Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 8

Digi Charat Nyo episode 8
Itokono Neechan ka nyo
Digiko Megane ha Kowai nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.15

Itokono Neechan ka nyo

Gema was having a review over the last episode about how the fake Akari showed up.

Rabi en Rose mentioned that she and Akari were friends a long time ago before she became an idol. Everybody was shocked to hear this. Digiko and the others thought that it was a lie. But Rabi showed everybody her debut album as proof. Digiko started sniffing Rabi, claiming that she "smelled" something. Rabi got very mad.

Rabi then talked about how she knew something that the others didn't know. She had a flashback and said that they used to play together when she was young. Rabi said that she was like a older sister.

When others teased a young Rabi en Rose about her rabbit ears, Akari came and scared off the bullies. Rabi was crying, and she wanted to know if having rabbit ears was a bad thing. But then Akari then sang a cute (and silly) song about how rabbit ears were cool. The bullies were so moved by the song that they came back with palm leaves tied to their foreheads like rabbit ears. Rabi said that when she grew up, she wanted to be like her. Akari said that she wanted to be a super idol. Rabi said that she'd be her first fan.

By this time, nobody was listening to Rabi and they were all fooling around in the background. But Rabi continued with her story, as she wasn't looking at them.

She said that Akari tried really hard to become a super idol. She had to do tough jobs like fishing and gardening as training. Rabi would watch her from a distance and admired her.

One day, Rabi gave Akari a gift. She handed her a strawberry-shaped pouch to hold her things. Akari liked it very much and wore it every day. Then she ran off to another one of her jobs.

The present Rabi said that it eventually became one of her trademarks. Rabi said that she wondered if she was doing okay, since she hasn't talked to her in person in a long time. However, Digiko and the others were playing a game of tag in the background and weren't listening.

Then everybody went home so they could see Akari appearing on some TV show. Rabi quickly ran after them. The TV show had the same opening song as the Di Gi Charat Nyo.

Akari said that she was going to show them a new dance move. She began hopping around all over the screen. But then the host interrupted saying that she was to present a prize to some champion. Then she said that she forgot and then she gave him a big trophy. Everybody then gave him some light applause.

Then Akari said that she had her favorite song that she'd like to sing. In the audience were John and Paul (the rest were small school children), and they were very happy.

Then Akari began to sing the song that she sang to Hikaru when she was young. Rabi was very excited, saying that she remembered after all this time. Everybody was shocked and they began to believe her story. Then Hikaru said that they should have trusted her.

The host asked her where she got the song, but Akari said that it was some children's song that she heard when she was little. Rabi was shocked beyond words. Digiko didn't waste any time in telling Rabi that she was a fraud. Rabi began talking to the TV, saying that she couldn't have forgotten her.

Then the host asked her where did she get her cute pouch. Rabi listened very carefully. But Akari said that she made it herself. Rabi screamed at the TV that it was a present from her. Then the show ended.

Digiko and the others began teasing her about how she was a liar. Rabi en Rose screamed, "They weren't lies!!"

Digiko Megane ha Kowai nyo

Digiko shot Gema with the eye-beams again, and he flew several miles away, and bounced on the ground several times. Meanwhile, Digiko was drinking tea, saying how nice it was.

Later, Kiyoshi was putting medicine on all of Gema's wounds. Gema was saying that Digiko was dangerous because she used her eye-beams all the time. Kiyoshi felt sorry for him. However, Yasushi had a "brilliant" plan.

Yasushi worked all night building it. Then Gema looked at it and said that she would never know what hit her. They both had the expression that was the same as Golgo 13's.

Digiko was walking down the street. Everything was black and white, and she couldn't figure out where everybody was. She saw Yasushi and Kiyoshi, and ran after them. But when they turned around, they had bells in their hair, and they had large round eyes like Digiko. They all began talking about using eye-beams. Then they began swaggering like zombies. Digiko screamed in terror and ran.

Then Digiko saw Puchiko and the old couple from the bakery. She hoped that they would help. But when they turned around, they also had bells and the large eyes.

Soon, the entire town appeared. They all looked like Digiko clones. They all surrounded her and shot their eye-beams at her.

Digiko woke up and realized that it was just a dream.

She went outside but nobody was there. She got a little nervous. But then she quickly explained it as Gema and Yasushi were out, and Kiyoshi went to school.

[During this episode, there was a running gag where a couple went to the forest and a giant one-eyed cat appeared. They tried to "henshin" to battle it. They only show you a few seconds of the action in between scenes, and from what I can tell, the joke is very lame.]

Digiko was hungry, so she went to the bakery, and noticed that the old couple, when they turned around, were wearing Digiko glasses so they looked like her. Digiko freaked out and screamed what were they. They took off their glasses and said that Yasushi had given them their pair. They thought that they were cool. But with the glasses, Digiko no longer felt hungry. So she went home.

Digiko was very angry about the glasses. But as she walked around town, she noticed that everybody in the shopping center was wearing them. Digiko was particularly horrified when she saw her face on a dog (which began peeing on a lamppost).

Digiko went to the park. Gema, who was wearing the special glasses, was leading a group of people (mostly kids) into his "army". Gema wanted to show them how to do the tricks with the special glasses. Pushing the left bell would make her cry tears as if she was sorry. Pushing the right one would make her stop crying. Then Gema said that if you pressed them both at the same time, then you'd shoot the eye-beams. All the kids quickly said that it was cool. Yasushi was so happy that he'd made something so great. He was anticipating many orders for the product.

Gema then ordered them to find Digiko and shoot her with the eye beams. They all quickly agreed. Digiko was freaking out. The townies began chanting their crazy war chant ("Gema! Gema!").

Suddenly Rabi en Rose appeared (without glasses) and slapped Digiko on the back, asking what was she doing. Digiko didn't see her so she started screaming. The townies quickly saw where she was. Rabi didn't know what was happening. But the townies surrounded the both of them.

Digiko quickly started pleading for her life. But Gema wasn't going to forgive her for all the things he did to her. Digiko had nowhere to run, and was going hysterical. Rabi didn't have any idea what was happening. Gema did a countdown, and then pressed both of the buttons. Digiko screamed loudly. But the glasses only blinked their LEDs from inside. Gema couldn't figure out what had happened. But Rabi en Rose got very excited and asked to see them. She put them on and squeezed the buttons saying, "Eye beams!". She thought that it was very funny.

Yasushi was so happy. Gema asked why there weren't real beams. Yasushi said that it was too dangerous to use real beams. But he thought that they were so cool anyway. Meanwhile, all the townsfolk had thrown away the glasses because they didn't shoot real beams.

Digiko was so furious. She said, "You want to see the real thing?" She shot Gema and Yasushi with the beams, and they left a vapor trail in the sky.

Meanwhile, Puchiko was trying on the glasses yelling, "Eye beams! Eye beams!" But of course nothing happened. Puchiko was very disappointed and upset at this and threw the glasses away.

A trash can went around picking up all the discarded glasses. It told the viewers that they should always put trash in its proper place, and it waved at everybody.

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