Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 11

Digi Charat Nyo episode 11
Manmaru Jinja no ikimono nyo
Kowai Picnic nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.22

Manmaru Jinja no ikimono nyo

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were at a bookstore and they were doing the tachiyomi. Digiko saw Hikaru walk by them, behaving very strangely, as she was checking to see if anybody was following her. Digiko and the others followed Hikaru to Manmaru Jinja. The shrine had very tall torii (like 100 feet tall).

Digiko and the others went inside the shrine, and it was very big. They saw Hikaru again, but when Digiko tried to go after her, she fell on her face. Amaenbo had grabbed her tail and tripped her. She snatched the tail out of his hands and began to abuse the boy. However, he didn't seem to mind.

Then Amaenbo pointed to a tent. I believe that the tent was selling sweets. Digiko said that she didn't have time for it. But the boy clutched to her arm, insisting that she take him. Digiko just threw him far away. Amaenbo ended up next to the shrine's torii, and he began to climb it (maybe to find the tent?).

At the actual temple, the others saw Kinako making a prayer to a weird looking, pink baby god. She was asking for her cookies to be sweet for Puchiko. Then she left and went further into the temple. Digiko and the others followed her.

Kinako then prayed to some hairy looking god for the same thing. Then Puchiko went up to her and started talking to Kinako (I didn't understand this). Kinako was very surprised, but she left shortly afterwards.

The Digiko and the others decided that they would pray too. I didn't understand all of their wishes, but Puchiko wished for eye-beams.

There was some noise, as Hikaru was "transforming". Digiko got mad as somebody was talking while she was praying. Then she realized that it was Rabi en Rose nearby and she remembered that was why she was here in the first place. They went over to where Rabi was going.

Rabi was standing by a pond. Digiko and the others asked what she was doing. Rabi quickly said that it was nothing, but she was clearly hiding something. The others kept wanting to look around her, but she blocked them, saying that there wasn't anything to see. Then Gema pulled out a box of Japanese cucumbers and asked why did she have this. Rabi screamed to put it away, but it was too late. The kappa that she was hiding jumped out and landed in front of the box.

The kappa was egg-shaped and had a "ma" character written upside down on its belly. Rabi said that it was her best friend, Majingabbo. Digiko said that it was weird to have that as a friend. Rabi pointed to Gema and said that she hung out with a weirdo, too. Gema got mad. But Digiko said that it was different since she didn't consider Gema a friend anyway. Gema got very mad.

Then Rabi said that Majingabbo was very cool. She showed that the kappa could create water from nothing. Rabi said that it was very "suteki". But Digiko didn't seem to think so.

Then all of them heard some crying. They went over to the front of the shrine and saw that Amaenbo had climbed to the top of the tall torii and had gotten too scared to climb back down.

Gema tried to pull the boy off of the torii, but Amaenbo just punched him away. Digiko tried talking to him to come down, but it didn't work. Then Rabi said that she had some nice cucumbers if he came down, and that didn't work either.

A big crowd of people appeared to look at this dilemma.

Then Majingabbo waddled up to the shrine, and it created a spring of water from one of its hands. The water went up and started spraying Amaenbo. It was tickling him, so he started laughing and let go of the pole. He started to fall, and everybody was scared. But Gema flattened out and caught the boy before he hit the ground.

Everybody in the crowd started to say that "he" was a hero. Gema started acting modest, and seemed to be pleased that others finally respected him. But Digiko shot him with her eye-beams. The crowd was actually cheering for Majingabbo. Digiko said that he was very cool.

Rabi then gave a Japanese cucumber to Amaenbo. He took a bite out of it, and then was hacking and spat it out. Rabi didn't seem to notice.

Majingabbo then walked off into the sunset, just like in a Western movie.

Kowai Picnic nyo

Gema was trying to make onigiri, but he couldn't get the rice to stick together in a nice ball. He got very angry and started beating on the rice. Digiko came in the room and asked him about lunch very politely. But Gema was still fuming over the onigiri, and wasn't listening. Digiko started yelling at him, until Gema gave her a dirty look. But when Gema showed Digiko his onigiri, they were extremely ugly. They looked almost abstract sculptures. Digiko got excited saying that Gema was very "artistic". Gema asked if she was serious, and she quickly replied that she was lying. she then began talking about how this was going to ruin the picnic.

