Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 14

Digi Charat Nyo episode 14
Rabi-en tanjou no Himitsu
Mekara Beam wo dasanai nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.25

Rabi-en tanjou no Himitsu

Hikaru woke up in the morning. She then drank some orange juice; she kept a carton by her bed for some reason.

Then "Oscar" showed up again and talked about orange juice for some reason. (At least, I think that was what he was saying).

Hikaru turned into Rabi en Rose and was looking at a silly photograph of Kiyoshi. She thought about how he didn't know her alter-ego was her. Then some familiar shadows appeared at the window. The female voice said, "Usada...", but Rabi was so engrossed that she said, "It's not Usada, but Rabi..." Then she realized somebody was watching and hid the picture.

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were pressed up against the window, making some hideous faces. Rabi was horrified. Then the trio opened the window and came into the room. Rabi complained that they could have used the front door.

Then Digiko and Puchiko began snooping around the room. Digiko didn't like the decor of the bed. Then she was going to look in Rabi en Rose's closet, but Rabi quickly said that there wasn't anything there and stood in front of the door. Digiko then got very interested at knowing what was behind the door. Puchiko sniffed the air as if there was something fishy with Rabi's story. Rabi complained that every person had the right to some secrets. Gema was complaining that this wasn't right, but Puchiko pointed out that he had a camera to snap pictures.

Rabi said that they wouldn't let them see. Then Digiko and Puchiko's eyes lit up and said that they would have to resort to their secret weapon. Rabi thought that they were going to use their eye-beams on her, and screamed. But Digiko and Puchiko just tickled her, so she couldn't cover the doorway. Digiko opened the door, and Gema snapped some pictures. The closet held only the costumes that Rabi en Rose wore. They were of different sizes, as if she had been wearing them all of her life.

Rabi explained that she had been wearing the costume forever. Puchiko then tried to put on one of the smaller outfits, but she couldn't get her head through the opening. Rabi pulled out a photo album and showed them pictures when she was a baby. (Puchiko kept the dress around her head, which looked very funny).

Rabi had a flashback showing her as a newborn baby in the hospital. She was in the room where they keep all the babies behind the glass window. Then a bright light appeared around her body, and all the nurses in the room screamed and ran. As a little baby, she was wearing a small version of the costume. Rabi said that that was the first time that she transformed. She grew up with the ability and it showed her learning to fly with her helicopter ears when she was young.

Digiko was bored and was drinking her orange juice. Puchiko was still trying to put on her outfit. Rabi told Puchiko to be careful, as her costumes were very special to her. Then Puchiko tore the dress, and Rabi went ballistic. Puchiko quickly put the dress back on a hanger and hung it in the closet. She told Rabi that she didn't really see that. But Rabi began crying.

Then Rabi's parents came in the room to see what the fuss was. They saw that she had the photo album out and talked about when Hikaru was little. Digiko asked if she really did transform when she was younger, and they said yes. She asked more questions about how her parents met (something like that).

It showed the father back when he was young, and he had the "codename (something)-Aoi". He was wearing sunglasses and a blue jumpsuit, and he was pushing a blue moped through a crowd. He ran into a "man" wearing a pink suit and cloak, and was pushing a pink cart. "His" codename was (something)-Rouge. When they saw each other, there was a huge explosion. They got married shortly afterwards. Then they said that they quickly got pregnant with Hikaru on their honeymoon.

They then had this "love aura" around Rabi and her parents. Digiko and the others seemed to be disgusted by all of this.

Then Rabi continued her flashback. It showed how she first went to school and met Kiyoshi on the first day. She said that she was in love with him at first sight, but she couldn't tell him about her transformation secret. One day, Hikaru came home, and then she screamed at her parents that she would never transform again. Her mom began shaking and making a funny sound. Then her mom sneezed and she felt better.

One day, as Hikaru was going home from school, she saw Kiyoshi. Somehow Kiyoshi had gotten entangled with their weird furry monster that sometimes roamed around town. Hikaru tried pulling Kiyoshi free, but then the creature began running around, dragging them along with it. Finally, Kiyoshi and Hikaru were thrown free. But they ended up in a gap in a seashell adjacent to the school and they were stuck. They screamed for help but nobody came.

Hikaru apologized for getting them into trouble, but Kiyoshi didn't mind. He was saying that if only one of them could transform and help them escape. Hikaru asked if he didn't hate people that could transform, and he said that he didn't. Then something began crawling on Kiyoshi's face, and he was distracted.

Then Hikaru whispered her transformation message, and she turned into Rabi en Rose. Rabi used her ears to push the shell away from them. She seemed to strain under this feat, however. Kiyoshi said that they were saved, but then he saw that Hikaru wasn't there. Rabi quickly said that she wasn't Hikaru but her name was Rabi en Rose. Then Kiyoshi wanted to thank her, but he forgot her name again. As she was saying it, Rabi lost control and they got trapped in the shell again.

Digiko and Puchiko were so bored that Digiko put Puchiko in a futon and told her that it was the end of the story. (I think). Rabi got mad and said that there was more.

Eventually, Rabi and Kiyoshi got free from the shell. She flew away on her helicopter ears and he said goodbye. It seemed that Kiyoshi never did figure out that Rabi en Rose was really Hikaru. Rabi seemed to be very pleased with this memory. Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema didn't seem to think the same way. Rabi screamed at Digiko that this is the reason why she wanted to be called Rabi en Rose when in costume.

