Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 7

Digi Charat Nyo episode 7
Shoutengai de Oouridashi nyo
Oouridashi de Kayou Show nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.14

Shoutengai de Oouridashi nyo

They closed the toy store today so they could go to a special town meeting. They were asked to come up for ideas to come up with ideas to improve Neko Maneki Shopping Center. Everybody came up with different ideas. Then an ugly pig-faced guy (who you see in the OP, being caught by "renegade cop" Rabi en Rose) suggested that they bring in Akari Usada for a concert.

Akari Usada was a famous idol that wore rabbit ears. Digiko really liked her. John and Paul were big fans of her, of course. But Rabi en Rose mentioned that Akari just started her concert tour so she couldn't come here. But the ugly man got very angry and said that he'd get her here, and he ran away.

The town then prepared for her arrival.

At the toy shop, they were busy putting up strange decorations. Yasushi got into a bizarre kiragumi that was shaped like a hand that was making the sign language phrase, "I love you". However, Yasushi had drew a face on the hand, making it very disgusting looking, and it scared people. Gema was trying to put up the "Ultraman" robot but he dropped it on Yasushi.

At the bakery, Daifuku was doing situps. Kinako was cleaning up the store.

Rabi en Rose got together a group of younger kids to learn how to do this special dance. It looked very stupid, but Rabi was excited by it. Digiko said that she didn't want to do it, and became a "roly-poly toy" that just rocked back and forth. Then Michelle came over and told them that she wanted to try out their costumes. Everybody dressed like a maneki neko (welcome cat), which looked fairly silly.

The bath house dressed up in even worse costumes, as they had chosen to dress up as purple, star-shaped kiragumi.

At the special convenience store, the pumpkin man was making this squirming bags of special stuff. But then the bags broke, and this different colored slime and vapor came out of them.

Everybody worked hard for the event for days.

The mayor then came over to the toy store to give them their happi coats and hachimaki for the celebration. Gema looked sort of funny as he had the happi coat draped over himself. The mayor also put on a happi coat and hachimaki. He had to wear seven hachimaki since his forehead was so large. (The mayor looks a lot like the God of Longevity, which has a very long forehead that symbolizes long life).

Oouridashi de Kayou Show nyo

The day of the celebration came. Each shopping district store set up their stand, much like at Japanese festivals, near a large stage for Akari's performance.

Daifuku and Kinako were making mochi with a mallet.

For some reason, Hikaru's parents had made Digiko, Puchiko, and Hikaru wear funny wigs and costumes. Hikaru was dressed as a female Japanese girl. Then Francois decided that she'd look better as a samurai boy. Then Michelle applied some weird makeup, and they kept "improving" it. The outfit looked weirder and uglier each time.

Digiko and Puchiko snuck out of the room when they weren't looking. They ditched their wigs and costumes and returned to their normal appearance.

Something was happening at the toy store booth. (I didn't really understand this part). The pig guy seemed to have an argument with Yasushi and Kiyoshi about one of the prizes, since it was so ugly (I think?). Digiko got mad and was going to shoot the man with her eye-beams, but Gema jumped in the way and took the blast. Then Yasushi and Kiyoshi showed off all of their other prizes. The pig man, however, went and ate them all, even the ones that weren't food. He even ate their raffle wheel. (That is, the little wheel that drops out a marble for a random prize).

But then Puchiko spotted Akari's trailer. The crowd of people stomped all over the pig man trying to get there. Digiko was very excited to see her favorite idol. They opened the trailer doors, but all you could see was Akari's shadow since her figure was blocked by a curtain. She wouldn't talk to anybody. The pig man said that they would hear her sing at the concert, and made everybody leave.

Hikaru was still having her outfit "modified" by her parents. It was so messed up that it was impossible to tell what they were dressing her up like.

Digiko wanted to sneak into the trailer to talk to Akari. But there were two security guards: "S" and "P". Digiko tried talking to them saying that she wanted to give a gift. But they didn't say anything and didn't move from the doors. Digiko then shot out her eye beams, but Gema took the hit for the guards.

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were hiding behind some boxes waiting for their chance. Then they saw Akari, who was shielded by a rolling curtain, run out of the trailer and go to the bathroom. As she was leaving, Digiko ran up to her and said that she wanted to be a super-idol like her, and began gushing all over her. But Puchiko looked behind the curtain and realized that it wasn't Akari at all, but some little girl that cast a shadow like Akari.

The entire town saw and was very surprised. The little girl apologized saying that Akari really wanted to make it but she didn't have time. The pig man was being mean to the girl, as perhaps he felt cheated in the deal. Then Digiko shot him with her eye beams. She said that they could have the concert anyway.

That night, Digiko, Puchiko, and the little girl sang "Party Night" (in a new, unpleasant sounding remix) at the concert. Everybody seemed to be pleased. Hikaru finally got out of the house, but she couldn't see with all of her makeup. She threw it all off along with her costume, and went to the concert as Rabi en Rose.

(There was something important discussed in the end, but I didn't understand half of it.)

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