn't get him out. Digiko got excited and was going to use the eye-beams on him, but Gema quickly said not to do it. Yasushi said that he would come up with a plan to get himself out of the suit. He wanted to get something from the store.

At the bakery, Kinako and Daifuku were doing an inventory (I think) of their store. They found out that they ran out of one item. Puchiko said that she could go get it for them. They gave her the money and she left.

Then Digiko and Gema ran into Puchiko on the street. Both of them were going shopping. However, when they got to the "store", there was nothing but this weird waving thing on a pedestal. Gema looked and noticed that there was a button for you to push. Digiko pushed it and the statue grew out of the ground into a massive purple carrot-shaped building. A door was on the ground floor.

Gema couldn't open the door. Then a jack-o'lantern head appeared in the LCD screen on the door and they asked who they were. Digiko and the others were talking to it, although the details weren't important. It was taking too long, so Digiko used her eye-beams and blasted open the door.

When they went inside, there were signs that said, "This way" that appeared out of nowhere. They followed the mysterious signs. They got to the cashier who was a man with a jack o'lantern head. They asked him if they had the items that they needed. He opened up the curtain behind him, revealing a shelf full of different items, but they weren't labeled clearly.

Then some other customers came in and bought things. They asked the pumpkin person for them, and he knew where everything was, so he would grab the items for them. When they gave him the money, he ate it. Then the other customers left.

So Digiko and Puchiko asked for the items. He gave them the items and they paid him the money. He ate the money again. They tried to leave and ended up coming out of the sewers.

They stopped back at the bakery first. The old couple took the item and apologized to Puchiko for making go through so much trouble. But Puchiko said that it wasn't a big deal. Then they went to the toy store. They gave Yasushi the item that he needed. Yasushi was very happy to see Puchiko with them. Then he went into the bathroom and made a lot of noise. He came out, but he was covered with junk (grease?) and he stunk like crazy.

Somehow, Puchiko began talking about her eye-beams. She was remembering how she was practicing, but she could only produce weird things (like running water or slime). Then Digiko appeared and shot her eye-beams at Gema (for no good reason) and said that it was like that.

Puchiko secretly went back to the store (wearing sunglasses so nobody recognized her) and asked for something that would let her shoot the eye-beams. But the pumpkin man said that there wasn't anything like that.

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