Kiyoshi was washing his hands by the sink and explained to both of them how to make onigiri properly.

Yasushi was making something in one corner of the room. Whatever it was, it was black and was moving around on its own. Digiko told him to hurry since they were going on a picnic. Then she asked him what he was doing. But he quickly covered the object with his body and said that it was nothing.

Gema had made three bento boxes. Digiko was surprised to see how good they looked. Gema said that he made them with Kiyoshi's help, but Kiyoshi was modest about it. Yasushi then wrapped up the bento boxes and took them away, saying that he would bring the food. He was acting very suspicious.

Digiko and the others stopped by the bakery to pick up Puchiko. Puchiko said that this was the first time that they went on a picnic. Kinako and Daifuku then got very scared, saying that there was a monster in the forest. But everybody decided that they were going to be all right. Puchiko said that she would be careful, and they left.

Hikaru was on the roof of the beauty salon. She had just gotten up recently, and she saw Digiko and all the others walk by talking about a picnic. When she saw Kiyoshi, she got very excited and decided that she would come up with a plan to get herself invited. She then got out a cardboard box and went inside. Then she transformed into Rabi en Rose.

Rabi went out to the hiking trail ahead of Digiko and the others. She then pulled out a futon and got in it. She imagined that she would "sleep" in the middle of the road until Kiyoshi walked up. He would see her and ask her what she was doing. Then she could make an excuse, and invite herself to their picnic.

But nobody saw Rabi. They proceeded to just step on her and keep going. In fact, several of the people jumped up and down on the futon, saying that it was kind of bouncy. (Rabi's expression on her face is funny). Rabi recovered after they left, and yelled out loud that she wanted to go on a picnic also. She then ran after them.

They finally found a good spot, and Digiko said that it was time to eat the obento. But when Kiyoshi unwrapped the obento, he found out that there were just empty cookie tins. Everybody was horrified except for Yasushi, who said that he did it on purpose. Then before Yasushi could explain, Puchiko gave him a flying kick to the head (hilarious). He started talking again, and then Digiko stomped on his head. Everybody was furious.

But Yasushi said that he did it to try his new invention. It was some toy which looked like an elephant on a beach ball. He said that he would order it to bring him the obento. He then pushed the remote control. Off in the distance, by the shop, you could see a small explosion. Everybody was going to kill him, but they were too tired since they were so hungry and they had no food.

They started to wander around the forest. But then Puchiko smelled some food. They went out and saw a little wooden house in a clearing. They wondered whose it was. But by the fire, there was a large stack of meat cooking over it, and they went over to it. Rabi en Rose didn't realize that she was sitting in the lap of a giant that was right next to them.

The giant stood up, and the anime explained that he was "W. C. Nichol" (NOTE: It was written "niku-o-ru", with the kanji "niku", meaning meat).

W.C. started to say, "Meat!" He started to wave around some meat in his hands. Then everybody decided to run away, but he followed them. Kiyoshi said that maybe they looked like ham. But then Digiko said that she would stop him, and used her eye-beams. But they only hit one of the sticks of meat in the giant's hand. He smelled it, and said that it had a nice smoky aroma. Digiko was really proud of herself. But then she realized that her eye beams were useless. Then they began running again, and the giant followed them.

But they ran to a cliff's edge and had to stop. The giant had them cornered. But then somebody was throwing rocks at the giant. The giant turned around and saw that Daifuku and Kinako were there. Daifuku was using a slingshot to throw beads at a giant. They said that they weren't going to let the monster have Puchiko.

But then W.C. and Daifuku recognized each other. The giant said that it was long time no see. He tried running over to Daifuku, but he was so big that he accidentally stepped on him. Then Kinako screamed.

That night, W.C. and everybody was around the campfire near his house. Daifuku explained how he knew W.C. (it didn't sound important). Then W.C. invited everybody to eat the food with him.

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