Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 9

Digi Charat Nyo episode 9
Digiko no Wagashizukuri nyo
Kiyoshi, Sugoi nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.18

Digiko no Wagashizukuri nyo

Puchiko was reading a story about some boy that worked very hard, doing whatever he could for his parents. She was moved by this story.

I think that Daifuku and Kinako wanted to go on vacation somewhere, but Puchiko didn't want to go. But then they decided to go anyway, and they packed up a lot of stuff, including throwing Puchiko in a bag. Then they ran as fast as they could to the airport. However, when the plane had left the airport, they realized that Puchiko wasn't with them. Puchiko had used a pair of scissors and escaped from the bag.

Digiko had shot a customer with her eye-beams. Gema yelled at her, but she left the toy store anyway. Digiko threatened to shoot Gema as well, so he let her get away with it. They both went to the bakery.

Some guy wanted a dessert, I believe. But as he ran to the door, the ground exploded and he was thrown back. Digiko, who was walking up to the store, saw Puchiko walking out of the store. Digiko said that it was dangerous, but nothing happened. I believe that Daifuku and Kinako had enabled some "security devices" when they left to go on vacation.

Puchiko told the guy that he could come back sometime later, as the bakery wasn't open. But the man said that he had to have something, because it was his mom's birthday.

Digiko and Gema were arguing about what to do. Then Puchiko said that it was okay, and she could make something. Then she went into the store.

Digiko decided that she would help. She rode on Gema so she wouldn't step on the land mines. But she was so heavy that Gema touched the ground, blowing himself up but Digiko was safe. Digiko was at the porch of the store and yelled at the guy to stay there because there were explosives. The guy started to complain about using explosives, but then Gema fell out of the skies on him.

Inside, Digiko got together some pans and got very excited about cooking. She said that this was the first time that she's ever done this. Gema suggested against this, but Digiko said that she had could borrow a cookbook and figure out what to do. But Digiko didn't read the cookbook, saying that she could figure it out, and started throwing random ingredients in a pot.

Meanwhile, Puchiko was making something metallic. She had a blowtorch and was welding something together.

Digiko looked at her pot of stuff. It didn't look like a cake at all. Gema and Digiko couldn't figure out what went wrong. So Digiko dumped the stuff on a table, and said that you had to knead it. Puchiko continued to hammer whatever she was building together, saying that it was up to her. Digiko, meanwhile, got frustrated with kneading her "cake" so she decided that she would just shoot it with her eye-beams. She then said, "It's done!"

Yasushi was running up to the bakery calling for Puchiko. He was carrying a lot of stuff on his back, saying that he wanted to do stuff with her. But then he stepped on a land mine and blew himself up.

Digiko's "cake" was trying to crawl off the table and escape. Digiko whacked it with her spoon and it "died".

Digiko didn't want to use the cake she had made, so she just stuffed Gema inside the gift box. Digiko then said that she had finished her dessert for the guy outside. Gema of course said that this wasn't acceptable. But Digiko didn't care and wrapped up the box. She then told Puchiko that she had taken care of the problem. Puchiko continued to weld, ignoring her.

Digiko put the box on a long pole and handed it to the guy. The guy wanted to know why the box kept moving on its own, but she said not to worry about it. The guy took the box and was very happy. But as he was leaving, he stepped on another land mine.

The man's mother opened the box, and the guy said that it was her favorite dessert. Gema got very scared but then he realized that he was sitting on top of some of Digiko's "cake". He jumped out of the box saying that he was sorry. Some of the cake flew into the mother's mouth. The man started to freak out after he saw Gema jump out of it, and started chasing him around the room. Digiko thought that it was a disaster. But the mother said that the cake was the best, as it was like what she ate when she was a little girl. Neither Gema nor the man could believe it.

Puchiko was standing outside the bakery and said that she had finally finished. It turned out that she had made a blank sign that covered up the store sign, so nobody would know that the it was a bakery anymore.

Kiyoshi, Sugoi nyo

It was morning, and Kiyoshi woke up to somebody cooking something in the kitchen. But then Digiko, who was cooking, started to burn it. Then Digiko shot the food with her eye-beams. She then said that it was finished. Kiyoshi saw this and became very afraid to eat anything.

Kiyoshi went to school after he ate breakfast. He felt terrible because his stomach was so upset. During class, Kiyoshi could only grip his stomach, since it hurt.

