Di Gi Charat Nyo episode 15

Digi Charat Nyo episode 15
Akihabara ni Otsukai nyo
Korega Manatsu no Akihabara nyo
  • summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.08.27

Akihabara ni Otsukai nyo

It was very hot in the summer. Kiyoshi went home and saw that Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema were freezing themselves. They had the air conditioner on maximum, and they were sitting in a kiddie pool filled with a huge block of ice. Gema had simply frozen into a block. Digiko and Puchiko were making themselves sick by eating shaved ice desserts as well.

Kiyoshi immediately turned off the AC and opened the window. Then he poured hot water on Gema so he would defrost. But Digiko complained afterwards that it was so hot.

Kiyoshi then told him that it was summer vacation. Digiko didn't know what that was. Then he explained it (I believe) as having no pressure from school or work. Digiko and Puchiko were very happy to know this, even though they never did anything anyway.

Then Yasushi came in wearing a shirt that said Akihabara on it. He said that they were going there for vacation. Then Kiyoshi got very happy. Digiko asked what was Akihabara, and Yasushi explained that it was a really fun place. But Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema weren't interested. Then Yasushi begged them to go saying that it was a dreamland. Then Digiko and Puchiko said quietly that they didn't want to go, but maybe they might have an amusement park there. So they all took a train out to there.

When they got there, Digiko and Puchiko couldn't believe it. The town was filled with people that looked like cylinders and had no arms or legs. Even Gema said that it was weird. But Yasushi and Kiyoshi were all excited to be there.

Then Yasushi and Kiyoshi began walking down the street to go shopping. Digiko and the rest of the bunch quickly ran after them, out of fear of being lost in this place. But the place was very crowded. Even though Yasushi and Kiyoshi were able to move around people as if they were from the movie "The Matrix", Digiko and the others just ran into the people.

Then Yasushi saw a bargain sale at one of the stores with people fighting over them. Then Kiyoshi saw a store called "Otaku" with a "180% off" sale. Kiyoshi immediately stood in line at the store so he could buy some manga. This left Digiko and Puchiko to wander the streets of Akihabara alone and miserable. They dodged people as if it was a video game.

Suddenly, they heard a loud trampling sound. They saw a hundred people running down the street with signing boards. They were trying to go to some idol event. They ran over Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema, who got thrown around and eventually ended up inside an electronics store.

The electronics store was very dark inside, and a lot of people were hovering around the glowing computer screens. Digiko didn't know what a computer was. Then a salesperson came over and started talking about the "custom features" that one of the models had. Meanwhile, Puchiko looked at the computer mouse that was dangling off of the shelf. She figured that it was a tee ball and started smacking it. As the man continued to babble about the computer, Digiko's lifeforce began draining out of her. Then Puchiko tried yanking on the mouse as if it was a toy. More salespeople came over to "assist" Digiko. One of them talked about point cards.

Digiko and Puchiko escaped because they put in ear plugs and walked away from them while they were still talking.

They ended up in a very dark room that seemed to be filled with a lot of junk. A scary looking balloon floated over by Gema, and he screamed in terror. Then Digiko wondered what could be all these old, weird toys. Suddenly, John and Paul appeared from beneath the toys, scaring them. They explained that the toys were old character goods to shows. They were digging through the stuff as if they were lost treasure. Digiko and the others left thinking that it was very lame.

They went upstairs and saw Kiyoshi playing some new handheld game. He told them that there was something upstairs. Then Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema ran up there to see what it was.

However, the only thing upstairs the Love Love Angel Sisters were having their idol presentation. The idols were busty and they wore costumes that looked more like bikinis, so they had a lot of skin exposed. They were promoting some new game, saying that if you bought it today, you could get a special edition version that contained some extra junk. There were many guys in the audience and they totally went for it. Digiko was saying that this was only for losers. But John and Paul were in the audience, chanting out the girls' names along with the official fan club. Digiko and Puchiko shivered, as if a cold wind blew past them.

They left and followed some weird winding hallway. They fell through the a trap door in the floor. They saw some doorway that said something like the virtual reality room. They went inside, but it was very dark. When the door closed, space invaders (like the old Atari game) started shooting at them.

But before Digiko could use her eye-beams, the scenery changed and then it was a giant T-Rex dinosaur trying to eat them. Puchiko used her eye beams and made a disgusting yellow slime puddle. But she was pleased anyway. Then Digiko and the others ran from the dinosaur.

Suddenly, the scenery changed again. Gema found himself inside a K-1 kickboxing ring. Digiko and Puchiko were outside and cheered for him. Then the opposing kickboxer came over and beat the crap out of Gema.