Then Hikaru's parents said, "Bravo!" to the story, and Rabi hugged them. They had another "love aura". Then Rabi noticed that Digiko and the others weren't there anymore. They were walking home as they got tired of the whole thing.

Mekara Beam wo dasanai nyo

It was nighttime, and Digiko shot Gema, Kiyoshi, and Yasushi with her eye-beams. It turned out that Digiko wanted to eat the entire half-gallon of ice cream by herself and didn't want to share. The others sat in the other room and said that Digiko's eye-beams were really out of control. But nobody really had a plan about what they could do about it. Finally, Gema said that he had an idea that would make Digiko never shoot eye-beams again.

The next morning, Gema, Yasushi, and Kiyoshi woke up Digiko in the morning. They said that they found something important. Gema said that he found the "Suteki na Fancy Lovely Princess no Otome no Yume" guidebook. (That's the "Super-Cool Fancy Lovely Female Princess Dream" guidebook). But Digiko said that she had never heard of a such thing, but Kiyoshi and Yasushi quickly made up a lie saying that it was being test marketed now.

The book was put together with yarn and had hand-written text and pictures in it. But they turned the page to an important section about eye-beams. The book said that real princesses couldn't use eye-beams. Digiko was very shocked. Yasushi, Kiyoshi, and Gema said that Digiko couldn't do it, but Digiko got mad saying that there wasn't anything that she couldn't do, and said that she didn't need eye-beams. Then Gema and the others left the room.

Later, Digiko left. She was saying something evil, saying that as long as Gema and the others at the toy store didn't see, she could still use her eye-beams.

Then she stopped by the bakery. The old couple said hello and hoped that she was having luck with not using her eye-beams. Digiko yelled at them, asking how did they learn that. Puchiko pointed to the posters all over town that told people that Digiko couldn't use her eye-beams as part of her princess training. It said to tell Gema if they saw her do it. Digiko totally went ballistic. She was going to use the eye-beams on the poster, but then she realized that Daifuku and Kinako were watching her. Digiko quickly said that she was actually trying to do a silly dance, and the old couple was relieved.

Digiko was furious because everybody knew. She was walking down the street when Rabi en Rose called out to her. Digiko knew that this was going to get bad. Rabi and her parents went over to give her encouragement about not using eye-beams. They created a flying ship with an huge advertisement saying that they were telling everybody about her attempt to not use eye-beams as part of her training.

Digiko screamed in horror, and was going to shoot it down with her eye-beams. Then she noticed that everybody was watching. Then she said that she was actually playing, "Who am I?" and covered her eyes. (Like the children's game where you cover up another person's eyes from behind them.)

Then the annoying concert promoter guy came up to Digiko. Digiko was going to blast him, but then she just insulted him instead. He was still furious, but Digiko and Puchiko walked away from him.

Then John and Paul were showing Digiko their T-shirts. They were "gambare" shirts and they quickly began a cheerleader-type cheer for Digiko. Digiko screamed for them to shut up, and was going to blast them. But then she made up some kind of comeback that made John and Paul very happy. Digiko then laid on the ground, totally digusted with herself.

Digiko was slowly going crazy because she couldn't shoot anything with her eyes. She went to the park and was going to shoot her eye-beams while nobody was looking. But then eyes popped up everywhere ("the hills have eyes") and Digiko couldn't do it.

Digiko went home looking like a zombie.

Gema, Kiyoshi, and Yasushi were sitting at home watching a very boring game show on TV, and eating rice crackers. Apparently, without Digiko to blow up things, there was a lack of excitement around town.

Then Puchiko came in and said that something terrible was happening to Digiko. They went to Digiko's room, and Digiko was twirling in place. Apparently, Digiko had become so obsessed about being a real princess that she was now turning into another person. She looked like an adult, with her face resembled a shoujo manga character. The others were confused about this new change. Then Digiko said in a robotic voice that she couldn't use eye-beams. It was very creepy and the others freaked out.

That night, they watched Digiko sleep. When she slept, her head swelled up and she began floating off the ground. Her body also began crackling with energy, and steam began shooting out of her ears. Gema explained that without using eye-beams, all of her energy was being stored up in her with no method of escape. He showed a graphic that showed her energy capacity being at 80% full. Then Yasushi claimed that if they didn't get rid of this energy, then her head would explode, destroying the Earth with it. Kiyoshi said that he had a plan.

Kiyoshi and Yasushi put trash bags next to Digiko's ears while she slept. Gema gently pressed down on her face so the energy would shoot into the trash bags instead. Apparently her energy was like gas. They eventually filled many bags, and Digiko looked normal again and didn't wake up during the extraction process.

The others were relieved, but they wondered what they were going to do with the bags. Gema and Yasushi decided that they would dump the garbage in somebody else's lot and let it be their problem. They all walked down the street in the middle of the night carrying the bags. They were going to dump it, but then an old woman saw them. She pulled out a stick and whacked one of the bags (gently). The bags then had a huge explosion. Everybody was blown up, but Gema, Yasushi, and Kiyoshi crawled away before they could be identified.

The next day, Digiko woke up saying that she felt really great. She said that she could endure a second day of not shooting eye-beams. Gema, Yasushi, and Kiyoshi, however, were all bandaged. Yasushi and Kiyoshi held up a huge sign with a target on it. They said that Digiko should shoot the target with her eye-beams.

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