In class, the teacher wanted him to stand up and answer a question. He did it, but then his eyes started to itch. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the chalkboard. Then he shot eye-beams out of his eyes, just like Digiko. Kiyoshi, and everybody else in the class, had no idea what had just happened. Then Yasushi rubbed his eyes, and slime came out of it, just like Puchiko's eye-beams. The teacher said that he was not to use eye beams in class. But Kiyoshi said that he wasn't doing it on purpose.

Things started to get worse. Kiyoshi started shooting different eye-beams everywhere he looked. Hikaru told him to just close his eyes. He did it and naturally everything stopped. Then one guy said, "What's that [outside the window]?" and pointed. Kiyoshi looked and his eyebeams became machine-gun bullets that blew a hole in the window. Everybody in class thought that it was so cool and they clapped. Kiyoshi got mad that he was being used as a sideshow, but then more things fell out of his eyes. This time, he dropped all kinds of mechanical junk out of his eyes for no reason.

The teacher went to the principal telling him about this dilemma. The principal gave him some kind of paper that declared eye-beams illegal at school. Then the teacher left as this made him feel better.

Outside, Kiyoshi had shot all kinds of things out of his eyes. They included portable stereos, live snakes, kitchen appliances, and some weird dancing people. Kiyoshi became very upset that he couldn't stop having weird things coming out of his eyes. He wouldn't be able to talk to any of his family members about this. But Hikaru said that maybe they could talk to Digiko since she was the expert on eye-beams.

Digiko was there and said something that I didn't understand. She didn't want to help, because of something that Rabi said. But then Hikaru said that this was serious. Then she grabbed Kiyoshi and held him like a weapon. Then Kiyoshi shot eye-beams and blew off a corner of the school. Gema said that was incredible.

Then Digiko used her "princess power up" to call Puchiko for help. But Puchiko was tied up with the old couple and couldn't leave. But Puchiko said that she'd come up with an excuse to leave. Then she scared Kinako and Daifuku.

Some students were looking at the new edict on eye-beams. But then the punks of the school came and wanted to shoot eye-beams because they were bad apples. The leader struggled and some kind of steel marble shot out of his eyes. Puchiko went up to him and asked if he had seen Digiko. I think that the guy didn't want to help, and mentioned something about the "weird" power. Puchiko said, "It's not weird, it's eye beams." Then she shot real eye-beams at the floor near the leader's feet. The punks wanted her to teach them how to do it too, but Puchiko left.

Puchiko, Digiko, and Gema were at one side of the schoolground. Hikaru and Kiyoshi were on the other. They were having an argument because Hikaru said that eye-beams were weird and he needed to be cured. But to the natives of Di Gi Charat, eye-beams were cool and something that only special people could do. Digiko said that he was their rival, because he could do eye-beams too.

Then Kiyoshi and Puchiko tried shooting eye beams at each other. But only weird junk came out of their eyes. Gema turned traitor and went over to Kiyoshi and started whacking him on the back of the head to make his beams come out faster. Each time, Kiyoshi would dump weird junk out of his eyes. Kiyoshi and Puchiko made a huge mess on the ground. Finally, Hikaru punched Gema so he would stop hitting Kiyoshi.

All of the stuff that Kiyoshi made merged into a pink monster. Puchiko's stuff merged together into a yellow monster. The two monsters began to fight each other. Digiko and Puchiko were rooting for their monster to win. But Gema said that Kiyoshi's side would win. But all Kiyoshi wanted was to turn normal again.

Hikaru was running around in the school looking for a place to change. She transformed into Rabi en Rose. But really she just changed in the girl's bathroom.

Outside, Kiyoshi's stomach started to really hurt bad. He crossed his legs and started to hobble as fast as he could to the bathroom. He ran past Rabi en Rose, even before she got to do her special pose. Gema got pulled along with Kiyoshi, and got flushed down the toilet.

The monsters were still fighting outside, but Kiyoshi came out saying that he felt better and he wasn't shooting eye beams anymore. Then the monsters just shrank and disappeared.

Everybody seemed to be happy that whatever Kiyoshi ate to make him act strange was now out of his system. But Hikaru was upset at Digiko for starting all this mess. But she was going home with Puchiko.

Kiyoshi apologized to Hikaru for his eye beams. But Hikaru said that it was okay, even though the corner of the school was blown up, and junk was lying all over the running track. They decided to go home.

Then something started to come out of the toilet that Kiyoshi used. There was an explosion, and a dirty, giant golden person (who looked like Abarenbou or Mr. Violence) came out and flew into space. [I personally thought that this was incredibly disgusting.]

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