Then the scenery changed again. Digiko was wearing a leather costume and a sword. Puchiko was wearing a similar outfit. They were being chased around by zombies and some "slimes" (i.e., like Poring from Ragnarok). They ran but they eventually ended up in some underground tunnel that was blocked by lava. They thought that they were done for it, but then John and Paul showed up in an electric car. (The car was on a track, like an amusement park ride).

Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema got in the car, and the drove out to the exit. When they got out they collapsed saying that they were glad to get out of there.

Then they saw Rabi en Rose running around in the crowd. Digiko and the others were wondering what she was doing here, so they followed her. They made sure that Rabi didn't spot them, but they didn't hide all that well. Digiko and Puchiko were planning to sneak up on her and humiliate her on whatever secret reason she had for being here.

Back in the Neko Maneki Shopping Center, the old couple was freaking out because Puchiko had went to Akihabara. They were worried about her.

Korega Manatsu no Akihabara nyo

Rabi continued walking through the crowd, and she seemed very happy for some reason. Digiko, Puchiko, and Gema followed her.

Outside the store were three sentai guys. One was dressed in pink with the letter "A" on his helmet. He was Akihabara Taro. Another person was dressed in blue with the letter "N" on his helmet. He was Nipponbare Jiro. Finally, a fat yellow guy wearing an "O" on his helmet was Oosu Saburo. They formed some team, but I couldn't read their names. They were somehow promoting the Gamers store.

Digiko and the others couldn't believe it. But they saw Rabi inside the Gamers store. They went into the store. There was a huge crowd inside. The Love Love Angel Sisters group was inside promoting something else, and a lot of males had gathered around them. Digiko left them and then she saw Rabi by the counter.

Rabi was buying a package of the new trading cards for Akari Usada. She bought a sealed box of the cards. Digiko saw this and became intensely jealous, as she wanted them, even though she didn't know what they were. John and Paul appeared from nowhere and explained what trading cards were to Digiko. Then Rabi left the store and the manager waved goodbye. (The manager looks very familiar if you have seen the first Di Gi Charat anime).

John and Paul were saying that everybody had to have a complete set if you were into trading cards. They kept babbling about it, until Gema punched them away. Then Digiko went to the counter and asked for a sealed box, too. But the manager said that they were sold out. However, he did have one pack from an opened box remaining. He was selling it for 50 yen (less than 50 cents). Digiko was frustrated as she didn't have any money. But the manager said that he would give her the pack if she did something for him. Digiko was going to do anything for them. Puchiko and Gema didn't think that this was a good plan.

Then Digiko began standing outside promoting the Gamers store. But the sentai group got angry because she was taking over their job. Digiko didn't like them and blasted them into space with her eye-beams. Digiko thought that maybe that was a bad idea, but everybody else thought that it was very cool and a huge crowd of people came to the Gamers store.

She was going to sneak away, but the manager grabbed her. Digiko quickly apologized for shooting the pink, yellow, and blue guys. But the manager said that she was great because they had more customers than ever. He gave her the pack of cards as he had promised earlier.

Then Rabi en Rose wanted to go eat somewhere. She built a cardboard house just outside a food stand. Then she decided to use her "miracle lip rouge" transformation and turn into somebody older. She turned into an adult wearing a sensible dress, but she wore a bow on her head that looked like rabbit ears. She went to the noodle stand. Puchiko and Gema were watching her eat. Digiko called Puchiko to tell her about her cards.

Rabi finished her meal and said that she was going to have her "main event" which was going CD shopping. She went back into the cardboard house and transformed back into her normal costume. Digiko and Puchiko (who rode on Gema) decided to go see where she was going.

Then Digiko sang a silly song about Akihabara. But in the middle of it, Rabi heard her and saw that they were in Akihabara with her. Digiko asked what she was doing. Rabi got very shocked and said that Akari Usada had released a new album "Mimiusa" ("Rabbit Ears") today. (Rabi showed a promotional poster, which is probably the real poster for the CD single). Digiko got very excited and she wanted one too. Gema said that she didn't even have a CD player.

Then the others reminded Digiko that she had no money, and she got very upset. The others came out of the CD shop looking very happy. Digiko asked Rabi to see her CD. Rabi suspected something. But eventually she showed her special first print CD. It was a special CD case, and it came with a free stamp press. The press looked like Akari's strawberry bag that she carried. Digiko and the others wanted to have the stamp maker.

Then Rabi looked in her bags and realized that she had four tickets to a special Akari event. Then John and Paul showed up in their car and said that they were going to the event also. They drove away to some weird portal in the ground.

Yasushi and Kiyoshi finished their shopping and were going home. They noticed that Digiko and the others weren't with them, and they freaked out.

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